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February 6, 2012

Episode-80- Your “Level” Should not be Considered your “Limit”

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Over the weekend I posted a really awesome and I mean really awesome video of Gary Vaynerchuk about working your ass off and he used the phrase “at your level” quite a few times.  I found his use of the term spot on but it concerned me that many may take it the wrong way.  A “level” is not a “limitation”.  Gary’s point was that not everyone is going to be as big as he is, further that he won’t ever be as big as say Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, that we all have “levels” we operate within.

This is true but unfortunately many people assign themselves a level rather than work their asses off to the absolute limits of their limitations and letting that result in their “level” of success.  To me this is why many people end up far less successful than they are capable of.  Tune in today to hear more on this concept.

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