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Episode-124- Pricing eBooks, an Online Business Plan for a Vet, Pointless Cliches

One of the Great Lessons I Learned from Steven Covey

One of the Great Lessons I Learned from Steven Covey

So it is Friday and time for another edition of Five Minutes with Jack, the 5 minute podcast that is 60 minutes long on average, such is the ramblings of an insane internet entrepreneur.   Today I have a great show lined up we are going to talk about a lot of things you guys have emailed me about over the past few weeks like pricing eBooks, a bit on some of the new search/social news as always along with a tribute to Steven Covey author of  the 7 Habits of Effective People who just pasted on.

I also take on a listeners “beers in the mail challenge” question regarding how to effectively market a veterinary practice online using blogging, personal brand and social media, mmmmmm beeeeer!  I expect it in the mail soon Richard, LOL.

I will also be discussing the future of FMwJ and the eventual promised Road To 100K Premium Program.  It is coming I simply won’t take anyone’s money for such a thing until I know we are ready to do it right and deliver well on our promise to you.

Join Me Today As We Discuss

  • How do you set a price on an eBook
  • Taking a Veterinary Business into the the Blogging and Social Media World
  • Some pointless business cliches and a bit of reality and humor along with them
  • The lessons of Steven Covey and the 7 Habits
  • An update on my “Use Bing” experiment
  • The Future of FMwJ and RT100K
  • Are there any good “work from home” programs
  • Obama says “we didn’t build our businesses” why he is wrong and why it matters

Links for Today’s Show


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Episode-123- Ad “Muting”, Playing with Bing, Pictures Rule All on FB and More

So it is Friday and time for another edition of Five Minutes with Jack, the 5 minute podcast that is 60 minutes long on average, such is the ramblings of an insane internet entrepreneur.  Today I have some new and cool and different stuff along with a typical ass kicking level of motivation to just get your ass to work and get going.

Join Me Today As We Discuss…

  • Google ads Ad Muting, why it could be great or pointless
  • Bing Maps and an Experiment I Want Your Help With (this can be cool)
  • If you want real results on Facebook post pictures, they rule all
  • How to build a multi contributor blog that kicks ass – why most fail
  • Thoughts on the monetization of your own persona data (for yourself double edged knife)
  • Why I love but never use social bookmarking
  • Why your blog should look good, flow good and feel professional (spend 300 bucks guys!)
  • Setting up a fake blog on a sub-domain and playing with it and installing everything
  • Once again why I recommend HostGator for most of you
  • The power of action even when it gives initial poor results

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Episode-122- Google Shopping Weapons Ban, Search Engine News and More

Well folks we have a lot of cool stuff to cover today with the new 1 hour show format.  There is a lot of shift and change going on in the social media and search engine space so we will focus a lot on that today along with some other topics like what a doomed economy means to someone wanting to start a business.

Join Me Today as we Discuss…

  • The real lesson of the google shopping “weapons ban”
  • Why you may not want some links “counted” by search engines and how bing can help (sort of)
  • Article writing – I say quality over quantity and seek mid sized blogs
  • adSense and adWords the basics and are they for you
  • Is your business scalable and how do you want it to “scale”
  • Is there really any difference between “site keywords” and “page keywords”
  • A random non online business concept and how I would take it online
  • If I think the long term economy is doomed, why do I suggest starting a business

Resources for this Show

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Episode-121- Format Changes and Getting Your Business Moving

Today will be the first show with the new roughly one hour format.  I will go over what the changes mean, what they can bring to the table and how they should help everyone including me do a better job with their businesses.

I also want to cover something that I think can help with getting your business moving in the right direction, both mechanically and mindset wise.

Today on that note we will discuss…

  • There is no substitute for action
  • Marketing yourself regardless of your business
  • Facebook promotion for pay, my thoughts on it
  • Is there a gaping hole in today’s social media world
  • Should YouTubers forget about video editing all together
  • The magic wand question and what it can teach you
  • The evolution of language and why resistance is futile
  • If you want it, take it

Here is a link to the Youtuber I mentioned, like I said, great guy, funny, different but should be cutting 3 minute vs 6 minute vids or covering two subjects per video.  If you don’ t like his politics you are missing the point, remember you make content for YOUR audience.

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What’s Up with FMwJ – A Special Message from Jack Spirko

Jack at the Mic

The Podcast will Return Next Week

So two weeks and no podcast, whats the deal?  Well guys the deal is I have realized a limitation.  Doing 10 podcasts a week, running other blogs, etc pushed me to a limit that I feel is just too much.  Knowing your own limits is a skill I constantly must work on personally.  Yet the podcast isn’t gone, I spent the last two weeks really thinking deeply about what to do.

My decision is to go to a weekly show, make the show about an hour long and that way I can keep bringing you great content.  Additionally this will be roughly the same amount of content as 4-5 shows a week that run 10-15 minutes long.  It will however be a LOT less work for me.  I have learned that doing a 15 minute show is damn near as much real back end work as doing a 60 minute show.  Sure you spend 45 minutes more recording but to me that is the easy part.

This will also open up some other options, such as interview segment with subject matter experts, some common “segments” like say once a month 10 minutes on what the guys running facebook are up to, etc.  The first show like this will run next week.  I think this will also help me to not feel like I am running out of topics as well.

So here is what I want to know from you guys….

  • What day of the week do you prefer me to publish the show, as I pre record it isn’t any big deal to me, so what works best for you?
  • What subjects have I not covered that you really want to know about?
  • Are there any guests you would particularly like me to try to get on the air?  Don’t say Ferris I think for now he is beyond my current reach.

Sorry for the break in programming but I promise the new format will work better and make the show better than ever.

Key is though, what do we call the new show?  Thoughts?

Episode-120- Applying the Principle of Stacking to the 8 Forms of Capital

How Many Functions Can You Stack Into Each Elemement of Your Business

How Many Functions Can You Stack Into Each Element of Your Business

This is the last in the 8 forms of capital series on applying permaculture principals to business cultivation.  The word I kept alluding to during the entire series was “stacking”, it is a principle explained by Bill Mollison in his 34 principles of design as follows…

“Stacking: Multilevel functions for single element (stacking functions). Multilevel garden design, i.e., trellising, forest garden, vines, groundcovers, etc.”

Many would say that sure doesn’t sound like a business concept unless you are a farmer, however, business owners especially small business owners need to be experts at stacking.  When you are a one man show and you do content production, editing, graphics, publishing, promotion, tech support and email responses you are stacking functions.  Make sense?

During the 8 levels of capital series we kept finding overlaps, why, because capital has functions that can be stacked as well and may of those stackings overlap.

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Episode-119- Eight Forms of Capital Part 8 of 8 – Experiential (or Human) Capital

Every Person Has Experiential Capital

Every Person Has Unique Experiential Capital

Today we continue an 8 part series on applying permaculture principals to your business based on the article 8 Forms of Capital by Appleseed Permaculture.

In part eight we discuss the concept of Experiential Capital, from the article…

We accumulate experiential capital through actually organizing a project in our community, or building a strawbale house, or completing a permaculture design. The most effective way to learn anything comes through a blended gathering of intellectual and experiential capital.

My personal experience getting a Master’s degree at Gaia University showed me that experiential learning is essential for my effective functioning in the world: I was able to do projects instead of take classes, and I’m now collaboratively organizing the local permaculture guild and co-running a successful permaculture design firm.

 I can see that ‘Human Capital’ is a combination of social, intellectual and experiential capital, all facets of a person that can be gathered and carried in essentially limitless amounts. But there’s one more form of capital that a person can gather and carry inside themselves.

In our businesses we can look at experiential capital in a variety of ways,

1.  The experience of the ownership
2.  The experience of the employees/partners/contractors
3.  The experience of the customer base
4.  The experience of the industry

Join me today as we take these concepts and examine them at a deeper level.

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Episode-118- Eight Forms of Capital Part 7 of 8 – Cultural Capital

Today the Smallest Business Can Create Global Cultural Capital

Today the Smallest Business Can Create Global Cultural Capital

Today we continue an 8 part series on applying permaculture principals to your business based on the article 8 Forms of Capital by Appleseed Permaculture.

In part seven we discuss the concept of Cultural Capital, from the article…

All the other forms of capital may be held and owed by individuals, but cultural capital can only be gathered by a community of people. Cultural capital describes the shared internal and external processes of a community – the works of art and theater, the songs that every child learns, the ability to come together in celebration of the harvest or for a religious holiday. Cultural capital cannot be gathered by individuals alone. It could be viewed as an emergent property of the complex system of inter-capital exchanges that takes place in a village, a city, a bioregion, or nation.

In our businesses we can look at cultural capital in a variety of ways,

1.  The community/communities directly attached to the business
2.  The communities created due to “inspiration by the business”
3.  The internal culture of the business

Join me today as we take these concepts and examine them at a deeper level.

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A Completely Irritating Facebook Bug and a Simple Work Around

Sometimes Facebook Just Pisses You Off

Sometimes Facebook Just Pisses You Off

Yesterday I was driven nuts by some new bug from Facebook.  In addition to Five Minutes with Jack of course I run “The Survival Podcast” and that site and podcast have a Facebook fan page with over 15,000 fans many of whom really enjoy our interactions via the TSP Fan Page on Facebook.  Well yesterday I tried to post a new link on the fan page (keep in mind this is my page, I am the admin) and it didn’t work.  It just sort of did nothing.  I tried posting it to another of my pages, no problem. I tried posting to my personal wall no problem.

So being a trouble shooter I posted a picture to my fan page in question and answered a few comments, no problem.  So I figured I know, I will take the story on my wall and “share it” on my fanpage, NOT TO BE!  It did the same damn thing.  So I try sharing it to another of my fan pages and no problem.  Of course I searched google quite a few ways for a solution which was not to be found.  Given I don’t have Zuckerberg on speed dial I simply reported it to facebook and went back to work.

By 4PM I was fuming, bug still there, so I try another Google search.  By now a Facebook help forum thread was started and I learned I wasn’t alone, dozens of others (likely thousands) had the same issue.  So I knew I wasn’t singled out with some weird partial ban, the bug was new and not isolated to me.  The good part was the solution.  Basically you do this, take your Facebook url and put beta dot in front of it like so…

Start with instead of www.facebook.com/pageurl and

Change it to beta.facebook.com/pageurl with pageurl of course being your Fanpage ID,

In my case survivalpodcast so instead of www.facebook.com/survivalpodcast

I put in beta.facebook.com/survivalpodcast and wammo, it works.

The postings you do that way are visible even when you switch back to the normal url.  Some sort of back door beta thing for testing I guess that works for this too.  The forum thread about it is here, http://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=2202923

Big old thanks to Jen Frazer who posted this solution on the forum.  Now can one of you more “connected” types phone up Mark Z and tell him to square this the heck away?  Anyway hope it helps anyone else out there with this problem.

Episode-117- Eight Forms of Capital Part 6 of 8 – Living Capital

Trees are One Example of Living Capital

Trees are One Example of Living Capital

Today we continue an 8 part series on applying permaculture principals to your business based on the article 8 Forms of Capital by Appleseed Permaculture.

In part six we discuss the concept of Living Capital, from the article

A precious metal dealer who attended both Financial Permaculture courses advises, “Rather than U.S. Dollars, measure your wealth in ounces [of gold and silver]!” Recognizing that  “precious” metals are just another form of financial capital, Catherine Austin Fitts recommends that we diversify and, “Measure your wealth in ounces, acres, and hooves.” Living capital is made up of the animals, plants, water and soil of our land— the true basis for life on our planet.

Permaculture design teaches us the principles and practices for rapid creation of living capital. Permaculture encourages us to share the abundance of living capital rather than the intangible “wealth” of financial capital.

In our businesses we can look at living capital in a variety of ways,

1.  Creating true security for ownership and employees
2.  Making use of real property beyond buildings
3.  Diversification the holdings of a business
4.  Creating “good will”
5.  Creating a “living business”

Join me today as we take these concepts and examine them at a deeper level.

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