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New Site Banner – Thanks to Paul at ShootingPedia.com


Well the other day I put on on an episode of Five Minutes with Jack that we needed a new banner for the site. I just tossed it out and said the first person who wanted it could have the job in return for a mention on the site. Well a few of you […]

Join Us on The Road to 100K – Our New Forum


So we have made some changes and have the new forum off to a great start! Something may be missing though, that something or someone is you if you haven’t already joined. Building a business is tough, most of the people you know won’t understand that at all, they won’t understand, you passion or […]

Episode-61- The Reality of Internet Business Freedom


The freedom you get by building a successful online business is honestly difficult to comprehend. One thing I have realized is I an honestly run my business from anywhere in the world. Getting stupid but accurate if they put a space station on the moon that had a DSL connection I could run my […]

Episode-60- Good Advice, Bad Advice and Parasitic Advice


To me advice from others about business fits one of three categories…

Good Advice – comes from someone who really knows and loves your work or comes from someone who has been successful in the area he/she is giving you advice on. Bad Advice – anything that isn’t covered by good advice Parasitic Advice […]

Episode-59- Defining Success


What doe success mean? Is it a number? Sadly on some levels yes, happily you get to pick the number based on what you want it to be.

Join me today for…

How I define success The hidden expenses of self employment The impact of health insurance Measuring your income monthly based on a […]

Episode-58- Email, The Orginal Social Media?


Social media is king today it seems, everyone now accepts that FaceBook and Twitter are part of any good marketing plan. I remember not long ago talking to corporate executives who told me things like…

FaceBook is just for kids YouTube is amateurish our video needs to be hosting on our site Twitter doesn’t […]

Episode-57- How I Record, Edit and Publish Podcasts


I have just been getting a ton of “how do I” style questions around podcasting lately. I am going to do the best I can with these as explaining technical mechanics on an audio show isn’t the easiest thing to do, the key is the resources and the concepts. Trust me a Youtube or […]

Episode-56- Ways to make your site sticky


Today I want to talk about how using plugins, email lists, social media and forums can all be used to help you succeed at improving the stickiness of your site. One way to define a sticky site is…

“A website so rich in content and features, and so well organized, that visitors feel compelled […]

Episode-55- Finding your Vision Without Airy Fairy Bullshit


That’s right we are going to talk about creating your vision with out any airy fairy bullshit “believe and attract” manifestation nonsense. While I actually believe in “the law of attraction” as in attracting opportunity that is a subject for another day.

Today we are going to examine yet another reason small entrepreneurs burn […]

Episode-54- The Truth about Wealth Creation


Do You Really Understand Wealth Creation

Join me today as I discuss an total idiot of an author who did an article in a recent edition of “Countryside and Small Stock Journal“. I really like this magazine by the way but this article which was called, “The Myth of Wealth” was complete idiocy. […]