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June 29, 2012

Episode-121- Format Changes and Getting Your Business Moving

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Today will be the first show with the new roughly one hour format.  I will go over what the changes mean, what they can bring to the table and how they should help everyone including me do a better job with their businesses.

I also want to cover something that I think can help with getting your business moving in the right direction, both mechanically and mindset wise.

Today on that note we will discuss…

  • There is no substitute for action
  • Marketing yourself regardless of your business
  • Facebook promotion for pay, my thoughts on it
  • Is there a gaping hole in today’s social media world
  • Should YouTubers forget about video editing all together
  • The magic wand question and what it can teach you
  • The evolution of language and why resistance is futile
  • If you want it, take it

Here is a link to the Youtuber I mentioned, like I said, great guy, funny, different but should be cutting 3 minute vs 6 minute vids or covering two subjects per video.  If you don’ t like his politics you are missing the point, remember you make content for YOUR audience.

Discuss Episode 121 at TheRoadTo100K Forums

June 22, 2012

What’s Up with FMwJ – A Special Message from Jack Spirko

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Jack at the Mic

The Podcast will Return Next Week

So two weeks and no podcast, whats the deal?  Well guys the deal is I have realized a limitation.  Doing 10 podcasts a week, running other blogs, etc pushed me to a limit that I feel is just too much.  Knowing your own limits is a skill I constantly must work on personally.  Yet the podcast isn’t gone, I spent the last two weeks really thinking deeply about what to do.

My decision is to go to a weekly show, make the show about an hour long and that way I can keep bringing you great content.  Additionally this will be roughly the same amount of content as 4-5 shows a week that run 10-15 minutes long.  It will however be a LOT less work for me.  I have learned that doing a 15 minute show is damn near as much real back end work as doing a 60 minute show.  Sure you spend 45 minutes more recording but to me that is the easy part.

This will also open up some other options, such as interview segment with subject matter experts, some common “segments” like say once a month 10 minutes on what the guys running facebook are up to, etc.  The first show like this will run next week.  I think this will also help me to not feel like I am running out of topics as well.

So here is what I want to know from you guys….

  • What day of the week do you prefer me to publish the show, as I pre record it isn’t any big deal to me, so what works best for you?
  • What subjects have I not covered that you really want to know about?
  • Are there any guests you would particularly like me to try to get on the air?  Don’t say Ferris I think for now he is beyond my current reach.

Sorry for the break in programming but I promise the new format will work better and make the show better than ever.

Key is though, what do we call the new show?  Thoughts?

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