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July 16, 2010

Episode-14- Setting Up A Business, Niche, Structure and Legality

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One of our member here at sent me a message and asked,

“Mr. Spirko – I need to know the basics on how to start a business. Do I need a business license and how to get it? What type of business is best for an online business? For example should I do an LLC. Any info or resources will be appreciated.  ~Thanks”

Well I am no lawyer but my basic response was,

“That is a great question because it isn’t really that complicated and you don’t really need to set up an entity at first and probably should not. As for what to start a business doing, what do you know, what do you love, what do you have a specialized knowledge in or a hunger to learn?  Oh and I am Jack, Mr. Spirko is my dad ;>)  ~Jack”

Today’s episode expands on that basic response.

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    Hey Jack, I had just sent you a question this week via email regarding how to turn my husband’s passion for propagating pecans into a business we could both contribute to.. his knowledge.. and my website skills.. This answers my question completely. He doesn’t really have time to blog and I can’t blog for him without his “brain” for reference. However, I can follow behind him with a video camera and film the things he does- He’s pretty shy, but if I can get him to go along with me, I can see where people would get huge benefits from his abilities. Thanks for a great post.

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    Good stuff Jack–
    I’d love to know if at the inception of the Survival Podcast, you had a clear biz plan together. For instance, did the idea of turning on the Members Brigade come later after things were rolling, or was that in the biz plan?
    Did you have the website and forum ready to go BEFORE episode #1 –ghetto podcasting out of the car? ( i came on somewhere in the 40-50 episode range, and didn’t really explore any further than the podcast at that point)

    Also, I’m dying to know how the survival podcast income is broken down– advertisers vs members brigade. I’d love to build the bulk of my income from direct support, as opposed to adverts.

    You seem to found a really good synthesis between what Tim Ferris, and Gary Vaynerchuck preach–
    keep it coming.

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