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February 8, 2012

Episode-81- Podcasting vs. Mainstream Radio

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I had a question recently about broadcasting on conventional radio vs. podcasting and thought it might make a good episode.  First let me say I think one huge mistake podcasters make is to try to make a podcast “sound like a professional radio show”.  I also think both conventional radio and podcasting both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Some of Radio’s Advantages

  • Guaranteed audience
  • Support staff/engineers
  • Possibly a salary

Some of Radio’s Disadvantages

  • Restricted schedule and broadcast times
  • The FCC tells you what you can’t say
  • You will not have 100% freedom of content
  • Your audience is mostly people in vehicles it isn’t as portable
  • The content is not on demand

Podcasting Advantages

  • Complete freedom
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • You own everything
  • Easier to form a real relationship with your audience
  • Content is very portable and on demand
  • You become part of the life of your audience over time

Podcasting Disadvantages

  • You have to be a one man show
    • Content planning
    • Editing
    • Ad sales
    • Revenue management
    • Tech Support
    • Web server management
  • Your audience on day one is zero
  • Harder to get big name guests (in the beginning)

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