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August 31, 2010

Changes in the Works – Podcast to Return Soon

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I have ripped all the videos to audio and I am back filling the old episodes with an audio option (all but the screen casts).  Once finished I will change the feed in itunes to pull from this site vs. Mevio and itunes users will get the audio only via iTunes.  This should help everyone.

I will be publishing all future videos to Youtube.  So site visitors will have two options, audio or video.

iPhone and Android users of course can use a YouTube application and subscribe to the YouTube channel.  This should give everyone the option for what ever form of content they prefer and let me still be silly with t-shirts and occasionally use screen capture and field trips to teach with.

I would like to thank all of you that commented on this decision and you just witnessed another lesson.  A year from now when this show is as big as my other podcast (TSP) and some asshat comes and tells me how I “should be doing things” I can tell him I am doing what my audience wants.  When he asks how I know I can tell him, they told me and I LISTENED.

Thanks to all of you and know I have three more great episodes ready to roll as soon as the updating is done, better now than later.  I also have a ton of great stuff from Open Camp to comment on coming soon.

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    Looking forward to hearing about Open Camp!

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