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January 29, 2012

Building a Site Network for Branding, Direct Traffic and SEO Value

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Building a Site Network for Branding, Direct Traffic and SEO Value from survival podcast on Vimeo.

In an effort to make good on my promise to provide more advanced topics I am releasing this video on building a site network and exactly how and why to do it.  How to do it strategically, how to create link relationships, how to occasionally use the Press, how to build both big and small satellite sites, etc.

The big thing I want to caution you with though is don’t loose focus on your primary site.  The biggest problem most of you guys seem to have is chasing 20 ideas instead of really doing one and doing it well.   So understand a site network is a very powerful tool.  It is something you build over the long haul unless you have the resources to have the work done for you vs. doing it yourself and even then phasing it in over a year or two or more will still make sense.

On your commitment to daily content creation though, sites in your satellite network DO NOT COUNT.   So it really makes sense to work on your primary site for 3-6 months daily at a minimum before you start building out a network.  It will also help you if you do the following….

  • Become very familiar with WordPress so you can use it to quietly build your mini sites.  WordPress doesn’t have to look like a blog or even have posts you can do a 4-5 page mini site with it very quickly and easily using many of the free themes available out there.  Here is one example – Jack’s Online Business Card
  • Do your first few mini sites are pretty small undertakings, a top ten list of associated sites or something like that.  Something fast you can do in a day to 3 days max.  It will give you confidence and get you going faster.
  • Learn to reuse and more accurately re-purpose your content.  Combine several bits of old content to make one new piece on your sat sites.
  • Make and keep a list of anywhere and everywhere you can post content and get links without the rel=”nofollow” attribute, we should perhaps do part of this one on the forum together.  To aid with this get the “search status” extension for FireFox and keep the “high light no follow links” option on.
  • Consider hiring some copywriters to do up copy for your sites, then you can just slap them together.
  • Keep track of the links you build and the link relationships you create.  Don’t fear reciprocal links or three way associations but keep a lot of variance in your link structures.
  • When you are setting up stuff like blogspot blogs, tumblr blogs, hubpages, etc just for links, bang em out fast, get it done.  You ain’t writing great pose for such things just get enough content out that is in the niche for it to count with Google and move on.
  • Do keep great records of every site you create profiles for so if something comes up you can add links, modify content etc.  RoboForm Excels for this purpose and will make you life a lot easier.  If you want to try RoboForm for free you can do that by just right clicking and selecting save as on this link.


  • Richard

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    When setting up several mini-sites, how much does it matter to have them on their own IP? In other words, if I had a single HostGator account and my main site plus four mini-sites all hosted on the same account, does Google pick up on this and devalue the links?


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    Jack mentioned pulling database info to new sites. At our level, WordPress’ import/export feature would do most of the work and save a ton of work!

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    I still like how ix webhosting gives you dedicated ip addresses (2-15 depending on plan) along with shared ip address. Downside is they don’t auto-install wordpress into the root directory.

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    Jack, this video is just in time. I was about to start implementing just a 2 level backlink strategy, but thanks to you, I’ve changed my plans.

    I still have a question. You say that articles on web2.0 sites or satellite sites can have a small word count, but I’ve heard that a link gets more “juice” the higher the word count of the article. What do you say to that?


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    On press releases, my son was showing me just this weekend the spike press releases can cause. He works for a company as community manager/ node.js core developer/ trainer. He started 2 new sites for his company in the node.js niche. Then a day or so before the annual node.js conference his people sent out several press releases, so his company became a topic of much discussion at the event, which he also attended. Not only a spike in traffic, but an increase in visitors overall. They still need to work on their SEO, but the timing of the press releases worked great.

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