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November 30, 2011

Episode-50- Understanding Money and Value Proposition Selling

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So what is money, it is commonly called “a commonly accepted unit of exchange”.  That isn’t wrong it just doesn’t tell the entire story.  Money is really an “agreement of exchange between two people”, the unit is less important than the agreement.  Money is in our society a “symbol of energy” and we really see this when we look at the typical hourly employee.

When we begin to understand this we can better price our products and better present a value proposition for them to our customers.

Join me today as I break this down into it’s component parts.  Now if you want to know more about the true insanity of our money creation system, check out my free eBook at The Real Truth About Money.

November 29, 2011

Episode-49- Leading a Team of One

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Sometimes you Have to Kick Your Own Ass!

Okay, strait up warning, I am really going to kick your ass in today’s show.  Seriously!  It may not really pertain to you but most likely it will, hell on some days it pertains to me.

Leadership is something usually discussed in a “team environment”.  You know getting the most out of your group or building strong relationships.  The problem is when you are on your own, building a business from the ground up and it is just one person, you, who is there to lead?

The answer of course is yourself, it isn’t as simple as it sounds so tune in today to get a good old fashioned ass kicking and I hope it give you the power and knowledge to kick your own ass when ever it is in need of said kicking.

November 22, 2011

Episode-48- What’s the Deal with Empire Avenue

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Empire Avenue is a Virtual Stock Market for Social Media

I Figured I would squeeze in one more episode of FMWJ before the holiday.  Today we discuss Empire Avenue, which is a virtual stock market that quantifies the value of online social capital via feedback and activity.  When I first saw this platform I figured it was just another stupid time wasting game, you know like Farmville and such.  The reality though is to me at least it is a valuable tool for keeping track of your activity as a blogger and in social media.

The reality is Empire Avenue simply puts a score on activity you should be doing anyway.  Such as engaging on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube with your community.  I also think more powerful analytics will eventually emerge from Empire Avenue, if you want to sign up and pick up some shares of my stock, our Ticker Symbol is TSPC.  See you at the Empire!

November 21, 2011

Episode-47- Are You An Expert or a Specialist

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What is the difference between a specialist and an expert.  A specialist has highly specialized knowledge that he can use to do something.  From programming a computer, to making a fine piece of furniture or writing a complex self learning algorithm.   Many specialists are to turn a phrase “wicked smart” but that doesn’t make them an expert.  Odds are as a content creator you are likely more of an expert then such highly specialized people.  The key is experts don’t just know things about a subject, they know how to explain things to others who don’t know as much as they do.

Tune in today to learn why you probably are an expert in at least one subject.  More importantly I give you the real secret to making other people see you as the expert that you are.

November 18, 2011

A Response to MJ Demarco’s View on Passion in Business

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Recently MJ Demarco stated that I was “patently wrong” that it was important to follow your passion in business, here is my response.  I personally think MJ is a highly switched on guy and is right about most of the things he discusses.  I also think he is absolutely correct that passion alone will not pay the bills, however when you combine passion with action and follow the rules of business it is a deadly formula for success in the modern economy.  You can see MJ’s Original Video here.

New Resource Added to Five Minutes Resources Page

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Today I mentioned two reports I was going to add to the web site.  One on understanding podcasting and the other on landing page optimization.  Upon further review the landing page one needs some updating which I will do this weekend.  I have added Understanding Podcasting, to the resources page though.

This report was originally an eBook that sold for 9.99 it is now yours for free just for taking the time to listen to and support Five Minutes With Jack.

Episode-46- More Thoughts on Site Monetization

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After yesterdays show on monetizing websites I got a lot of additional questions.  So I decided to go more in depth on the topic.   Join me today as we discuss things like using the knowledge of proper landing pages to better sell advertising on your website.  I will also discuss some other third party revenue opportunities.

November 17, 2011

Episode-45- A New Look at the 1000 True Fans Model

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Technium ran an article a few years back called 1000 True Fans and it was a big hit with internet based entrepreneurs.  The reason was simple, it took what seems like a huge task, (earn a living doing what you love) and broke it down into an easy to understand and very doable concept.  Simply put if you get 1,000 people that will spend one years salary on you per year, you have a reasonable income and one most people can easily live on.

The author has down two follow up pieces and even is willing to perform a critical analysis of his own work, (something very few people are willing to do.  The follow up pieces are…

These follow up pieces and other objections I have read to the model got me thinking.  The reality is 1,000 True Fans does work, I have done it.  There are some key holes in the idea though and today I discuss how to fill them.

On another note I went out and go a Plantronics Head Set and a Sony Recorder yesterday.  Today’s show uses the new gear and should provide you a much better audio experience.  So much for iPhone Podcasting!

Some of the key holes in the 1,000 True Fans Model include…

  • 1,000 should be a base not a finish goal
  • You have to produce enough new merchandise per year or back fill new fans
  • Some fans will “fall out”, you have to out build your attrition
  • Your 1,000 fan based income should be one component of your income not your sole income stream
  • Your fans must never be taken for granted
  • There must be a greater focus on your “lesser fans”
  • True fans must be conditioned to be your “champions” and become self replicating

November 16, 2011

Episode-44- Monitizing a Website With Multiple Income Streams

So I got a lot of requests on this topic in the past few days.  I keep telling you not to build your primary income streams on third party systems such as AdWords or Amazon, it is fine to make some money with them but the core of your revenue should be some form of direct sales.  One listener in particular owns a website called, Forgotten Weapons.  This listener has been generating tons of good content and now gets 30,000-60,000 visitors a month and is kind of stuck in a “where do I go from here mode”.  Listen today as I explain some ideas for monetizing this website.

I am happy to do this with any website as long as it has good quality and consistent content on it and has built up a reasonable amount of traffic.  The key though is after you hear today’s show you should pretty much be able to look at any site and do it for yourself.

Make no mistake this is a DEEP topic and we will cover many areas of it both with direct and third party revenue, both areas have a place.  I am sure not about to send their checks back, so I am not bashing third parties just pointing out how critical it is to build direct income streams and not be dependent upon a third party who can change the rules on you.

November 15, 2011

Episode-43- Transitional Business Model vs a “Part Time Business”

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A part time business will always be just that, “part time” it will never grow into a business that really provides you total freedom.  When something is “part time” we treat it that way, that means many other things are more important and come first.  Of couse most people have jobs, bills, lives to live, etc. so how do you break free when you can’t spend 40-80 hours on your business the way you do at your job?  The answer is simple, you develop a transitional business model.  That is a business set up and designed to be phased into over time.  This biggest difference though is psychological.

  • A part time business is a business that you run in your “spare time” that makes “extra money” that “might someday become bigger”
  • A transitional business is a business your run as a part of your life designed to and built with the intention of becoming nothing less then your primary source of income

They may look very similar in early stages but which one do you have and where is your business headed?  Tune into today as we discuss this further.

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