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February 1, 2012

Episode-77- The Future of the Internet

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What Will the Future of the Internet Mean for Marketers

What Will the Future of the Internet Mean for Marketers

I think most people today look at the internet and think, “the future is here”, I laugh when I hear such cliches.  I think these people have already forgotten the world of “you’ve got mail” following a series of buzzes, beeps and clicks.

They forget when most people though AOL was the internet, they have even forgotten how the first question most new DSL owners asked in 1999 was, okay well now how do I “get to my AOL”

The internet has evolved from a series of ugly pages that today could be built by the average third grader into a complex rich media environment.  It has only now just started to deliver on many early promises and the reality is we are just getting started.

The truth is the internet hasn’t even begun to show us how big the shift it will eventually create really is.  Let me ask you some questions like…

1.  What will an eReader be like five years from now?

2.  What will the iPhone’s Siri be able to do for you by 2016?

3.  What if the internet could deliver what you were looking for before you knew you wanted it?

4.  How big will the impact of Moore’s Law be in the next 12 years?

5.  What if you could always present a visitor to your website with the content most relevant to them on their first visit?

Today we delve into some of these concepts and look at the future of the web and what interactive may really mean at some point, in fact some point relatively soon.

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