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Two Announcments – Conference Call and New Chat System


Join Us on The Road

A quick reminder that our first ever Premium Members Call for TheRoadTo100K.com forum is tonight at 7 central. It will be 1-1.5 hours of q and a with me on anything you guys want to discuss. While this service will be for supporting members only down the road […]

Episode-111- Making the Transition from Employed to Independence


Freedom is Worth the Cost

Today I am not so much talking about how to get to an income level that will free you from your day job and take to a place where you are a business owner capable of supporting yourself. What I want to discuss today is what do to […]

First RoadTo100K Conference Call Tomorrow Night


Tomorrow night we will have our first conference call. This feature will eventually be a premium member activity, but for now it is open to all members. There are a few things you need to know about this conference call as well as future calls:

Conference calls will be recorded so that we may […]

Episode-110- Using Zello as a Social Media Tool


Zello Can Build Relationships and Businesses

Last Friday I learned about an app called Zello on my podcast from a listener. I downloaded it at once because I understood it might be a great tool for communicatioins. It has a lot of preparedness components so that was my initial take on it. However, […]

Episode-109- If Don’t Have Time to Write a Book, Speak a Book


Okay so I am the “insane internet entrepreneur” but have I now gone over the deep end? How the hell do you speak a book, not an audio book but an honest to God real book with pages and covers, etc. It is called transcription, you make a recording and pay someone to transcribe […]

Episode-108- Internet Marketing Landmine Number 10


Internet Marketing Landmine #10 is the Failure to Fully Utilize Automation

Now this one is just a killer and really a silent killer because you don’t really know how badly it affects you. It is like a cancer deep in your marketing bones slowly eating away the marrow of your profits.

So what things […]

Episode-107- Broad, Phrase, Exact, CTR – Cracking The AdWords Code


Crack the AdWords Code

So I have often suggested Google AdWords as a source of targeted traffic but I haven’t really gone into the mechanics of AdWords yet, so we are going to do that today. The truth is AdWords can be the most targeted and high quality traffic that you can get […]

Episode-106- How to Make the Time and Get Things Done


Vision is Key to Activity

Special Note – I did a major mistake doing math in today’s show talking about 50 lb gold bars, saying each was worth, 80,000 dollars, the actual ammount is 480,000 dollars making the grand total in the story I told 14.4 million vs the 2.2 million I used […]

Episode-105- Thoughts on Finding and Capitalize on Your Passion


I always say it, “follow your passion”, people like Mark Cuban and MJ Demarco say I am wrong but it doesn’t matter, I just keep on teaching it and demonstrating it works. The question of “is following your passion a great way to build a business?” isn’t really even worth debating at this point. […]

Episode-104- Internet Marketing Landmines 8 and 9 and More on Decision Making


Make a Choice Damn It!

I realized we never completed the Internet Marketing Landmines series today. I also realized as I went to get things finished despite the fact that the orginal report was written more than six years ago it is still remarkably relevant to the current marketplace, though landmine 8 has […]