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A Completely Irritating Facebook Bug and a Simple Work Around

Sometimes Facebook Just Pisses You Off

Sometimes Facebook Just Pisses You Off

Yesterday I was driven nuts by some new bug from Facebook.  In addition to Five Minutes with Jack of course I run “The Survival Podcast” and that site and podcast have a Facebook fan page with over 15,000 fans many of whom really enjoy our interactions via the TSP Fan Page on Facebook.  Well yesterday I tried to post a new link on the fan page (keep in mind this is my page, I am the admin) and it didn’t work.  It just sort of did nothing.  I tried posting it to another of my pages, no problem. I tried posting to my personal wall no problem.

So being a trouble shooter I posted a picture to my fan page in question and answered a few comments, no problem.  So I figured I know, I will take the story on my wall and “share it” on my fanpage, NOT TO BE!  It did the same damn thing.  So I try sharing it to another of my fan pages and no problem.  Of course I searched google quite a few ways for a solution which was not to be found.  Given I don’t have Zuckerberg on speed dial I simply reported it to facebook and went back to work.

By 4PM I was fuming, bug still there, so I try another Google search.  By now a Facebook help forum thread was started and I learned I wasn’t alone, dozens of others (likely thousands) had the same issue.  So I knew I wasn’t singled out with some weird partial ban, the bug was new and not isolated to me.  The good part was the solution.  Basically you do this, take your Facebook url and put beta dot in front of it like so…

Start with instead of www.facebook.com/pageurl and

Change it to beta.facebook.com/pageurl with pageurl of course being your Fanpage ID,

In my case survivalpodcast so instead of www.facebook.com/survivalpodcast

I put in beta.facebook.com/survivalpodcast and wammo, it works.

The postings you do that way are visible even when you switch back to the normal url.  Some sort of back door beta thing for testing I guess that works for this too.  The forum thread about it is here, http://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=2202923

Big old thanks to Jen Frazer who posted this solution on the forum.  Now can one of you more “connected” types phone up Mark Z and tell him to square this the heck away?  Anyway hope it helps anyone else out there with this problem.

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