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February 3, 2012

Episode-79- Creative Ways to Use StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery

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I Really Love StumbleUpon

I Really Love StumbleUpon

Recently I mentioned a bit about StumbleUpon as a source of paid advertising traffic and that has sparked some follow up questions.  Mainly how do I use it?  I think a lot of you guys may have signed up for the “user side” of it.  If you want to buy traffic from Stumble you need to set up an account as a StumbleUpon Advertiser.   They refer to this as “paid discovery”.

They big issue with Stumble is that it is more of a social networking and viral type of traffic stream.  While I feel this is extremely powerful you have to think that way when building a landing page.  Most likely if you send traffic to a typical “sales page” they likely will not approve you.  Further even if they did you wouldn’t get very good results anyway.   Some ways to get the best bang for the stumble buck would include…

  • Use quizzes and the score page to capture subscribers by asking for feedback
  • Use video embedded in a blog post to gain commenters, subscribers, YouTube subs, etc.
  • Build a photo slide show and do the same thing
  • Tie in the above with the WordPress ThankMe Later Plugin

Join me today as I actually come up with info capture campaigns for StumbleUpon while doing the episode and driving my F-350 Super Duty and one again you will realize how bad to the bone WordPress is.

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