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August 14, 2010

Perfect Example of Why You Need an Email List

Filed under: email marketing — JackSpirko @ 3:52 pm

So right now I am running a special on the Members Brigade at the Survival Podcast.  This of course is a key component of my revenue model and like many businesses end of summer is a slower time.  So boost stuff with a special right.  Well, of course I want to talk about it on facebook but right now the facebook “pages” not personal accounts but pages are accepting comments to existing posts but new posts are not working.

So what if I had no email list right now?  What if my post on the TSP Blog just didn’t get automatically sent to over 8,000 people?  What if I just relied on ‘social media’ as my list?   See what I mean about multiple methods of communication and owning at least one of them outright folks?

Now I figure it won’t be down for long but one never knows, when it comes to your business make sure you have as much ownership and control of assets as possible.  Right now if I were only relying on facebook my end of summer boost might not occur.  Lesson, OWN YOUR DATABASE!

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