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June 22, 2012

What’s Up with FMwJ – A Special Message from Jack Spirko

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Jack at the Mic

The Podcast will Return Next Week

So two weeks and no podcast, whats the deal?  Well guys the deal is I have realized a limitation.  Doing 10 podcasts a week, running other blogs, etc pushed me to a limit that I feel is just too much.  Knowing your own limits is a skill I constantly must work on personally.  Yet the podcast isn’t gone, I spent the last two weeks really thinking deeply about what to do.

My decision is to go to a weekly show, make the show about an hour long and that way I can keep bringing you great content.  Additionally this will be roughly the same amount of content as 4-5 shows a week that run 10-15 minutes long.  It will however be a LOT less work for me.  I have learned that doing a 15 minute show is damn near as much real back end work as doing a 60 minute show.  Sure you spend 45 minutes more recording but to me that is the easy part.

This will also open up some other options, such as interview segment with subject matter experts, some common “segments” like say once a month 10 minutes on what the guys running facebook are up to, etc.  The first show like this will run next week.  I think this will also help me to not feel like I am running out of topics as well.

So here is what I want to know from you guys….

  • What day of the week do you prefer me to publish the show, as I pre record it isn’t any big deal to me, so what works best for you?
  • What subjects have I not covered that you really want to know about?
  • Are there any guests you would particularly like me to try to get on the air?  Don’t say Ferris I think for now he is beyond my current reach.

Sorry for the break in programming but I promise the new format will work better and make the show better than ever.

Key is though, what do we call the new show?  Thoughts?

May 15, 2012

FMwJ to Return Tomorrow

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I know it may look like I am breaking my own daily content rule lately with FMwJ and, the reality though is I have been turning out content still daily for The Survival Podcast and during a recent 12 days of travel doing FMwJ simply wasn’t possible.  We will be back tomorrow and I just learned a ton of things that may not seem to apply to web marketing but they most certainly do.

Tomorrow though we begin an 8 part series on using permaculture principals in building and marketing a business.  This will be based on an article called, 8 Forms of Capital in Permaculture, you can read it here.

I promise to make up for my recent absence with some earth shattering ideas about business, marketing and the new world of interconnected media.  Please as “homework” read the article and start asking yourself how the types of capital relate to the new world of business.

April 25, 2012

Two Announcments – Conference Call and New Chat System

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Join Us on The Road

Join Us on The Road

A quick reminder that our first ever Premium Members Call for forum is tonight at 7 central.  It will be 1-1.5 hours of q and a with me on anything you guys want to discuss.  While this service will be for supporting members only down the road we are opening it to everyone early on.  Full details for the call can be found on the forum here.

Secondly, an awesome community member named Mark Rose did what “they said can’t be done” and got Ajax Chat to work with the Road to 100K Forum even though we are running the 2.x beta forum software.  Hence the old third party chat is GONE, well not yet but I will get it gone soon!  You can use the new chat though right away, as long as you are logged in all you have to do is click on “Chat” at the top of the forum and you will log strait in with no additional steps required.

Remember these services are on the RoadTo100K Forum not, you can visit the forum here.

April 24, 2012

First RoadTo100K Conference Call Tomorrow Night

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Tomorrow night we will have our first conference call.  This feature will eventually be a premium member activity, but for now it is open to all members.  There are a few things you need to know about this conference call as well as future calls:

  • Conference calls will be recorded so that we may provide them for users to download.
  • Although we would love to have every forum member on the call, our service is limited to a maximum of 94 attendees.  If you are not able to join the call, it means we have met our threshold for participants. Though I don’t expect this to be an issue for quite a while
  • The dial-in number is NOT toll-free.  This means that you will accrue long distance charges for the time you spend on the call.

You will need the following information to access the call:

  • When:  Wednesday, April 25th @ 7:00 PM (CDT)  –  TIME ZONE CONVERSION
  • Conference Call Dial-In Number:  (218) 632-0550
  • Participant Access Code: 1051467#
  • Call Length: Approximately 1 hour
  • Subject:  This will be Q & A With Jack

March 8, 2012

The RoadTo100K is Back

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Looks like we had a brute force based attack that got into the database. We were able to restore to a back up point from a few days ago and change up all the access information.  If you joined in the last day or two you may have to set up a new account.

RoadTo100K Forum Hacked

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We believe the forum was hacked and are working on it. For now that is all.

March 6, 2012

Pardon Our Dust – Upgrades Ongoing at The Road to 100k

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Quick update we are doing some updates at so some things won’t work for a bit. All existing members will get an email with a new password later today. Once you have that you can log in and reset your password if you don’t like the one you get. This update may not be convenient but it will let us bring some new very cool things to you guys very soon.

December 23, 2011

New Site Banner – Thanks to Paul at

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Well the other day I put on on an episode of Five Minutes with Jack that we needed a new banner for the site.  I just tossed it out and said the first person who wanted it could have the job in return for a mention on the site.  Well a few of you guys were quick to respond but Paul at was just a bit faster.

Here is a bit about Paul and his current projects.  One thing I can say, the man is swift on turn around time!

Paul Rose is a photographer and graphic designer who also does freelance design work. He has 40 years of award-winning experience and is available to help other entrepreneurs with their graphic design needs. If other listeners to “Five Minutes with Jack” need design work at a reasonable price, contact him at paul at

His new business venture is, a one-stop site for state-by-state information on firearms. The site will be a community-driven website that attempts to gather up-to-date information on the legal aspects of firearms usage for hunting, sport shooting and self defense.

Paul is currently writing articles dealing with the firearms and self defense laws of Colorado. Those articles will serve as a guide to anyone else interested in writing articles about their state. He welcomes contributions by anyone interested in the legal use of firearms. To quote Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, “Piss on golf. Real Americans go to the range.”

December 21, 2011

Join Us on The Road to 100K – Our New Forum

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So we have made some changes and have the new forum off to a great start!  Something may be missing though, that something or someone is you if you haven’t already joined.  Building a business is tough, most of the people you know won’t understand that at all, they won’t understand, you passion or your drive.  They will often have advice which is well, not worth a damn.  Never take advice on business from a person who isn’t successful in business.

Now our forum is different you will find entrepreneurs at all levels, from getting started to massively successful.

The goal of the community is simple!  To help as many hard working, honest and passionate entrepreneurs get to a minimum of 100,000 dollars of annual income as possible.  To help members of our community find true freedom.  See you on the road….

~ Jack

You can Find the Forum Here

September 3, 2010

New Podcast Format and “Beer Friday”

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So first up I got all the podcasts changed over to the new format with the video on Youtube and audio via iTunes.  Episode 31 has the new cool music in the intro and exit, wondering how it works for everyone now?

Have a Beer With Jack

Have a Beer With Jack

Next up I am kicking around the idea of doing “beer Friday” here at FMWJ.  It will work like this about three PM on Fridays I will make the HUGE sacrifice of stopping work and break out a cold frosty something or another and pouring it into a mug.  I will switch on the camera and do a basic beer review along with a bit of business (much less than normal) tossed in.  By the time I get it converted, uploaded and posted it will be damn close to 5ish.

It would be kind of like a beer with Jack across the net.  I could even post the brands of beer in advance, so when ever you watched it, you could have the same beer as I do if you wanted.  Just a thought.  I have done a lot of business over a cold beer, this would be like doing it virtually.

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