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March 28, 2012

Episode-100- The Myth of Market Saturation

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Market Saturation is a Myth

Market Saturation is a Myth

My son and two of his friends are about to launch a new podcast focused on sports, they are going to call it “Sports Noise”.  I think it is great they are going to do this, my son and his buddies love sports, specifically, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.  If those letters all mean nothing to you don’t worry, today’s show isn’t on sports it is on the myth of market saturation.

Recently I met with the three young men and we had dinner to discuss their new venture.  One asked me, “do you think the market is over saturated”.  These guys are all in their early 20s so it is reasonable to understand why they may see things this way.  The reality though is the answer is a definitive no, they and everyone else should already know that to be true.

One of the big thing feeding this myth today the false understanding of the effect of “limitless choices” has had on the market.  Many people now feel with the internet, cable TV, podcasts, etc. that now there is so much content out there that clearly the market is saturated.  The reality is the exact opposite effect is created by these limitless choices.

When we had 6 TV stations and 6,000 gate keepers market saturation was a concern, today the “long tail of content” has forever destroyed the concept of market saturation, tune in today for conclusive proof that this is indeed the case.

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March 23, 2012

Episode-99- How to Effectively Gain Relationships and Sponsors Part 1

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So on Monday I told you how NOT to reach out to other site owners for links or reviews, etc.  I realized though that my rant while likely entertaining really didn’t tell you the right way to do things.  So today I am making that right.  Not only will I tell you how to gain real solid relationships today, my method for many can actually lead to the foundation of your primary monetization model.

Excuse the short show notes today I have to get on the road down to Dallas-Fort Worth today as early as possible.

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March 21, 2012

Episode-98- If No One Talks Shit About You, You Have Yet to Make a Difference

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Today’s episode is something that came up during discussion of a chapter of my book I am working on.  I simply told her, “see these companies that want to control everything don’t realize that your not successful until someone is talking shit about you”, she responded by telling me that “I must be very successful”.  Of course I laughed at that but I told her she was 100% correct.

Think about some of the most successful brands on the planet…

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Nike
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Oprah
  • Donald Trump

If you are tempted right now to comment negatively or positively about any of the above you just proved my point for me.  Each of the above is a billion dollar brand.  Some hate them, some love them, some don’t care but all have people saying negative things about them.

The key with reputation management is to know what to respond to, when to respond to it and how it should be countered.  Also you need to know when to not give a cat’s ass and simply rock on.

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March 19, 2012

Response to Mark Cuban on My Personal Blog

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Mark Cuban put out a post today that stated that “following your passion is bad advice”.  I guess he got a hold of MJ Demarco’s book?  I find this ironic as Mark is a poster child for how following your passion can make you very rich.  Cuban would not be a billionaire today with out following his passion for basketball and that well predates the ownership of the Mavericks!

See that little thing called all had its roots in basketball games being syndicated on the internet via radio stations.  The full story is on my personal blog.

Mark Cuban Says “Don’t Follow Your Passion” – But Didn’t His Make Him a Billionaire

Episode-97- What We Learn From Parasitic Idiots Who Take Before They Give

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This weekend was one of the worst ever for getting self serving assclown emails.  I am pretty sure the exposure on Glenn Beck added to but I received a good half dozen emails between Friday and this morning from people asking for links, book reviews, etc on The Survival Podcast.   Each of these emails had some common threads.  They included…

1.  None of them demonstrated any understanding of my community, my website etc.  They simple said things like, “we are a good fit for you”.

2.  None offered anything in return they simply wanted an endorsement link or to be featured.  No offer of a link back or to do an affiliate relationship, etc.  This is quite arrogant.  Not that I would have said yes if they did but I sure would have felt less “used” in the interaction.

3.  Each told me how great it would be for me, if I helped them because they were so awesome it would make me look good to promote their agenda.

4.  Each clearly wanted to take and give nothing back.

5.  None made an even remote attempt to establish any form of a relationship before asking for something.

One guy was even so arrogant he wanted me to review his book, this clown sent me a Amazon link so I could BUY IT.  Yea sure buddy I am going to spend my money to buy a book from a guy I’ve never heard of and recommend it to my community of 35,000 simply because you asked.  Really?  Today though while I rant on this stuff there is a much deeper lesson on how to choose good partners and how to be a good partner.

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March 16, 2012

Gary Vaynerchuk Rant on Oprah for Twitter Ignorance

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Today my podcast was about how Rush Limbaugh has joined twitter and instantly demonstrated big media’s complete and total ignorance to how social media works.  I also mentioned that my marketing blood brother GaryV had previously called out Oprah for something similar.  Quite a few of you asked me about that video so here it is.

Episode-96- Rush Limbaugh Proves Big Media’s Complete Ignorance On Social Media

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As I drove back from my appearance on The Glenn Beck Show yesterday I found myself flipping channels to various Talk Radio stations.  I came across Rush Limbaugh and normally don’t really like to listen to him but he was talking about “finally getting on board with Twitter”.  I thought it might be interesting and well, it was, it showed me how ignorant of social media main stream media really is.

Limbaugh’s Twitter rocked to over 114,000 followers in a day, sounds good but notice he doesn’t follow anyone, no one back.  He as posted three tweets and all are basically self serving.  He hasn’t replied to a single @ shout and I am sure there have been many.  I would normally say a day is too quick to judge BUT this time it isn’t because I listened to him spew nonsense such as, “so if you follow me and simply click retweet, everyone you are following will see what I tweeted”.  Newsflash for Rush you got it exactly backwards there.

So what though, so an older guy dyed in the wool of main stream talk radio doesn’t get the technical aspects of twitter at least he is in the game right?  Well, it isn’t the technical issues that really are proof of total ignorance here, it is the total lack of what media like twitter and facebook really are!  Twitter is about building individual relationships, they let big time people with tons of followers make caring about their fans somewhat scalable.  You can’t answer everyone but you can answer some.  You don’t need to tweet about buying bread but you can tweet about some aspects of your life beyond the brand and let people know you better.

The good news as long as big media keeps this up we own the space, tune in for more.

I do want to point out I don’t have anything against Rush, he isn’t my cup of tea to listen to but I have no axe to grind.  He is just one example of many of big media have no clue about relationship marketing and social media.  I consider Donald Tump a very smart business man and I went on record saying he blog sucked many years ago.

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March 13, 2012

Episode-95- How Any Business Can Use “High Tech and High Touch” Marketing Online

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Often when I talk about well, any form of online marketing the excuses begin to flow.  Well my business is different, we only sell locally, we sell a physical product and don’t ship it, yadda yadda yadda,  My response BULLSHIT.  Business is business folks!  There are certain rules to business with a key one being that people want to do business with people.  I don’t care if the product is software for a global company, a podcast or even used tires.

Yes used tires!  Tune in today to hear how my father basically used the same business model I use today to sell used tires in Jacksonville Florida in the 70s and 80s.  Of course he had no internet to work with back then but the way he did business is exactly how I teach today in 2012.  The reality is the internet isn’t your business it is a communications platform on which you conduct business.

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March 12, 2012

Episode-94- Being and Employee is not a Natural State for Human Being

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I have a special and hopefully a motivational message for you today, I want to talk to you about why human beings are not meant to be employed.  I am not saying we are not meant to work or have what some might call, “gainful employment”. What I actually mean is humans are not designed to take on a subservient role with another person telling them how to live and how to make their decisions.  Employment in many ways is nothing more than a modern and slightly enlightened form of slavery.

At one time almost all people were entrepreneurs.  Even if they “showed up for work” via some sort of organization they worked when they chose, for who they chose and in a manner in which they felt they were fairly compensated.  If not they went back to their homes and worked for themselves.  The priority was food, shelter and family.  If you had that you had wealth and had it in abundance.  Now I am not suggesting we regress to that lifestyle but we can learn from it.

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March 8, 2012

The RoadTo100K is Back

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Looks like we had a brute force based attack that got into the database. We were able to restore to a back up point from a few days ago and change up all the access information.  If you joined in the last day or two you may have to set up a new account.

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