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July 8, 2010

Episode-1- Five Minutes With Jack

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In episode one I just want to let you know what this site is going to be about, how the podcast is going to be done, what it will be about and why I am doing this in the first place.

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    Every time I learn more about you, I am amazed at the similarities in our likes/dislikes — I am also a fan of Redfield and enjoyed reading The Celestine Prophesy and The Tenth Insight.

    My very first public website centered around living a life of passion. I named it ‘Stone Pathway’, which only had meaning to me.. so eventually as my ideas developed, I created a site called “Source of Good Stuff” and began to talk about the books I was reading and the things I was learning. I was fortunate enough to make lots of great friends in the self-help business including authors, EFT experts and coaches. What I found was that these folks were willing to work with me for an exchange of “energy”.. I needed guidance and insight into their skills, and they needed web design assistance and technical support. The site has become a pretty steady stream of income, but as I began some new projects, my time and interest became divided between my spiritual pursuits and what I call my ‘survival’ pursuits.

    I created another site called ‘Country Consultant’ where I write about living in the country and my journey to a more self-sufficient/self-reliant lifestyle. This site came about after my husband and I began to feel a lot of angst and concern with the current state of our country. While my husband has always been somewhat of a ‘survivalist’, I did not come into the fold until I became a mom. Amazing how survival instincts seem to really kick in when you have someone else to think about and take care of..

    At first blush, these two websites seem worlds apart, but as you and I both know, they are actually very close in concept and nature. Inspiration, motivation, and well-being are both aspects of our spiritual growth as well as necessities in our physical survival and success.

    Even though I enjoy working on both of these sites, I still feel like I am on a journey to discover my true PASSION. I look forward to the information you will be presenting here and hope to glean new knowledge from your experiences.

    Thanks so much for this site.

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    Hey Jack, is there any reason to not go with Godaddy as a hosting service? I’ve got a slew of domain names with them, but don’t know whether or not I should have them host.
    any experience one way or the other?

  • JackSpirko

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    From what I know GoDaddy is a good host but they don’t have Cpanel hosting which I prefer because it is so friken easy to use.

    By the way I have all my domains registered with they were my go to host at one time. You can do your hosting anywhere you don’t have to move a domain name from one registrar to another for hosting you just change the DNS record on your domains.

    I am sure that the folks at GoDaddy or Host Gator can help you with that. It isn’t hard it takes about 30 seconds to do.

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    I just wanted to say thank you for launching this. I’ve been building a site for a little over three years now, the traffic is there, I got the “dream” -a book deal which was eye opening in how little money that actually is. The reality is I have yet to figure out how to create any real revenue from the site.
    It’s time for me to shift from hobby to serious and I like your approach.

  • Ben

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    Hey Jack:

    Long time listener of TSP. Listened to the show from day5 and have turned on many listeners to it. Experienced a “loss of contract” and it is time to put your great principles to use.

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