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October 2015
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Jack on Making Money with Podcasting at Podcast Squared

Recently I was featured on a panel over at Podcast Squared, the topic was a really exciting panel all about the one thing most podcasters find elusive: monetization. I was featured along side Chris Mancini from Comedy Film Nerds and together we quickly dispelled the myth that no one makes real money from podcasting.


Response to Mark Cuban on My Personal Blog

Mark Cuban put out a post today that stated that “following your passion is bad advice”. I guess he got a hold of MJ Demarco’s book? I find this ironic as Mark is a poster child for how following your passion can make you very rich. Cuban would not be a billionaire today with [...]

Anyone Going to “Open Camp”

What is open camp, well the short version is a place where a bunch of techy types that are into open platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla get together, learn and party. The more accurate explaination from the Open Camp website is,

“From the people that brought you WordCamp Dallas and DrupalCamp [...]