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January 31, 2012

Episode-76- No Excuses and Building Sites with Word Press

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So I often gets some version of the “I am set in my ways” or “this is all so new to me excuse”.  I am going to tell you now it is NONSENSE and I have little time for it.  None of this stuff is really hard and the parts that are hard (like programming) you can outsource and let some propeller head do it for you.

What set this episode off though was a listener not using WordPress because in their own words they are an “old dog”, however, what they were trying to do was not only less effective but far more difficult to do, in fact I don’t even understand it.

Such it often is!  I can’t tell you how many people that say, “I am trying to learn about all this stuff before I get in over my head”.  BULLSHIT!  Get in over your head right now, it is a metaphor you won’t drown, you won’t break anything and when you first start out NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU ANYWAY.  There is no way and I mean no way to learn this stuff by watching or reading or anything like that.  Those things are to teach you what can be done and how to think about it.  You will only learn by doing them.

Such is the case with installing and using WordPress, it takes less than 2 minutes and filling out a form to install WordPress on any Cpanel based hosting account.  No excuses here is a video so if you want to blog get some cheap hosting from HostGator and then use this video to get started.

I also cover some thoughts about WordPress Themes and Plugins and learning to istall and use them today along with some thoughts on tags vs categories and how to use them as well.

Resources for Today

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January 30, 2012

Episode-75- IP Diversity and Content Format Diversity

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Creating Consistant and Great Content is More Important than Its Format

Creating Consistant and Great Content is More Important than Its Format

Okay you get a twofer today!  The fist listener question is about IP diversity in relation to building a site network.  In other words is it bad to have 50 sites on one shared IP, in general the answer is yes but you also don’t need 50IPs for 50 sites and there are many cheap solutions you can enact here.

Next up another listner want to know how important it is or is not to produce daily content in a unified format.  In other words if you were going to produce three pieces of content a week does it matter if you do three different types of content, say a blog post, a podcast and a video or do you need to stay consistent and do say 3 blog posts and make the videos and podcasts extra.

This isn’t quite that easy to say yes or no to.  The reality is content is content and while I think 5 times a week beat the hell out of 3, exactly what form the content takes isn’t that important.  There are deffinitely some advantages though in becoming a “Jack of many trades and a master of one”.  Tune in to hear more about that and some other cool stuff in today’s episode.

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January 29, 2012

Building a Site Network for Branding, Direct Traffic and SEO Value

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Building a Site Network for Branding, Direct Traffic and SEO Value from survival podcast on Vimeo.

In an effort to make good on my promise to provide more advanced topics I am releasing this video on building a site network and exactly how and why to do it.  How to do it strategically, how to create link relationships, how to occasionally use the Press, how to build both big and small satellite sites, etc.

The big thing I want to caution you with though is don’t loose focus on your primary site.  The biggest problem most of you guys seem to have is chasing 20 ideas instead of really doing one and doing it well.   So understand a site network is a very powerful tool.  It is something you build over the long haul unless you have the resources to have the work done for you vs. doing it yourself and even then phasing it in over a year or two or more will still make sense.

On your commitment to daily content creation though, sites in your satellite network DO NOT COUNT.   So it really makes sense to work on your primary site for 3-6 months daily at a minimum before you start building out a network.  It will also help you if you do the following….

  • Become very familiar with WordPress so you can use it to quietly build your mini sites.  WordPress doesn’t have to look like a blog or even have posts you can do a 4-5 page mini site with it very quickly and easily using many of the free themes available out there.  Here is one example – Jack’s Online Business Card
  • Do your first few mini sites are pretty small undertakings, a top ten list of associated sites or something like that.  Something fast you can do in a day to 3 days max.  It will give you confidence and get you going faster.
  • Learn to reuse and more accurately re-purpose your content.  Combine several bits of old content to make one new piece on your sat sites.
  • Make and keep a list of anywhere and everywhere you can post content and get links without the rel=”nofollow” attribute, we should perhaps do part of this one on the forum together.  To aid with this get the “search status” extension for FireFox and keep the “high light no follow links” option on.
  • Consider hiring some copywriters to do up copy for your sites, then you can just slap them together.
  • Keep track of the links you build and the link relationships you create.  Don’t fear reciprocal links or three way associations but keep a lot of variance in your link structures.
  • When you are setting up stuff like blogspot blogs, tumblr blogs, hubpages, etc just for links, bang em out fast, get it done.  You ain’t writing great pose for such things just get enough content out that is in the niche for it to count with Google and move on.
  • Do keep great records of every site you create profiles for so if something comes up you can add links, modify content etc.  RoboForm Excels for this purpose and will make you life a lot easier.  If you want to try RoboForm for free you can do that by just right clicking and selecting save as on this link.


January 27, 2012

Episode-74- Thoughts on a Service Based Business

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Services are a High Margin Product whe Run Effectively

Services are a High Margin Product whe Run Effectively

It is well known that I prefer a informational or soft product to a hard product for online marketing.  I am not anti physical product or anything I just know for a fact margins and logistics are much better with a non physical product.

This though has spawned a listener question on service based business.  My thoughts on this are…

1.  A service based product should have high margins
2.  A service based business must be scalable either with bodies or technology
3.  A service based business has some inherent limitations but that doesn’t make it a bad model as all models have limitations

Tune in for some ideas on how you can add a service based component smartly and why all bloggers and podcasters are already on some level a service based business.

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January 26, 2012

Episode-73- What is Personalized Search and What Does it Mean for SEO

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What is Personal Search

What is Personal Search and Why Does it Kick Ass for Niche Marketers?

Recently Google dropped a bombshell in the personal privacy world with what can only be called “integrated tracking” across all Google services.  Meaning in one place Google will store things like, what you search for, what you watch on youtube, what you do with your email (that’s the big one to me and why I REFUSE to use Gmail), what you say and who you talk to on Google Plus, etc.  Further given Google’s Analytics is used by the vast majority of web site owners we have to believe they are using it to compile data all across the web.

Today though I am not talking about the political implications on personal privacy but what does this mean to us as marketers.  The reason Google is doing this is to improve personalized search and this yet again has cries that “SEO is dead” coming from the gaggles of armatures that don’t really have a clue what SEO is all about or simply want to be dramatic.  Said amateurs fail to understand that personalized search has been part of Google since at least 2007 on some levels and this is nothing but a further evolution of that.

This is nothing new, here is a really great collection of SEO is Dead posts, all of which make for some amusing reading given how old most of them are.

In today’s episode I explain the evolution of personalized search, why it makes SEO more important than ever and how it is one of the greatest things that could ever happen to niche marketers on the internet.

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January 25, 2012

Episode-72- Thoughts on Paid Advertising with Google AdWords and StumbleUpon

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Paid Advertising Can Pay Big Dividends

Paid Advertising Can Pay Big Dividends

I have been getting a lot of questions on paid advertising options lately and also noticed a lot of chatter at the Road to 100K Forum as well so I figured it was time for an episode on it.  The reality is paid advertising is a great source of traffic and indeed with PPC models it can be guaranteed traffic.

It is however far more complex than just buying a bunch of words, frankly that is a great way to loose your ass.  Kind of like going to Vegas and playing roulette you could hit a big home run but it is doubtful.  In fact you are more likely to hit 37 to 1 on a roulette wheel than hit a home run with a buy and hope approach to PPC.

In fact the first step is to get good anlalytics into place and have clear defined measurable goals for the traffic you are buying.  Until you do that you really have no idea if the results you are getting are “good” or “okay” or “bad”.  With out metrics those terms don’t mean a thing.

Resources for this episode…

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January 23, 2012

Episode-71- The Importance and Impact of Domain Structure

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Just How Important is the Structure of Your Domain Name?

Just How Important is the Structure of Your Domain Name?

I have had a version of the following question no less than 12 times this month so far…

How important is it to get a domain that is a dot com and exactly matches your primary key word or phrase?

The answer is really kind of weird as it is…

1.  In some ways very important
2.  In some ways not that important at all

Here’s why, if you wanted to rank your site for “blue widgets” there is absolutely no doubt that if you owned it would be a tremendous advantage to getting a top rank for the term.  Further if the term is only moderately competitive it is just about guaranteed that owning that domain along with very basic SEO would result in a top three if not a number one ranking.

On the other hand there are plenty of ultra competitive terms with sites having top ranks that don’t have the term in the URL at all.  The URL structure is only one component of search engine rankings, though it is in some ways a very powerful one.

With ranking a site for say “blue widgets” I would state that if you can get any domain you want the following rules apply

  1. The best domain would be
  2. The second best option would be,, etc.
  3. The third best option would be something like or
  4. The fourth best option would be something like
  5. The last option would be something like or (the second one is great for a “mini site”)
  6. In the end content and links will have the greater effect on ranking anyway so get the best domain you can and rock on.

The above is all purely from a search engine ranking perspective.  There are many other factors such as with the right term you can get a lot of  “direct request traffic”.  Also a site like is ideal for word of mouth marketing or conventional advertising for a variety of reasons.  To hear more on this often confusing subject tune in to today’s episode.

For more on my thoughts about not obsessing over this topic to much listen to Episode-30- Dot Net, Dot Com, Dot Org and Negative Greed

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January 13, 2012

Episode-70- Why I Snap Out Sometimes and Advanced Stategies

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The title pretty much says it all on this one.  I want you guys to understand how sometimes it may seem like I am flipping my lid at you and I am not, I am angry at the massive amount of misinformation out there and the cesspool that is the “how to make money online” market.  There is so much utter bullshit out there and I have been fighting it for more than a decade.

Today I also explain that I now realize there are two things I need to do on the show that I have not been doing so far…

1.  I need to do some VERY basic topics on occasion like super simple stuff that could bore some listeners (like 10% of the time)

2.  I need to do some really advanced topics that will be over the head of some, stretch others and empower some as well (again like 10% of the time)

Remember always that the best way to get topics covered you want to hear is to email me your questions.

Some basics I will be covering in the future include…

  • Very basic links in relation to SEO
  • Very basic how to in installing WordPress Plugins
  • Very basic analytics concepts

Some advanced topics will include…

  • More on “site networks” like I discussed today
  • Creating 3-way link exchange networks
  • Use of link cloaking, why, when, how
  • Advanced sales components using video presentations
  • Creation micro conversion sites

Again basic, moderate or advanced tell me what you want to know, where you are stuck etc.  And remember if I sound mad sometimes, I am not mad at you.

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January 12, 2012

Episode-69- Another Look at Selling Links, SEO Link Effects and Making Money

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Based on some of the questions and feedback on Episode 66 on the Road to 100K forum I really don’t think I did a good job fulling explaining things like…

  • Why people actually buy links
  • What makes links have value
  • How Text Link Ads Works
  • Why buyers care about traffic even though that isn’t what they are buying

Further I also think I need to do a better job with convying…

  • The concept of multiple income streams
  • How you figure out which website monetization programs fit your websites
  • Why some programs do not fit some sites
  • How you need to approach what constitutes “enough traffic to make money”
  • Why you need to SELL SOMETHING directly
  • Why third party programs do have a place for income as well

I also want to point something out.  Many times you listen to me and you really get the “ramblings of an insane entrepreneur”.  I sound pissed off, mad and angry.  If you happened to be one of the people that “didn’t get it” the first time around you might even think I am mad at you.  I AM NOT, not even a bit.  The truth though is I do get mad and it does come through here are some reasons why.

  • 90% of the time the reason folks don’t get it is all the previous bullshit that has been spread by “gurus” that don’ t know internet marketing form their rear ends.  These assclowns make my job so much harder.  Most of the time the objections you guys have upset me because I have been fighting them for 10 years now.  I am mad as the sources of this garbage not you.
  • Sometimes I am mad at myself.  My job it is to convey this stuff so you get it, understand it and can use it as it applies to you.  So when I am teaching something and it doesn’t work for you the first time I come back harder, more passionate and more explicit.  Remember this ain’t PBS or “Fresh Air”
  • I give a shit, I care so damn much that nothing will keep me from giving every listener ever chance of success I possibly can.  When you get fired up people know you mean it, it wakes them up.

The truth is I wish there was a way to hook a cable up to my brain, dump the data to a file and have you upload it to your own.  If I could I would.  Yet I can’t so for now you get it the way I know how, with passion, urgency and at times anger.  Remember though the anger is never at the person asking the question, it is the market place of “how to make money online” that is largely a complete cesspool that is the true recipient of my wrath.  You my listeners are the recipient of my knowledge, just wanted you to know that.

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January 11, 2012

Episode-68- What is Money and Are you Repelling It?

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Do you know what money is?  Most people think they do but let me tell you squarely that most people have NO FRICKEN CLUE what money really is.  Worse most people not only don’t what money is, the are actually actively repelling it from their lives, this includes many people with “high incomes”.

Don’t believe me?  This 15 minute episode could very well shake you to the core of what you think you know, what you think you believe and even as to why building a passive income steam is so important.  I am going to warn you the last 5 minutes of today’s show truely will live up to being, “the ramblings of an insane entrepreneur”.  However, let me say it is so damn important to understand.  Most people never realize the shocking truth, they don’t just hate the wealthy and those who have money, which is bad enough.  No, they actually hate money and repel wealth.

I am going to tell you why today, it may be difficult to accept but trust me when I tell you, it is what really happens in the lives of most people and why even high earners seldom have real wealth.

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