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Episode-50- Understanding Money and Value Proposition Selling


So what is money, it is commonly called “a commonly accepted unit of exchange”. That isn’t wrong it just doesn’t tell the entire story. Money is really an “agreement of exchange between two people”, the unit is less important than the agreement. Money is in our society a “symbol of energy” and we really […]

Episode-49- Leading a Team of One


Sometimes you Have to Kick Your Own Ass!

Okay, strait up warning, I am really going to kick your ass in today’s show. Seriously! It may not really pertain to you but most likely it will, hell on some days it pertains to me.

Leadership is something usually discussed in a “team environment”. […]

Episode-48- What’s the Deal with Empire Avenue


Empire Avenue is a Virtual Stock Market for Social Media

I Figured I would squeeze in one more episode of FMWJ before the holiday. Today we discuss Empire Avenue, which is a virtual stock market that quantifies the value of online social capital via feedback and activity. When I first saw this platform […]

Episode-47- Are You An Expert or a Specialist



What is the difference between a specialist and an expert. A specialist has highly specialized knowledge that he can use to do something. From programming a computer, to making a fine piece of furniture or writing a complex self learning algorithm. Many specialists are to turn a phrase “wicked smart” but that doesn’t […]

A Response to MJ Demarco’s View on Passion in Business



Recently MJ Demarco stated that I was “patently wrong” that it was important to follow your passion in business, here is my response. I personally think MJ is a highly switched on guy and is right about most of the things he discusses. I also think he is absolutely correct that passion […]

New Resource Added to Five Minutes Resources Page


Today I mentioned two reports I was going to add to the web site. One on understanding podcasting and the other on landing page optimization. Upon further review the landing page one needs some updating which I will do this weekend. I have added Understanding Podcasting, to the resources page though.

This report was […]

Episode-46- More Thoughts on Site Monetization


After yesterdays show on monetizing websites I got a lot of additional questions. So I decided to go more in depth on the topic. Join me today as we discuss things like using the knowledge of proper landing pages to better sell advertising on your website. I will also discuss some other third party […]

Episode-45- A New Look at the 1000 True Fans Model


Technium ran an article a few years back called 1000 True Fans and it was a big hit with internet based entrepreneurs. The reason was simple, it took what seems like a huge task, (earn a living doing what you love) and broke it down into an easy to understand and very doable concept. […]

Episode-44- Monitizing a Website With Multiple Income Streams


So I got a lot of requests on this topic in the past few days. I keep telling you not to build your primary income streams on third party systems such as AdWords or Amazon, it is fine to make some money with them but the core of your revenue should be some form […]

Episode-43- Transitional Business Model vs a “Part Time Business”


A part time business will always be just that, “part time” it will never grow into a business that really provides you total freedom. When something is “part time” we treat it that way, that means many other things are more important and come first. Of couse most people have jobs, bills, lives to […]