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August 31, 2010

Changes in the Works – Podcast to Return Soon

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I have ripped all the videos to audio and I am back filling the old episodes with an audio option (all but the screen casts).  Once finished I will change the feed in itunes to pull from this site vs. Mevio and itunes users will get the audio only via iTunes.  This should help everyone.

I will be publishing all future videos to Youtube.  So site visitors will have two options, audio or video.

iPhone and Android users of course can use a YouTube application and subscribe to the YouTube channel.  This should give everyone the option for what ever form of content they prefer and let me still be silly with t-shirts and occasionally use screen capture and field trips to teach with.

I would like to thank all of you that commented on this decision and you just witnessed another lesson.  A year from now when this show is as big as my other podcast (TSP) and some asshat comes and tells me how I “should be doing things” I can tell him I am doing what my audience wants.  When he asks how I know I can tell him, they told me and I LISTENED.

Thanks to all of you and know I have three more great episodes ready to roll as soon as the updating is done, better now than later.  I also have a ton of great stuff from Open Camp to comment on coming soon.

August 30, 2010

Should I Switch to Audio for this Podcast? (sort of)

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Okay I need your input folks.  This site is starting to take off and I need to make some decisions and anchor down with a format that I can deliver easily with as little extra work as possible.

First – I like doing video and want to keep doing it, I also need to be on YouTube for the market reach it offers so no matter what I will keep recording this stuff as video on some level.  So video won’t go away.

Second – This show is taking off and I can’t deal with another huge hosting requirement so hosting the videos directly right now is not a great option.

Third – Many of the people who are downloading the files in iTunes are doing so mostly to “listen” more than watch on their ipod, players, iphones, etc. The iphone is gay, you can’t minimize a video and just let it play to listen.  Multi tasking on it works with everything it seems except but video.

With that in mind my hope was to do the following, upload the videos to both Youtube and Mevio to make the videos available for download.  Also generate an audio file for the show as another download option.  My plan was to use a service called TubeMogle to upload the video one time and deliver it to both Youtube and Mevio.   Issue is TubeMogal doesn’t support Mevio, so to do this I need to do three uploads and run two podcast feeds (one audio and one video).  This would take way more effort and time than I have to give right now.

Hence I have two choices,

1.  Keep using mevio and you are sort of on your own if you want an audio version.  You can convert it or what ever but it is up to you.  This sucks in a way because it doesn’t solve the Youtube issue and I really need the reach of Youtube.  That said if it is best for the audience I will deal with it.  But with this option there will be no audio.  What this option amounts to is doing things EXACTLY the way I am doing them now.

2.  I do the videos and upload them to Youtube and embed those videos here at the blog.  When I create the video I do the audio as well, upload the audio and set it up so that is what goes in the feed.  iTunes will than only pull the audio BUT you can go to Youtube with the iPhone app or on android or what have you as long as you have a connection to watch the video.

Since the shows are short they will download very quickly in the audio format and won’t cause me any issues with bandwidth for a very long time even with low end hosting.   With this option each episode will be on youtube as video and via audio by itunes or for download.  On the occasion I do a screen cast episode it will not be released as audio only for obvious reasons.

This might all sound a bit confusing but it comes down to are you willing to give up direct download of the videos to have audio only versions of the show that are easier to listen to when away from your computer or is the downloadable video more important to you.

Let me know in the comments below!

August 27, 2010

Episode-28- Why Audio and Video Should be Part of your Brand

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Today we discuss how audio and video belong on your website and in your social media efforts as part of building your brand.

I think most people by now understand the need for audio and or video in many if not most websites.  Problem is that most people who will say that turn around with the classic “but not me” pile of bullshit.  Of course you!  But beyond that I think most people do not understand the paradigm shift if what I call information portability.

From the advent  of the printing press until the evolution of current video and audio methods on the web the most portable form of information was print.  Even when email and web browsing took over print was still a huge way to make data portable.  The number one selling accessory for computers of course was the printer.  Find an article and want to read it later, what did you do?  Print it of course.  Later on you could read it while having lunch in a restaurant, while kicking back on your deck or even in the john.

The issue with print is and has always been that it requires your full and undivided attention.  You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) read while driving on a highway, jogging, walking in the woods, doing your “day job” and a million other daily tasks that require our primary but not full attention.  During these tasks our vision and our ability to hold something in a way where it can be read are limited, however your ears are quite often open for business.  Think about it how many cars don’t have a stereo?

So today it is audio that is the most portable of all information.  While it requires a “player” of some type such as an ipod, iphone, mp3 player etc. to be fully portable they are very common today, in fact the majority of phones have the ability to act as an mp3 or even video player.  Here is the big thing, all video is also audio, now while some video requires you to watch it most “informational video” does not.  You can pause and tune in to highly visual components but most video information, like my podcast for instance can be listened to only and the litener still gets 90% or more of the information.

In the past entrepreneurs and businesses used tapes, cd’s etc to leverage this concept but the cost of production severely limited their distribution.  Today with electronic distribution a business can put out the most portable data ever produced daily with a very low distribution cost, the beauty being that cost is tied directly to demand with bandwith.  Instead of producing 5,000 tapes you produce the media and only pay to distribute what people actually download and even then the cost is fraction of pennies on the dollar.

The big thing to grasp is unlike a blog, typical website, news paper (on or offline) this audio or audio component of a video is 100% portable not just in the ability to distribute but in the ability of your audience to absorb it.  From driving a car, to listening while you work, to taking a hike your data if it is valued will be listened to by your audience.

There is one more magic element to this, but that will be held for the next episode.

August 19, 2010

Episode-27- Internet Marketing Landmine Number Five

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Today on Five Minutes with Jack we discuss have for many business people, especially part time or small time internet marketers not setting priority to daily tasks is over one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Remember in Landmine One, we discussed making sure you always develop a plan for each project you choose to start. There is probably nothing more important then setting priority when it comes to the planning process. If you don’t set priority to each task make a list and rank the action items in order of importance you will never actually do your tasks in the right order.

Not setting priority will at a minimum make your projects take longer to complete, often it will result in skipping critical steps that will hurt your ROI (return of investment) and many times it is actually the death nail in killing projects that simply never get completed.

So how do you set priority? The process is simply a matter of first writing down all the steps you need to accomplish to finish the project, second being honest with yourself about which ones most need to be done first, third creating phases and assigning groups of tasks to each phase and finally identifying any sub tasks for each main task and prioritizing them.

August 18, 2010

Episode-26- Promoting and Marketing a Podcast

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Today’s episode of Five Minutes With Jack covers some of the unique attributes of promoting a podcast vs. a typical blog or a website.

I received the following question from a listener

“Hello jack,

I have been listing to the Survival Podcast for about 6 month. First, I just want to thank you. I am now working my way backwards to all your older podcasts.  I have a question concerning the way you set up your pod cast. When you first started how did you get your voice out there once you loaded it up on line. Is there a different way to promote a pod cast oppose to say a blog post?

I have a web site called and right now its primarily a political rant but I don’t just want to be a barer of bad news all the time, as well, I know I need to get a brand out there that people can get real info from outside of just my political opinion.

I started to use the term ”modern American Patriot” , I know, I kinda stole the modern part from you…but it makes sense. I was thinking about using my pod cast to try to capture an email list. Also, I was thinking of adding gardening, getting out of debt, getting armed, importance of the family and parenting and tie them all into whats going on in America today which I believe are aspects of the modern American patriot.

I just wanted to get your opinion.

Thank you jack once again, keep up the good work!”

The reality is promotion of a podcast is like promoting any website or business but there are some unique advantages you will want to leverage and some standard marketing guidelines you will want to follow, tune in for full details.

August 16, 2010

Five Minutes with Jack Forum

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Up at the top of the site you will see a link that says “Forum” it DOES NOT use the Buddy Press Forums, why?  Well because the BuddyPress forums are nothing but a way that the groups get organized and don’t really function like a forum.  I am very familiar with the SMF Forum Platform and so I used it to create a full featured forum here.

As it builds we can add more boards and child boards.  I will definitely need moderators so if you have an interest and know how to mod a forum let me know.   A few questions I expect to hear so I will just answer them now.

Why am I adding a forum though we the site uses BuddyPress?

Answer – As I said above the BuddyPress features are cool for some basic group stuff and really nice for commenting on the blog.  I also plan to ask some of you to guest post in the future so it will be great for that!  But it sucks as a full feature forum.  You know with moderator levels, search functionality, etc.

Why a forum at all, aren’t there enough online business forums out there already?

Well there are a lot of them but I think most fit into one of two camps.  Some are really to advanced technically like say Search Engine Watch.  I mean if you know a bit more than basic SEO and PPC and page creation and all it will be a good place to learn more but I think many just feel over their heads in such forums.  The good news is they are well run and they keep the trash out!  The second type of forum is full of trash!  Get rich in your underwear, make a fortune by telling two that tell two, etc.  I want a forum that is good for newbies and advanced and I want to keep the trash out.  No scammers and no spammers.  Hence new registrations will require approval by an admin at least until we get a good moderator staff in place.  So when you join it will take a while to get an email saying your account is active.  Spammers are scum and are attracted by a site on business like nothing else on the planet (other than porn, viagra or gambling), I already delete about 5 fake scam users a day from the blog alone.

Is the forum about Five Minutes With Jack or Business in General?

Business in general, hopefully with a lot of my personality and philosophy tossed into it.

So the forum is live, ready for business.  Who is going to be the first member, well other than me and who will score the first post?

Episode-25- Defining the Who, What and How

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Today’s episode of Five Minutes with Jack focuses on Defining the Who, What and How of your target market demographic.

The last few episodes were really a series and this one wraps them up before we go on to a new subject.   Up till now we have simplified marketing by stating that the follow is true when it comes to being successful with marketing your business.

  1. There are rules of business, these must be followed
  2. There are only two types of marketable products at the most simplified level (wanted and needed)
  3. Smart small business people sell to the want and focus on a desired product model
  4. All desired products that are highly marketable fit one of three classifications (life changing, profit yielding or entertaining)
  5. The best products are a combination of all three classifications above

Today we focus on the final piece of the puzzle, defining and marketing to your target customer.  To do this we only need to answer three questions.

  1. Who are they (BE SPECIFIC)
  2. What do they want (BE VERY SPECIFIC)
  3. How do they want it delivered (BE LASER PRECISE)

Tune in today to learn how to answer these questions and dominate your market.

Episode-24- The Golden Trifecta of Product Marketing

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Today’s episode of Five Minutes With Jack helps you to define the golden trifecta of product marketing.

In my last episode I discussed how there are only two types of marketable products and they are needed and desired.  The smart marketer of course wants to sell to the want vs. the need because needs are commoditized, fully of competition and have low margins.  Wants on the other hand are more niche based, have higher margins and allow you to compete with big competitors by leveraging brand affinity with your audience.   Today I will tell you something even more important, when it comes to “desired product” all highly marketable products fit into at least one of three classifications.  These are

  • Entertaining
  • Profit Yielding
  • Life Changing

Many would be quick to add “educational” but all three of the above can and often are educational.  The three points above though are what drives the mind of the consumer in every buying decision when the item is a want vs. a need.   Examples are

  • Movie Ticket – No one needs this!  You might learn something but most movie tickets are sold because people want pure and simple entertainment.
  • Profit Yielding – An example would be software that tracks your online sales, conversions, etc.  You don’t “need it” as in you won’t die without it.  You buy it because it can make you money or prevent you from wasting money.  It is a desire not a need driving the buying decision.
  • Life Changing – The classic example is weight loss products be they physical (a pill) or informational (a set of DVDs).  Loose 30 pound you definitely change your life.

When you understand these three classifications, marry them to the concept of selling to your customers want and add that to a business where you are following your passion you have a true recipe for success.

August 15, 2010

Episode-23- There are Only Two Types of Products

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I can hear you now, “two types of products, nonsense!”, but alas it is true.  Of course you could make a list of soft products, hard products, consumer, b2b and keep going.  Paper, metal, plastic – on and on right.  In so many places and so many sectors you can go down list after list and I have the arrogance to tell you there are only two types of products?  You are damn right and I will prove it to you too.

When you want to master something as complex as marketing it is more about how you think than what you do.  Thinking lets you create campaigns, cease opportunities and find success when your competitors are falling on their asses!  To think effectively, you must first get rid of clutter and evaluate your world in the most simple terms possible.  Complexity comes later as needed and only as needed.  The fact most people don’t get this is why so many really smart people can’t seem to find their own asses in a dark room.

So what are the two types of products as far as a marketer is concerned, they are….

1.  Needed


2. Desired

Needs are the market most people think they want to be in but it is the worst market in the world for the small player.  Needs (in our modern world anyway) are food, water, electricity, gas, phone service, etc.  These markets can make you money but only as a cog in the machine you can never really own them as a small player.  The cost of entry into the “food market” (note I mean the general food market) is so steep and margins so thin as to be a playground for the rich kids where you are not welcome nor can you afford the tuition the school anyway.

Desired products are things people “want” vs. “need” and while you are smart to not focus on wants in your home when balancing a budget it isn’t what most consumers do.  In the middle of a recession people buy custom surf boards, fancy running shoes, the latest fashions and movie tickets.  No one needs these things, they want them.  Hence margins are higher, niches more defined and opportunity much larger than in the needs market.

Understanding this lets you even play in the “needed” world while selling to the wants.   Take food for instance, try to compete with a new grocery store selling random crap from Kraft, Heinz, etc and you will get steam rolled.    The best you can hope for is killing yourself to set up one or two “successful stores” in towns so small the big chains ignore them.   If you want to try it in Jacksonville, Dallas, Atlanta or LA, you better have a billion dollars and you still an go broke if you don’t get it right.

Now turn it around though and sell a food (need) that is specialized to a desire (want) like say locally produced honey.  No one needs it, no one, seriously it has benefits but I don’t need it and neither do you.   Yet because people WANT it they will pay 2-3 times more than they will for SueBee’s honey on the shelf of a Kroger or Albertson’s supermarket.

The lesson here is bigger than just sticking to selling what people want vs. need, it is also about what I call “selling to the want” vs. trying to convince your customer that he needs what you are selling.  In the end I will put it this way; people blow money on what they want, they are cheapest when it comes to filling a need.  Most will drive an extra block for 3 cents off a gallon of gas but not bat an eye at a well made late or nice glass of red wine.  So always sell to the want.

Tune in next time when I reveal the only three classifications of  desired products.

August 14, 2010

Perfect Example of Why You Need an Email List

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So right now I am running a special on the Members Brigade at the Survival Podcast.  This of course is a key component of my revenue model and like many businesses end of summer is a slower time.  So boost stuff with a special right.  Well, of course I want to talk about it on facebook but right now the facebook “pages” not personal accounts but pages are accepting comments to existing posts but new posts are not working.

So what if I had no email list right now?  What if my post on the TSP Blog just didn’t get automatically sent to over 8,000 people?  What if I just relied on ‘social media’ as my list?   See what I mean about multiple methods of communication and owning at least one of them outright folks?

Now I figure it won’t be down for long but one never knows, when it comes to your business make sure you have as much ownership and control of assets as possible.  Right now if I were only relying on facebook my end of summer boost might not occur.  Lesson, OWN YOUR DATABASE!

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