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Episode-37- Quality of Audio and Video Content is More Important than Quality of Production


I constantly meet podcasters and potential podcasters that are obsessed with production quality. Now don’t get me wrong you should try to make your audio and or video quality good but many seem to be attempting to emulate FM Radio or Hollywood Cinema when it comes to video. People do not listen to podcasts, […]

Episode-36- Priming the Social Media Pump


I think far to many people are seeking a quick ROI from social media and I think this applies to both small entrepreneurs and larger companies who are now finally poking around in the social media sphere. What I see going on with most businesses in the social media space right now is wanting […]

Episode-35- What Makes an Effective Online Business Model


So what makes a good business model? I always say it is all about passion right? Well that is not really about your business model but your market niche, once a niche is defined we must focus on the actual rules of a business revenue and marketing model.

Some rules I have for any […]

Woopra Kicks Ass – Install it Now!


One of the new things I learned about at OpenCamp was Woopra, two years ago when I followed all the SEO and Internet Marketing blogs like a bloodhound I would have know about it a long time ago. The truth is I have known about it for quite a while but figured it was […]

Episode-34- How to Effectively Reuse Your Previous Content


A member recently asked about reusing your content specifically taking older blog posts and redoing them as podcasts. There were wondering if this was a good idea and would it be effective as a marketing tactic. I believe it is first of all because I have successfully done it but additionally consider the following…


Episode-33- The Skinny on Video Tags for YouTube and other Video Websites


A member at JackSpirko.com recently asked if I would please do a video and answer questions such as…

Why are tags important How do you make YouTube tags with multi word phrases What effect do tags have on video search What effect do tags have on SEO in general What effect does tagging have […]

Episode-32- Internet Marketing Landmine Number Seven


If I had to pick one and only one thing that could almost by itself be the separator of successful and unsuccessful Internet Marketers, it would be the most successful Internet Marketers track everything they can possibly track. If you are tracking your results you can’t help but learn to do it better. What’s […]

New Podcast Format and “Beer Friday”


So first up I got all the podcasts changed over to the new format with the video on Youtube and audio via iTunes. Episode 31 has the new cool music in the intro and exit, wondering how it works for everyone now?

Have a Beer With Jack

Next up I am kicking around […]

Episode-31- What exactly is “link juice” and how does it work?


So what is link juice? What do SEOs (search engine optimizers) mean when they say they are looking to gain link juice? It really comes down to the power delivered from one web page to the next via a link.

Link Power or Juice is Really Comes Down To…

How many links the page […]

Episode-30- Dot Net, Dot Com, Dot Org and Negative Greed


Does the dot extension really have that big of an impact on your websites ranking or performance? The answer is absolutely no! There are some definite advantages for dot com and to a lesser degree dot net if you are going to go into heavy off line band based advertising. From any other stand […]