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November 18, 2011

A Response to MJ Demarco’s View on Passion in Business

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Recently MJ Demarco stated that I was “patently wrong” that it was important to follow your passion in business, here is my response.  I personally think MJ is a highly switched on guy and is right about most of the things he discusses.  I also think he is absolutely correct that passion alone will not pay the bills, however when you combine passion with action and follow the rules of business it is a deadly formula for success in the modern economy.  You can see MJ’s Original Video here.

August 13, 2010

My Schedule at Open Camp

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So I am going to Open Camp on the 28th and 29th of August.  There are a ton of sessions in 7 different “tracks”, you can see the full schedule here.  Each track is dedicated to a specific technology or sector.  The seven tracks are

  • Common
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • DrupalCamp Business
  • DrupalCamp Developer
  • .NET
  • Multi Media

As you may have guessed I will be heavy on the WordPress and Multi Media stuff with a bit from the common in as part of my choices.  Tenatively I am planning on attending the following Sessions.

  • Saturday
    • 10:00 – Practically Illegal Black Hat SEO (I want to see exactly how black this guys hat is, I bet mine is BLACKER)
    • 10:30 – Success with Multimedia
    • 11:00 – Clever Tricks for Your Blog
    • 11:30 – Online Marketing Mindset
    • 13:30 – Audio Podcasting Tips
    • 14:00 – Make Your Own Breaks
    • 14:30 – Live Streaming
    • 16:00 – What Counts in Social Media
    • 16:30 – Analytics: A Deeper Look at Woopra
    • 17:00 – Taking Your Content Mobile
  • Sunday
    • 09:30 – Social Media Marketing & Mediocrity
    • 10:30 – How to Make a Better Blog (only because the speaker is Chris Prillo)
    • 11:30 – Boosting Social SEO for Blogs
    • 13:30 – Podcasting Power Ups
    • 14:30 – Advanced Video Production
    • 16:00 – Plugins that Blow Your Mind (They hooked me over the podcasting one on passion!  How well I figure I have the passion and podcasting thing down and one good plugin you learn about can really be a big deal.)

This is all tentative for now but it will probably be close.  Considering there are tons of other sessions and you can do all this for about 140 bucks this is one hell of a great conference!  I am highly impressed with what they have done with OpenCamp and think people like folks at Search Engine Strategies could learn about about how much value vs. cost is being delivered.   So again if you are going to be there let me know and doing your whole schedule isn’t necessary but hey let me know a few of the sessions you are excited about.

Of course I will be sharing a ton of what I learn in future episodes of Five Minutes with Jack.

August 3, 2010

The Internet Marketer’s Creed

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The following is a reprint of something I originally wrote in 2006 with a few updates included.  I was a solider at one time in my life back 20 years ago. I joined the Army at 17 and then served in the US Army Airborne during the First Gulf War. After that I served for 2 more years for deployments with combat engineers in Panama, Hondours and El Salvador.

Today in my late 30s I am a prior service “old man” in the eyes of the young guys out there serving today and like most “old men” from time to time I day dream and think back to my less sane years when jumping out of an aircraft flying so low that deploying a reserve was not a real option was something I considered, “fun”.

One day during a morning drive I was trying to think about some marketing ideas and one such old solider day dream came to me. I attempted to fend it off and think of some new marketing ideas. For some reason, the old  “Riflemens Creed” kept playing in my head.

Perhaps you have heard in the movie, Full Metal Jacket, it is the one that starts out, “This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine. Without me my rifle is useless, with out my rifle I am useless”. I then thought about how as Internet Marketers we could easily call our knowledge our “rifles”.

Think about it, “this is my knowledge, many have it but this knowledge is mine. With out my knowledge I am useless, with out my actions my knowledge is useless”. That is about as true a statement as can be made about being an online marketer!

By the time I reached my destination the following work was already complete in my head, only getting it into print was necessary. I hope you, my fellow internet marketing warrior, enjoys it and finds some words of truth within it.  If you want to know the way I have managed to build the success I have today, this type of thought process is what led to much of it,

~ Jack

The Internet Marketers Creed
By Jack Spirko

I am an Internet Marketer, which means I am fighting a war in which I shall always be out numbered. I choose to fight this war knowing that numbers alone cannot defeat me, as the Internet is the most equalizing battlefield in the history of warfare.

On the Internet it is my mind that is my primary weapon so I will maintain it, the way a solider maintains his rifle. I will do so by learning at least one new piece of information every day of my existence and I shall apply that information until I fully master its’ power.

I will seek opportunity in everything that I see, seeking synergy, relevance and importance in all things from my drive to the store, to the morning news and all events that I am aware of. Knowing that the Internet is, “content on demand” I will tune my attention to always utilize what is being sought to further my mission.

My primary mission is to insure that all the objectives of my websites and online activities are accomplished. I will do this by constant attention, innovation and never being satisfied with the current level of success, everything shall be tracked, measured and improved constantly.

I will monitor the Internet for any comments about my organization or my person and will never allow false or misleading claims or information to stand unchallenged. Response to these claims will be swift, accurate and aimed with laser precision, as the enemy will never be permitted to maintain the advantage false propaganda.

The war is won by the accumulation of power; power is in content and structure. Every activity I take will be designed to improve the content and structure of my online presence. From the search engines to the blogosphere and back I will not just be the master of my domain, I will be master of the web leading to it as well.

As an Internet Marketer I am part of an elite and 100% volunteer force of warriors and only my fellow warriors understand me. There is no knowledge we can gain, nor any school we can go to that we ourselves have not created. While my fellow warrior is technically the enemy, he is also my friend I will work with him so that we may both improve.

The battlefield will change every day and I accept that I may win a thousand battles only to end up back where I began. This is the way of the Internet warrior and it will not bring me to pause, only the will to adapt, overcome and achieve. There is no battle that cannot be won, because my greatest weapon is that my mind is capable of rewriting the rules and changing the nature of the battle at will.

August 2, 2010

Why Building an Online Business is the Path to Your Dreams

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Thanks to AT&T broadband I am checking in with a blog post from my vacation.  I want to be clear that this is by no means a bragging post and that many out there doing what I do probabally do much better.  The key with an online business is that it is never about if you are doing better than someone else, only are you doing enough to give you what you want and more.

Anyway on Wednesday the 28th of July we rolled out on vacation, just prior to that I transferred all but 200 dollars (for fuel for my F350 on the way to TN for the first part of our vacation).  That was 5 days ago and I have not “worked” in any meaningful way until this morning when I checked email and did basic customer service.  We drove yesterday from Huntsville, TN to our remote property near Hot Springs Arkansas.  During this trip deposits continued to come in from memberships, sponsor payments and my other activities (trailing stuff from some of my older sites).

Note this doesn’t include anything paid by check such as Amazon, Google Adsense, Clickbank, etc.  During the trip I ended up paying for all our fuel with the PayPal card (about 450 dollars), groceries for camping (about 100 dollars), our camp site, (130 dollars) and breakfast at the Cracker Barrel (30 bucks).  This morning when I logged in to transfer what ever was left to savings and again leave about 200 for incidentals there was still over 800 dollars in my account.

Hence during this 5 day get away (and we are staying here three more) we didn’t only keep cash flow positive we actually paid 100 percent of our expenses (since it was business related it will be written off as well) and we still managed to grow our bank account.

Compare this to people that work in soul crushing jobs and spend 5 years to get up to a magical number of 3 weeks of vacation.  When they take a vacation their cash flow is still negative.  Why?  Their income is based on a 5 day work week and their expenses based on living in their homes.  Hence their cash flow remains constant and their expenses increase.  I was explaining this to Dorothy in that we work as we need to but we earn income 7 days a week!  Driving through the Tennessee mountains on Sunday we watched deposits come in, not directly dependent on our efforts.

We also sold 3 hosting accounts for Host Gator during this trip  (from a banner on TSP) no money yet but when they “mature” that is another 150 dollars, the boy called and said there is an envelope from ClickBank on the counter for us, (perhaps another 100 bucks), a sponsors check for a full year just came in and I now have a consulting call scheduled with a large company that wants some “advice” (which ain’t gonna be free) on developing a product segment for the prepper industry.

Again this isn’t meant to brag, it is meant to inspire!  There are many folks out there making 1000-5000 dollars a day, though a lot more are claiming it than doing it.  There are a few rock stars doing 10K a day or more!  So what I do isn’t something to stand in awe of, simply something to realize you can do too.  In fact the way I do it is harder than it has to be.  By doing a daily podcast on TSP, I force myself to work most days or to work really hard for a week so I can take one off.  Many marketers do more in dollars, than I ever will, with with far less personal daily input.

So why do I do it this way?  Because I love it!  Why do “Five Minutes with Jack” because I love working with entrepreneurs!  The key is even with a daily show requirement I can take what amounts to 12 days in a row off and end up with money still coming in, bank account growing and all my bills paid.  Keep in mind my total financial investment into TSP is about 5K a year of necessary cost.  My initial investment was 7 dollar hosting, a 30 dollar recorder, a 20 dollar head set and working like a maniac for 18 months before making one dime.

Nothing but the internet gives a person this type of opportunity, it isn’t easy but it is possible and it is very doable for anyone that really wants it and works hard to make it happen.  I just wanted to reach out today and let you guys know that because I know how hard it is to keep on working at times when things just aren’t taking off yet.  There are dark times, hard questions (like why am I working so hard) and sacrifices.  They are worth it though, in a big way.

I promise you no one out there that follows the rules of business, believes it can be done, works really hard and insists on making it happen is any more than 18-30 months away from your dreams.  Until next time, follow your passion, love your spouse and kids and work your ass off,


July 21, 2010

I think Gary Vaynerchuk and I are Long Lost Brothers

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Much of what I say and have said about business for years is so in sync with what Vaynerchuk talks about it may seem that we are plagiarizing each other.  This time though at least I got the message out first!  On July 13th, I did Episode 7 of Five Minutes with Jack called, “Don’t Deny Your True Nature“, it was in response to someone that said following your passion is bad advice for most people and that someone has to do the hard dirty jobs.

So on January 20th Gary Vaynerchuck releases the video below.  If you ever get a chance to talk to Gary tell him that he needs to answer my emails and we need to talk.  Once you watch Gary’s video (which is stellar as always) watch my episode 7 again and while there are some difference, I mean he doesn’t use a snake now does he notice how similar the objections and responses are.

By the way I am about to tape a few more episodes, sorry about none on Monday and Tuesday but I was off at Big Bend National Park doing a Project with ITS Tactical.

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