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Going On Vacation


There won’t be any video podcasts this week but there may be a bit of blogging. I am going on vacation for about a week and a half, I consider it well earned and necessary for my mental health by the way. As this site is brand new I don’t want anyone to think […]

Episode-18- Problems + Solutions = Opportunity


That is the the formula for a business, well it is actually (P+S)*W+M=B

Okay I will get off the algebra but what that formula means is take a problem (P), find a solution (S), multiply that with hard work (W) and add marketing (M) and you get a Successful Business (B). […]

Episode-17- Internet Marketing Landmine Number Three


Wait! Wait just a minute! How in the world can this be? Did we not just say in chapter two that most marketers fail to maximize income because their focus is way too broad? We did indeed and that is true but it doesn’t change the fact that the reverse can be true […]

Episode-16- I Need a Partner for a Project


Okay so I have a little site I set up to work in conjunction with the forum that is part of The Survival Podcast. I now realize a few things,

1. The site should not have ever been limited to my Podcast’s forum, it should only have a strong association with it.

2. […]

I think Gary Vaynerchuk and I are Long Lost Brothers


Much of what I say and have said about business for years is so in sync with what Vaynerchuk talks about it may seem that we are plagiarizing each other. This time though at least I got the message out first! On July 13th, I did Episode 7 of Five Minutes with Jack called, […]

Episode-15- Two Minutes to Blogging with WordPress and Fantastico


So I have claimed it take about two minutes and two clicks to install a WordPress Blog if you use a Cpanel Host like Host Gator. I say it is easy, fast and simple, further once installed you can add themes in a matter of seconds and be up and blogging on your […]

Episode-14- Setting Up A Business, Niche, Structure and Legality


One of our member here at JackSpirko.com sent me a message and asked,

“Mr. Spirko – I need to know the basics on how to start a business. Do I need a business license and how to get it? What type of business is best for an online business? For example […]

Need an Avatar – Check This Out


My programming guru Bobby Wilson whipped this up a while ago, just a cool little tool that takes any image and lets you crop and create avatars of various sizes in a matter of seconds.

We made it because a lot of forums and other sites let you have an avatar but they […]

Episode-13- Optimizing Website and Business Processes


Okay I know most of us are small business people, bloggers, podcasters, ecommerce sites or perhaps a small offline business that uses a website as a marketing tool. Most of use don’t want to think about “corporate style” concepts at all, hell that is why we are building something of our own. So […]

Episode-12- The Importance of Lead Capture and Follow Up


The number one reason most websites fail today is a failure to capture leads and make frequent content with them via automated processes. I honesty don’t even think that claim is open to debate, show me a website that is failing and I will show you one that lacks effective lead capture and […]