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Episode-114- Eight Forms of Capital Part 3 of 8 – Social Capital

Your Influence is One Way to See Social Capital

Your Influence is One Way to See Social Capital

Today we continue an 8 part series on applying permaculture principals to your business based on the article 8 Forms of Capital by Appleseed Permaculture.

In part three we discuss the concept of Spiritual Capital, from the article at Appleseed Permaculture,

Influence and connections are social capital. A person or entity who has ‘good social capital’ can ask favors, influence decisions, and communicate efficiently. Social capital is of primary importance in politics, business, and community organizing.

Jason Eaton of Social Thread LLC explained to me that Capital can be in the form of equity or debt. In social capital, a person can ‘owe’ favors or decision-making influence to another person or entity.

In our businesses we can look at social capital in a variety of ways,

1.  The concept of “goodwill” as a balance sheet asset
2.  The influence of the “companies social media presence”
3.  The influence of “key employee or ownerships social media presence”
4.  The value of strategic partnerships and professional relationships

Join me today as we take these concepts and examine them at a deeper level.

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