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February 29, 2012

Episode-88- Thoughts on Face to Face Promotion of Your Business

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I really feel any business today should be run with an online component, utilize social media, incorporate eCommerce and practice solid SEO principles.  That said it makes no sense to me to not promote yourself daily in the face to face world.  Today I give you some of my thoughts on that with concepts like…

  • The off line world of real “social media”
  • Using business cards (properly)
  • How to “sell your idea” in a few sentences
  • Going to conferences that build business
  • Using creative presentations to promote your business as a speaker
  • What “keeping it real” should really mean
  • Making sure you are approachable by others
  • Get the hell out of your cliche when you are at an event!
  • How you know if any message is effective

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February 21, 2012

Episode-87- Facebook Edge Rank Why it Matters and Why it Doesn’t

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Understanding Facebook Edge Rank

Understanding Facebook Edge Rank

In case you missed it Facebook has rocked the social media world with the implementation of a more advanced version of something known as edge rank recently.  Edge rank is the algorythem that Facebook uses to determine what to display in a users feed.

This means a fan page with as many as 20,000 fans might put out a post that is seen by only 10,000, 5,000 or even less.  It has made many question the entire rational for having a fan page in the first place.  Personally I find this another knee jerk reaction by those who see social media as something akin to a direct mail campaign vs. what it actually is, a means of communication with people that care about you and your brand.

What we know about edge rank thus far is…

The hierarchy of content value with all things being equal is

  1. Friends posts
  2. Posts by people you have “subscribed to”
  3. Fan pages that you “liked”

This makes your fan page out of the gate behind all your fans friends posting about getting a new puppy, buying bread for the coming snow storm and many other pointless jabber people seem to think others want to know about.  Some people are therefore clamoring that “subscriptions are the future” of Facebook marketing.  I think they are both correct and incorrect.

People now actually enjoy communicating with SOME brands, brands that actually communicate instead of just saying how great they are and offering sales.  Brands that understand their customers as people not just as metrics.

In fact there are a large number of other factors that effect what gets displayed, we can use these to get lost of interaction with our fans.  They include…

  1. Affinity – has the fan commented or posted on your fan page directly, did you answer them.
  2. Time – most posts live in the news feed for about 3 hours, however a hot post with lots of discussion gets more time.
  3. Post Type – it goes in this order best we can tell, Video – Picture – Link – Status so post more video and pictures and include a link to something even with a status update.

My view is the new edge rank is a great thing, not a fan page killer as some say.  It is in fact a fan page definer.  The brands that give a shit, the brands that care will still get plenty of play and interaction with their fans.  Where as the idiot assclowns that keep asking stupid shit like “what is the ROI on an individual Facebook fan” will see their pages treated like what they actually are, social media SPAM.

Yea I am talking to you Mr. Suit in the Fortune 500 Firm.  I told you guys about this stuff as a consultant 5 years ago,  you didn’t listen then, you won’t listen now and this is why David continues to kick Goliath’s ass!  Tune in to hear what edge rank means and what it doesn’t mean why for small brands that know their customers it may be one of the greatest things to ever happen.

Resources for Today’s Show

  • Edge Rank Checker – this may be awesome or worthless I just signed up and have to wait until tomorrow to see what data it provides me with.
  • – good explanation of the math behind the algorithm.
  • Podcast Answer Man – Show I learned about Edge Rank on.  Check out 247 for the segment I mentioned.
  • The Road to 100K – Our forum please join in!

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February 17, 2012

Episode-86- Dealing with “Clunky” Key Word Phrases

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Creating Consistant and Great Content is More Important than Its Format

Sometimes You Have to Be a Creative Wordsmith!

Today I do sort of a follow up on yesterday’s show on keywords based on a question a listener asked at TheRoadTo100K.  That question was…

Now what if the search phrase doesn’t make sense grouped together in a sentence, 3 different keywords lumped together?

This is really not that complicated, the basic rules are

1.  First see if the terms can be found in another data point where they are less clunky, minimal competition and have the same or more traffic, if you find that, use that.

2.  If you can’t do the above, try to make the phrase work with “throw away operators” such as the, a, and, if, etc.

3.  If you can’t do number 2, try to keep the words in order, use as many throw away operators as you can and fill it is with other words.

4.  If you can’t do number 3, change the order as minimally as possible, use throw away operators where you can and try to preserve some of the phrase.

5.  When all else fails get the words into a sentence and in the title and descripton tag and make some sort of link with at least some of the words part or your seo smart links campaign.

6.  Do your best, focus on content for humans and don’t stress out about any of this.

Tune in for More!

Resources for Today’s Show

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February 16, 2012

Episode-85- Building a Deadly Effective Running Key Word List

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WIth Key Words Targeting is Everything!

WIth Key Words Targeting is Everything!

Today I am going to tell you how to build a growing and evolving key word list using a variety of tools and resources.  This is something you can do in 2-5 minutes a day and the cumulative effect is massive.  Imagine owning several thousand long tail terms, highly target and self growing.  It can be done and while each may only bring a few dozen or more visits a month combined they do more, far more than one big traffic term ever could.

However, I will tell far more than how this can build traffic and how to do it, today I will also tell you

1.  How to find keyword phrases your competitors don’t even know about, and never will

2.  How to insure growth of internal linking power on your blog with no real effort

3.  How to use old or secondary blogs for link building with almost no effort

4.  Why no SEO consultant in his right mind would ever explain this to you so simply

5.  How this technique can spur your content creation and help you create better quality content

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February 15, 2012

Episode-84- Treating Your Business Like, Well, A Business

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What is Personal Search

Asking the Right Questions Leads You to Your Business Process.

Some of the things you learned in your career as an employee can often be really useful as you become an entrepreneur.  On the other hand many people get stuck on just those components and due to that their business suffers.  Owning your own business is great, you get tax advantages, you call the shots, you can call yourself President, CEO or Chairman of the Board.  None of that will pay the bills though, nor will it put you on a path to complete freedom.

The key to success in running a business is being “process driven”, some examples of this would include things like, what do you do when _____ happens”?  One great exercise is to go over just about anything you can fill the blank with and come up with an answer.   Such as….

1.  What do I do when a customer is unhappy because the didn’t get their product?

2.  What do I do when my site goes down?

3.  What do I do when someone wants to sponsor my site?

4.  What do I do when I have a cash shortfall this month?

You just keep going with that.  You should also ask yourself questions like…

1.  What are my plans for future revenue?

2.  What do I need to schedule to make sure those things get done?

3.  Who are my customers, what do they want and what form do they want it in?

4.  How is my current revenue stream growing or not growing?

5.  What is my “freedom number” and based on current trends how far into the future is it?

6.  What are you really good at?  What do you suck at and What can you eventually outsource?

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February 14, 2012

Episode-83- Effectively Selling via Affiliate Programs

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Affilate Marketing Can Rock - If You Do It Right!

Affilate Marketing Can Rock - If You Do It Right!

Today I am going to tell you quite a few things…

1.  Why you might not even be presenting your affiliate banners to many of your visitors

2.  The revenue results of for Jan. 2012

3.  Why you have to make your audience want you to succeed not just buy what you recommend

4.  Why passion sells and logic only creates interest

5.  An update on the forum and what to do if your account is not approved

6.  How to use a free service like to determine your conversions vs. click thru rate

7.  How to know when to pull the plug on an affiliate program even when you love the product or service

Please be sure to send me your questions or subjects for episodes to jack at, there is NO BETTER WAY than email to get in touch with me.  PMs on the fourm, facebook stuff, tweets, etc are often ignored, I ALWAYS read my emails and batch them out about 5 times a day.

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February 9, 2012

Episode-82- The Future of Content Distribution and One to One Business

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Comedian Louis CK has shown us all exactly how business is going to change in the future.  The days of gatekeepers, middlemen, DRM, content flow control, excessive costs and mega-corp dominance are coming to an end.  Seriously, Louis did 500,000 dollar of sales in 48 hours on fully unprotected and easy to duplicate content.  Further he did it at 5 dollars a sale with NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT.   Better yet he still owns and controls his content, he can repackage it, resell it and he has a direct relationship with all of his customers.

This may be one of the most important stories of our time.  Mainstream media with acknowledge it as an exception to the rule, denying their own pending extinction.  What it should tell you is quite frankly we are the future of business.  The full return of a “small town business” environment but this time on a global scale.  Some of us may use drop shipping for physical product and almost all of us need merchant services but other than that we can all have a direct one to one relationship with 1,000 customers.

If I sound excited in this podcast there is a reason, I just watched someone do the very thing I stated would become common almost a decade ago.

Resources for Today’s Show

February 8, 2012

Episode-81- Podcasting vs. Mainstream Radio

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I had a question recently about broadcasting on conventional radio vs. podcasting and thought it might make a good episode.  First let me say I think one huge mistake podcasters make is to try to make a podcast “sound like a professional radio show”.  I also think both conventional radio and podcasting both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Some of Radio’s Advantages

  • Guaranteed audience
  • Support staff/engineers
  • Possibly a salary

Some of Radio’s Disadvantages

  • Restricted schedule and broadcast times
  • The FCC tells you what you can’t say
  • You will not have 100% freedom of content
  • Your audience is mostly people in vehicles it isn’t as portable
  • The content is not on demand

Podcasting Advantages

  • Complete freedom
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • You own everything
  • Easier to form a real relationship with your audience
  • Content is very portable and on demand
  • You become part of the life of your audience over time

Podcasting Disadvantages

  • You have to be a one man show
    • Content planning
    • Editing
    • Ad sales
    • Revenue management
    • Tech Support
    • Web server management
  • Your audience on day one is zero
  • Harder to get big name guests (in the beginning)

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February 6, 2012

Episode-80- Your “Level” Should not be Considered your “Limit”

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Over the weekend I posted a really awesome and I mean really awesome video of Gary Vaynerchuk about working your ass off and he used the phrase “at your level” quite a few times.  I found his use of the term spot on but it concerned me that many may take it the wrong way.  A “level” is not a “limitation”.  Gary’s point was that not everyone is going to be as big as he is, further that he won’t ever be as big as say Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, that we all have “levels” we operate within.

This is true but unfortunately many people assign themselves a level rather than work their asses off to the absolute limits of their limitations and letting that result in their “level” of success.  To me this is why many people end up far less successful than they are capable of.  Tune in today to hear more on this concept.

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February 4, 2012

Gary Vaynerchuck on Getting it Done!

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Gary is one of my very favorite business visionaries of all time.  This video rocks, it is hard core, it is real and hell, doesn’t he sound just like me?  Or do I sound like him?  LOL.  Just thought this would be a good one for the weekend.

Content warning – as usual Gary is even a bit harsher with language then I am.  You have been warned.

Enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow folks!

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