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Episode-76- No Excuses and Building Sites with Word Press


So I often gets some version of the “I am set in my ways” or “this is all so new to me excuse”. I am going to tell you now it is NONSENSE and I have little time for it. None of this stuff is really hard and the parts that are hard (like […]

Episode-75- IP Diversity and Content Format Diversity


Creating Consistant and Great Content is More Important than Its Format

Okay you get a twofer today! The fist listener question is about IP diversity in relation to building a site network. In other words is it bad to have 50 sites on one shared IP, in general the answer is yes but […]

Building a Site Network for Branding, Direct Traffic and SEO Value


Building a Site Network for Branding, Direct Traffic and SEO Value from survival podcast on Vimeo.

In an effort to make good on my promise to provide more advanced topics I am releasing this video on building a site network and exactly how and why to do it. How to do it strategically, […]

Episode-74- Thoughts on a Service Based Business


Services are a High Margin Product whe Run Effectively

It is well known that I prefer a informational or soft product to a hard product for online marketing. I am not anti physical product or anything I just know for a fact margins and logistics are much better with a non physical product.


Episode-73- What is Personalized Search and What Does it Mean for SEO


What is Personal Search and Why Does it Kick Ass for Niche Marketers?

Recently Google dropped a bombshell in the personal privacy world with what can only be called “integrated tracking” across all Google services. Meaning in one place Google will store things like, what you search for, what you watch on youtube, […]

Episode-72- Thoughts on Paid Advertising with Google AdWords and StumbleUpon


Paid Advertising Can Pay Big Dividends

I have been getting a lot of questions on paid advertising options lately and also noticed a lot of chatter at the Road to 100K Forum as well so I figured it was time for an episode on it. The reality is paid advertising is a great […]

Episode-71- The Importance and Impact of Domain Structure


Just How Important is the Structure of Your Domain Name?

I have had a version of the following question no less than 12 times this month so far…

How important is it to get a domain that is a dot com and exactly matches your primary key word or phrase?

Episode-70- Why I Snap Out Sometimes and Advanced Stategies


The title pretty much says it all on this one. I want you guys to understand how sometimes it may seem like I am flipping my lid at you and I am not, I am angry at the massive amount of misinformation out there and the cesspool that is the “how to make money […]

Episode-69- Another Look at Selling Links, SEO Link Effects and Making Money


Based on some of the questions and feedback on Episode 66 on the Road to 100K forum I really don’t think I did a good job fulling explaining things like…

Why people actually buy links What makes links have value How Text Link Ads Works Why buyers care about traffic even though that isn’t […]

Episode-68- What is Money and Are you Repelling It?


Do you know what money is? Most people think they do but let me tell you squarely that most people have NO FRICKEN CLUE what money really is. Worse most people not only don’t what money is, the are actually actively repelling it from their lives, this includes many people with “high incomes”.

Don’t […]