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February 9, 2012

Episode-82- The Future of Content Distribution and One to One Business

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Comedian Louis CK has shown us all exactly how business is going to change in the future.  The days of gatekeepers, middlemen, DRM, content flow control, excessive costs and mega-corp dominance are coming to an end.  Seriously, Louis did 500,000 dollar of sales in 48 hours on fully unprotected and easy to duplicate content.  Further he did it at 5 dollars a sale with NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT.   Better yet he still owns and controls his content, he can repackage it, resell it and he has a direct relationship with all of his customers.

This may be one of the most important stories of our time.  Mainstream media with acknowledge it as an exception to the rule, denying their own pending extinction.  What it should tell you is quite frankly we are the future of business.  The full return of a “small town business” environment but this time on a global scale.  Some of us may use drop shipping for physical product and almost all of us need merchant services but other than that we can all have a direct one to one relationship with 1,000 customers.

If I sound excited in this podcast there is a reason, I just watched someone do the very thing I stated would become common almost a decade ago.

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