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May 25, 2012

A Completely Irritating Facebook Bug and a Simple Work Around

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Sometimes Facebook Just Pisses You Off

Sometimes Facebook Just Pisses You Off

Yesterday I was driven nuts by some new bug from Facebook.  In addition to Five Minutes with Jack of course I run “The Survival Podcast” and that site and podcast have a Facebook fan page with over 15,000 fans many of whom really enjoy our interactions via the TSP Fan Page on Facebook.  Well yesterday I tried to post a new link on the fan page (keep in mind this is my page, I am the admin) and it didn’t work.  It just sort of did nothing.  I tried posting it to another of my pages, no problem. I tried posting to my personal wall no problem.

So being a trouble shooter I posted a picture to my fan page in question and answered a few comments, no problem.  So I figured I know, I will take the story on my wall and “share it” on my fanpage, NOT TO BE!  It did the same damn thing.  So I try sharing it to another of my fan pages and no problem.  Of course I searched google quite a few ways for a solution which was not to be found.  Given I don’t have Zuckerberg on speed dial I simply reported it to facebook and went back to work.

By 4PM I was fuming, bug still there, so I try another Google search.  By now a Facebook help forum thread was started and I learned I wasn’t alone, dozens of others (likely thousands) had the same issue.  So I knew I wasn’t singled out with some weird partial ban, the bug was new and not isolated to me.  The good part was the solution.  Basically you do this, take your Facebook url and put beta dot in front of it like so…

Start with instead of and

Change it to with pageurl of course being your Fanpage ID,

In my case survivalpodcast so instead of

I put in and wammo, it works.

The postings you do that way are visible even when you switch back to the normal url.  Some sort of back door beta thing for testing I guess that works for this too.  The forum thread about it is here,

Big old thanks to Jen Frazer who posted this solution on the forum.  Now can one of you more “connected” types phone up Mark Z and tell him to square this the heck away?  Anyway hope it helps anyone else out there with this problem.

November 18, 2011

New Resource Added to Five Minutes Resources Page

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Today I mentioned two reports I was going to add to the web site.  One on understanding podcasting and the other on landing page optimization.  Upon further review the landing page one needs some updating which I will do this weekend.  I have added Understanding Podcasting, to the resources page though.

This report was originally an eBook that sold for 9.99 it is now yours for free just for taking the time to listen to and support Five Minutes With Jack.

September 14, 2010

Woopra Kicks Ass – Install it Now!

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One of the new things I learned about at OpenCamp was Woopra, two years ago when I followed all the SEO and Internet Marketing blogs like a bloodhound I would have know about it a long time ago.  The truth is I have known about it for quite a while but figured it was just another analytics program.  I have so much data to look at already what the hell could I need any more for right?  Wrong!

Woopra ain't your Daddy's Analytics!

Get Woopra it Rocks!

Woopra is a pretty good analytics program from the classic stand point.  It gives you some views and data in a more friendly way than Google Analytics and conversely Google Analytics does some things Woopra does not, again from the classic stand point of historical data.  It is when we move to real time data that Woopra begins to shine and provide a level of transparency into your web traffic that really makes it stand out as something special.

Installing Woopra took me literally 10 minutes to do, that was signing up for the account, confirming the account with an email, creating the site profile and pasting at bit of code into my blogs footer.  Honestly I installed it on two sites in 10 minutes.  WordPress users just go to “appearance” in your admin area, click on “editor” and drop the code they give you into the file called “footer” for your active theme.

Now as for what make Woopra so damn awesome it is the real time statistics.   You can watch visitors come in, in real time, see where they came from, what they are doing.  On The Survival Podcast I was watching visitors come in and some were commenting, others were downloading episodes, etc.  When I installed it here at there were no visitors at all, I published the most recent episode and watched my currently meager traffic trickle in.  Some from Twitter, some from FaceBook, some via email referrals.  The view this gives you is fantastic.

Woopra Even Has an iPhone App

Why?  Why is this so awesome other than just being cool?  Well when you tweet something at 10 AM how effective is it?  How much more effective is the same tweet at 2 PM or perhaps less effective at 2 PM? With woopra you don’t’ think, you know.  So you can schedule your tweets, Facebook updates, emails and other activities at the time when each is most effective.  Launch a new initiative how effective is it?  You can wait a day and check analytics or watch and adjust in real time based on trends.

Taking it mobile Woopra has an iPhone app that kicks ass.  Use your iPhone to tweet on the road or update facebook during that meeting and switch to your Woopra app and on your iPhone watch the effects of your efforts drive traffic to your site.  So what does bad ass technology like this cost?  Well if your site gets 30,000 or less page views a month it is free as is the iPhone app.  You can upgrade from there and moving up to 100,000 page views a month is only 4.95.  For most small time bloggers the 30,000 page view free version will be more than enough.

Get this, there is even a feature that lets you chat with users who are currently on your website by choosing one and sending them a chat request that will pop up on their screen.  Though I think a way users could initiate the chat on demand would be a lot more useful.  Still for a person with a small site just starting up, pinging a dozen or so visitors each day early on can really help you get them to subscribe and help you collect helpful feedback on making your site better for your audience.  As for me I won’t use that chat feature unless they add a way to put a “chat now” button on your site.

Speaking of my Chat Now idea, Woopra is actively asking users what we want right now on their blog, I posted in the comments about this chat now idea, you may want to suggest that too at this thread on the Woopra Blog.

Some time in the next two weeks I will do a screen cast of Woopra in action.  I will show the activity on my Survival Podcast site, then publish a new episode and record the response, show you what happens when a notification email hits and the response to the facebook fan page update as well.  But do not wait for me, Woopra is powerful, easy to install, fast to get running and for many people 100% free.

Let me put it this way if you read this and 1 hour later you still don’t have Woopra on your site, you are wrong!  Well unless you are reading this at work or something and can’t do it from there.  In that case make this a top priority as a next step for your website.  Sites need to be designed for visitors, Woopra will help you do just that.  You can sign up for woopra at you guessed it,

If you need any more incentive to get this installed on your site check out this video of the launch of a website called “Foolish Adventure” as the real time states roll in.

August 4, 2010

PrintFriendly Plugin is Pretty Cool

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So have you even been to a big news site like say The Wall Street Journal or New York Times and noticed how their stories have a “printable version” button so if you want to print the article you can do so with out banners, sidebars, cut off lines, etc.   I figured since a lot of the stuff I do on this blog is in text that such a feature would be nice to have here.  So I searched the plugin options and think I have found the best one.

You will now notice the option for printing or pdf versions of all articles on this site.  I really like the PDF feature since you can use it on many electronic readers like the Amazon Kindle simply by emailing it to yourself.

The plugin is from the good folks at, it takes a few seconds to install and you go to your settings area to configure it.  That takes perhaps another few seconds.  The easy way to install the plugin is to go to your plugin area, click on add new and search for printfriendly and just click install.  You can also download it manually at the PrintFriendly WordPress Plugin Home Page.

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