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February 2, 2012

Episode-78- Conducting Podcast Interviews the Technical and the Practical

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Recording a Interview for a Podcast is Not Complicated

Recording a Interview for a Podcast is Not Complicated

I have been getting more requests to expain how to do podcast interviews from a technical stand point.  The reality is they are pretty simple.  I just use skype and pamela. If you have high speed internet (most podcasters do) this is the easiest way to do things.

When your guest also has skype the call quality and recording quality are pretty damn good.  I personally edit in Sony Vegas but you can also use Audacity which is free.  I use a free program called levelator to balance out the two sides of the call.

I also explain today how to do a good job interviewing a guest and let you know many of the mistakes I made in my first interviews.  I explain some ways to put your guest at ease and make the interview conversational.  I also explain how to get onto other people’s podcasts as a guest and why for some people that is a great option.  They key to geting on podcasts as a guest is to make the life of the host as easy as possible.  Provide sample questions, a brief bio, a proposed subject and links to your websites and blogs.

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Google’s Privacy Policy and its Implications on Personal Search, SEO and Targeted Advertising

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Google’s new privacy policy has a lot of people concerned. I am pretty concerned about a few aspects of it myself. However this video looks at what it means to us as marketers, how personalized search will evolve along with how ad serving technology will evolve.

Understanding Googles New Privacy Policy, Personalized Search and Ad Serving Technology from Jack Spirko on Vimeo.

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