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September 22, 2010

Episode-37- Quality of Audio and Video Content is More Important than Quality of Production

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I constantly meet podcasters and potential podcasters that are obsessed with production quality.  Now don’t get me wrong you should try to make your audio and or video quality good but many seem to be attempting to emulate FM Radio or Hollywood Cinema when it comes to video.  People do not listen to podcasts, watch videos on youtube or seek out any form of alternative media to be impressed with production quality and great audio effects or stellar cinematography.   They want information and entertainment that FM Radio and Hollywood don’t provide, so stop tying to emulate them.

Worse yet are the people who have yet to produce one episode or video because they are trying to “get it perfect”, screw perfect!  With out a full crew of professionals perfect doesn’t exist.  This type of material needs to be put out several times a week, the focus must be on the audience and giving them the content they are looking for.

September 21, 2010

Episode-36- Priming the Social Media Pump

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I think far to many people are seeking a quick ROI from social media and I think this applies to both small entrepreneurs and larger companies who are now finally poking around in the social media sphere.  What I see going on with most businesses in the social media space right now is wanting to take before they give.  The hope is to show up, create a twitter account, a facebook page, pay some intern to do a few updates and start harvesting new incremental business.

Speaking bluntly it doesn’t work that way in social media and today I am formally rendering my confession, I used to do the same thing.  When I first say social media I looked at is a lot like SEO, learn the system, manipulate it and gain traffic with it.  I had limited success with this approach but when I quite trying and stated to simply SERVE my audience in the social media space everything changed.

Today if I were asked what my ROI is on social media I would simply respond with the following,

  • My main business has about 15,0000 listeners
  • The facebook page for it is composed of more than 5,000 listeners (customers)
  • That means about 1/3rd of my audience is using facebook and wants to talk to me there

So with that being the case what would the negative ROI if I were to ignore a means of communication that 1/3rd of my customers want me to use to communicate with them?   This is the reason to be using social media today, the incremental business is there but you won’t see it until you take the time to better serve your existing audience.

For those companies that say “our customers don’t use social media”, let me one more time today say BULLSHIT!  Here is an excerpt from an article that is like a year old already (a year is a decade online by the way)

Seventy-five percent of online Americans aged 18 to 24 years old belong to a social network; 57 percent of those aged 25 to 34; 30 percent of those aged 35 to 44; 19 percent of those aged 45 to 54; 10 percent of those aged 55 to 64 and just seven percent of those aged 65 and older.

Get that one in the primary spending demographics,57 percent of those aged 25 to 34; 30 percent of those aged 35 to 44.  Social Media is a genie that we can never put back in the bottle, it will take over everything from daily spending choices to corporate communications in time.  Those who embrace it now will prosper and those who ignore it risk ending up behind the biggest economic 8-Ball in history.

September 16, 2010

Episode-35- What Makes an Effective Online Business Model

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So what makes a good business model?  I always say it is all about passion right?  Well that is not really about your business model but your market niche, once a niche is defined we must focus on the actual rules of a business revenue and marketing model.

Some rules I have for any business model are….

  1. You must 100% own and control the brand
  2. Affiliate sales are fine but they are pocket change
  3. You must control the revenue model, margin, sourcing, supply, etc.
  4. There must be a recurrent revenue stream (residual income)
  5. There must be an opportunity for a “high revenue segment”
  6. At some point you must be able to sell part or all of the business
  7. The business must have multiple revenue streams
  8. The business must have internal redundancy
  9. Some portion of the business should be a legacy for your heirs

While I believe in the brand building early states of a business you need to focus more on content creation than revenue generation you also should start with the end in mind.  Further it is important to understand that you don’t have to meet every rule in the short term but the business and its’ revenue model must have the potential to be built into this format over time.

September 14, 2010

Woopra Kicks Ass – Install it Now!

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One of the new things I learned about at OpenCamp was Woopra, two years ago when I followed all the SEO and Internet Marketing blogs like a bloodhound I would have know about it a long time ago.  The truth is I have known about it for quite a while but figured it was just another analytics program.  I have so much data to look at already what the hell could I need any more for right?  Wrong!

Woopra ain't your Daddy's Analytics!

Get Woopra it Rocks!

Woopra is a pretty good analytics program from the classic stand point.  It gives you some views and data in a more friendly way than Google Analytics and conversely Google Analytics does some things Woopra does not, again from the classic stand point of historical data.  It is when we move to real time data that Woopra begins to shine and provide a level of transparency into your web traffic that really makes it stand out as something special.

Installing Woopra took me literally 10 minutes to do, that was signing up for the account, confirming the account with an email, creating the site profile and pasting at bit of code into my blogs footer.  Honestly I installed it on two sites in 10 minutes.  WordPress users just go to “appearance” in your admin area, click on “editor” and drop the code they give you into the file called “footer” for your active theme.

Now as for what make Woopra so damn awesome it is the real time statistics.   You can watch visitors come in, in real time, see where they came from, what they are doing.  On The Survival Podcast I was watching visitors come in and some were commenting, others were downloading episodes, etc.  When I installed it here at there were no visitors at all, I published the most recent episode and watched my currently meager traffic trickle in.  Some from Twitter, some from FaceBook, some via email referrals.  The view this gives you is fantastic.

Woopra Even Has an iPhone App

Why?  Why is this so awesome other than just being cool?  Well when you tweet something at 10 AM how effective is it?  How much more effective is the same tweet at 2 PM or perhaps less effective at 2 PM? With woopra you don’t’ think, you know.  So you can schedule your tweets, Facebook updates, emails and other activities at the time when each is most effective.  Launch a new initiative how effective is it?  You can wait a day and check analytics or watch and adjust in real time based on trends.

Taking it mobile Woopra has an iPhone app that kicks ass.  Use your iPhone to tweet on the road or update facebook during that meeting and switch to your Woopra app and on your iPhone watch the effects of your efforts drive traffic to your site.  So what does bad ass technology like this cost?  Well if your site gets 30,000 or less page views a month it is free as is the iPhone app.  You can upgrade from there and moving up to 100,000 page views a month is only 4.95.  For most small time bloggers the 30,000 page view free version will be more than enough.

Get this, there is even a feature that lets you chat with users who are currently on your website by choosing one and sending them a chat request that will pop up on their screen.  Though I think a way users could initiate the chat on demand would be a lot more useful.  Still for a person with a small site just starting up, pinging a dozen or so visitors each day early on can really help you get them to subscribe and help you collect helpful feedback on making your site better for your audience.  As for me I won’t use that chat feature unless they add a way to put a “chat now” button on your site.

Speaking of my Chat Now idea, Woopra is actively asking users what we want right now on their blog, I posted in the comments about this chat now idea, you may want to suggest that too at this thread on the Woopra Blog.

Some time in the next two weeks I will do a screen cast of Woopra in action.  I will show the activity on my Survival Podcast site, then publish a new episode and record the response, show you what happens when a notification email hits and the response to the facebook fan page update as well.  But do not wait for me, Woopra is powerful, easy to install, fast to get running and for many people 100% free.

Let me put it this way if you read this and 1 hour later you still don’t have Woopra on your site, you are wrong!  Well unless you are reading this at work or something and can’t do it from there.  In that case make this a top priority as a next step for your website.  Sites need to be designed for visitors, Woopra will help you do just that.  You can sign up for woopra at you guessed it,

If you need any more incentive to get this installed on your site check out this video of the launch of a website called “Foolish Adventure” as the real time states roll in.

Episode-34- How to Effectively Reuse Your Previous Content

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A member recently asked about reusing your content specifically taking older blog posts and redoing them as podcasts.  There were wondering if this was a good idea and would it be effective as a marketing tactic.  I believe it is first of all because I have successfully done it but additionally consider the following…

  • Many new visitors to your site will not go back and read your early work
  • You “reuse” will not really be just a repeat because you now have new information
  • If you change the form (text to audio) you reach a new market segment
  • If you content is solid people will want to hear new angles on original work
  • You will be shocked how much “new” you can bring when you redo something “old”

The key is don’t just reuse the content bring new value add to the table and your audience will generally be quite happy to listen to or read your latest work.

Episode-33- The Skinny on Video Tags for YouTube and other Video Websites

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A member at recently asked if I would please do a video and answer questions such as…

  • Why are tags important
  • How do you make YouTube tags with multi word phrases
  • What effect do tags have on video search
  • What effect do tags have on SEO in general
  • What effect does tagging have on “video associations”

Tagging is a simple but often overlooked aspect of video marketing and seo with YouTube video for the standard results on search engines like Google.  Tagging alone won’t work wonders on video but proper tagging with some forethought and key word research can take your video marketing to a higher level.

September 13, 2010

Episode-32- Internet Marketing Landmine Number Seven

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If I had to pick one and only one thing that could almost by itself be the separator of successful and unsuccessful Internet Marketers, it would be the most successful Internet Marketers track everything they can possibly track. If you are tracking your results you can’t help but learn to do it better. What’s funny is this is the one thing that most people fail to do properly! I guess that isn’t funny, in fact it is a little sad for those folks.

Let me tell you they are the people driving up bid costs on competitive PPC terms on Google and Yahoo for 2-3 weeks who then disappear; never to be seen again. They are the ones sure that you can’t make money with PPC or that they must be victims of click fraud (when PPC can be and often is an almost fool proof method to make money).

Side Note: I recently read a report that said of the major Fortune 1000 companies buying traffic online over 40% we not tracking conversion or effectively tracking ROI. IN THE FORTUNE 1000! I’m sorry but to me that is an
example of having more money then brains and if I were a stock holder in one of those companies I would damn sure want an explanation from someone!

Get the complete Internet Marketing Landmines Report Free on our Marketing Resources Page!

September 3, 2010

New Podcast Format and “Beer Friday”

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So first up I got all the podcasts changed over to the new format with the video on Youtube and audio via iTunes.  Episode 31 has the new cool music in the intro and exit, wondering how it works for everyone now?

Have a Beer With Jack

Have a Beer With Jack

Next up I am kicking around the idea of doing “beer Friday” here at FMWJ.  It will work like this about three PM on Fridays I will make the HUGE sacrifice of stopping work and break out a cold frosty something or another and pouring it into a mug.  I will switch on the camera and do a basic beer review along with a bit of business (much less than normal) tossed in.  By the time I get it converted, uploaded and posted it will be damn close to 5ish.

It would be kind of like a beer with Jack across the net.  I could even post the brands of beer in advance, so when ever you watched it, you could have the same beer as I do if you wanted.  Just a thought.  I have done a lot of business over a cold beer, this would be like doing it virtually.

Episode-31- What exactly is “link juice” and how does it work?

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So what is link juice? What do SEOs (search engine optimizers) mean when they say they are looking to gain link juice? It really comes down to the power delivered from one web page to the next via a link.

Link Power or Juice is Really Comes Down To…

  • How many links the page linking to you has linking in to it
  • The quality of the pages linking in and how many links they themselves have
  • How many links the page linking to you has on it
  • Weather or not the you link back to that page

There are more factors of course tune into the video or audio to hear how to simplify this concept and use it in your link building.  You will also hear about “reverse depth” the following image should help with that explaination.

Building Flat Links vs. Deep Reverse Link Structure

Building Flat Links vs. Deep Reverse Link Structure

September 2, 2010

Episode-30- Dot Net, Dot Com, Dot Org and Negative Greed

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Does the dot extension really have that big of an impact on your websites ranking or performance? The answer is absolutely no! There are some definite advantages for dot com and to a lesser degree dot net if you are going to go into heavy off line band based advertising. From any other stand point though any top level domain extension will do just fine with search engines.

The bigger question I get though is along the lines of I have a new site I want to call abc123 but is taken, I can get but if I build a successful site on that don’t I risk loosing business to the person that owns the .com?

To me this is only a concern if again you are going to do a large amount of offline advertising such as TV, Billboards and Radio.

The problem is often with what I call “negative greed”, fearing loosing something you don’t even have yet. Tune in to learn more and get my thoughts on what it takes to be successful in business today.

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