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Episode-88- Thoughts on Face to Face Promotion of Your Business


I really feel any business today should be run with an online component, utilize social media, incorporate eCommerce and practice solid SEO principles. That said it makes no sense to me to not promote yourself daily in the face to face world. Today I give you some of my thoughts on that with concepts […]

Episode-87- Facebook Edge Rank Why it Matters and Why it Doesn’t


Understanding Facebook Edge Rank

In case you missed it Facebook has rocked the social media world with the implementation of a more advanced version of something known as edge rank recently. Edge rank is the algorythem that Facebook uses to determine what to display in a users feed.

This means a fan page […]

Episode-86- Dealing with “Clunky” Key Word Phrases


Sometimes You Have to Be a Creative Wordsmith!

Today I do sort of a follow up on yesterday’s show on keywords based on a question a listener asked at TheRoadTo100K. That question was…

Now what if the search phrase doesn’t make sense grouped together in a sentence, 3 different keywords lumped […]

Episode-85- Building a Deadly Effective Running Key Word List


WIth Key Words Targeting is Everything!

Today I am going to tell you how to build a growing and evolving key word list using a variety of tools and resources. This is something you can do in 2-5 minutes a day and the cumulative effect is massive. Imagine owning several thousand long tail […]

Episode-84- Treating Your Business Like, Well, A Business


Asking the Right Questions Leads You to Your Business Process.

Some of the things you learned in your career as an employee can often be really useful as you become an entrepreneur. On the other hand many people get stuck on just those components and due to that their business suffers. Owning your […]

Episode-83- Effectively Selling via Affiliate Programs


Affilate Marketing Can Rock – If You Do It Right!

Today I am going to tell you quite a few things…

1. Why you might not even be presenting your affiliate banners to many of your visitors

2. The revenue results of JackSpirko.com for Jan. 2012

3. Why you have to make your […]

Episode-82- The Future of Content Distribution and One to One Business


Comedian Louis CK has shown us all exactly how business is going to change in the future. The days of gatekeepers, middlemen, DRM, content flow control, excessive costs and mega-corp dominance are coming to an end. Seriously, Louis did 500,000 dollar of sales in 48 hours on fully unprotected and easy to duplicate content. […]

Episode-81- Podcasting vs. Mainstream Radio


I had a question recently about broadcasting on conventional radio vs. podcasting and thought it might make a good episode. First let me say I think one huge mistake podcasters make is to try to make a podcast “sound like a professional radio show”. I also think both conventional radio and podcasting both have […]

Episode-80- Your “Level” Should not be Considered your “Limit”


Over the weekend I posted a really awesome and I mean really awesome video of Gary Vaynerchuk about working your ass off and he used the phrase “at your level” quite a few times. I found his use of the term spot on but it concerned me that many may take it the wrong […]

Gary Vaynerchuck on Getting it Done!


Gary is one of my very favorite business visionaries of all time. This video rocks, it is hard core, it is real and hell, doesn’t he sound just like me? Or do I sound like him? LOL. Just thought this would be a good one for the weekend.

Content warning – as usual Gary […]