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A Completely Irritating Facebook Bug and a Simple Work Around


Sometimes Facebook Just Pisses You Off

Yesterday I was driven nuts by some new bug from Facebook. In addition to Five Minutes with Jack of course I run “The Survival Podcast” and that site and podcast have a Facebook fan page with over 15,000 fans many of whom really enjoy our interactions via […]

New Resource Added to Five Minutes Resources Page


Today I mentioned two reports I was going to add to the web site. One on understanding podcasting and the other on landing page optimization. Upon further review the landing page one needs some updating which I will do this weekend. I have added Understanding Podcasting, to the resources page though.

This report was […]

Woopra Kicks Ass – Install it Now!


One of the new things I learned about at OpenCamp was Woopra, two years ago when I followed all the SEO and Internet Marketing blogs like a bloodhound I would have know about it a long time ago. The truth is I have known about it for quite a while but figured it was […]

PrintFriendly Plugin is Pretty Cool


So have you even been to a big news site like say The Wall Street Journal or New York Times and noticed how their stories have a “printable version” button so if you want to print the article you can do so with out banners, sidebars, cut off lines, etc. I figured since a […]