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Changes in the Works – Podcast to Return Soon


I have ripped all the videos to audio and I am back filling the old episodes with an audio option (all but the screen casts). Once finished I will change the feed in itunes to pull from this site vs. Mevio and itunes users will get the audio only via iTunes. This should help […]

Should I Switch to Audio for this Podcast? (sort of)


Okay I need your input folks. This site is starting to take off and I need to make some decisions and anchor down with a format that I can deliver easily with as little extra work as possible.

First – I like doing video and want to keep doing it, I also need to […]

Episode-28- Why Audio and Video Should be Part of your Brand


Today we discuss how audio and video belong on your website and in your social media efforts as part of building your brand.

I think most people by now understand the need for audio and or video in many if not most websites. Problem is that most people who will say that turn […]

Episode-27- Internet Marketing Landmine Number Five


Today on Five Minutes with Jack we discuss have for many business people, especially part time or small time internet marketers not setting priority to daily tasks is over one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Remember in Landmine One, we discussed making sure you always develop a plan for each project […]

Episode-26- Promoting and Marketing a Podcast


Today’s episode of Five Minutes With Jack covers some of the unique attributes of promoting a podcast vs. a typical blog or a website.

I received the following question from a listener

“Hello jack,

I have been listing to the Survival Podcast for about 6 month. First, I just […]

Five Minutes with Jack Forum


Up at the top of the site you will see a link that says “Forum” it DOES NOT use the Buddy Press Forums, why? Well because the BuddyPress forums are nothing but a way that the groups get organized and don’t really function like a forum. I am very familiar with the SMF Forum […]

Episode-25- Defining the Who, What and How


Today’s episode of Five Minutes with Jack focuses on Defining the Who, What and How of your target market demographic.

The last few episodes were really a series and this one wraps them up before we go on to a new subject. Up till now we have simplified marketing by stating that the […]

Episode-24- The Golden Trifecta of Product Marketing


Today’s episode of Five Minutes With Jack helps you to define the golden trifecta of product marketing.

In my last episode I discussed how there are only two types of marketable products and they are needed and desired. The smart marketer of course wants to sell to the want vs. the need because […]

Episode-23- There are Only Two Types of Products


I can hear you now, “two types of products, nonsense!”, but alas it is true. Of course you could make a list of soft products, hard products, consumer, b2b and keep going. Paper, metal, plastic – on and on right. In so many places and so many sectors you can go down list after […]

Perfect Example of Why You Need an Email List


So right now I am running a special on the Members Brigade at the Survival Podcast. This of course is a key component of my revenue model and like many businesses end of summer is a slower time. So boost stuff with a special right. Well, of course I want to talk about it […]