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March 28, 2012

Episode-100- The Myth of Market Saturation

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Market Saturation is a Myth

Market Saturation is a Myth

My son and two of his friends are about to launch a new podcast focused on sports, they are going to call it “Sports Noise”.  I think it is great they are going to do this, my son and his buddies love sports, specifically, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.  If those letters all mean nothing to you don’t worry, today’s show isn’t on sports it is on the myth of market saturation.

Recently I met with the three young men and we had dinner to discuss their new venture.  One asked me, “do you think the market is over saturated”.  These guys are all in their early 20s so it is reasonable to understand why they may see things this way.  The reality though is the answer is a definitive no, they and everyone else should already know that to be true.

One of the big thing feeding this myth today the false understanding of the effect of “limitless choices” has had on the market.  Many people now feel with the internet, cable TV, podcasts, etc. that now there is so much content out there that clearly the market is saturated.  The reality is the exact opposite effect is created by these limitless choices.

When we had 6 TV stations and 6,000 gate keepers market saturation was a concern, today the “long tail of content” has forever destroyed the concept of market saturation, tune in today for conclusive proof that this is indeed the case.

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    I simply wished to comment on how much I am enjoying the “5 Minutes with Jack” podcast.  I personally wish to encourage you to stay with this short “5 minute” format.  Leo Babauta of Zen Habits posted a thought provoking interview with Seth Godin a while back on the “short format”, showing research that people’s attention span is either growing shorter, or pulled in too many directions, and that short seems to be the new way to go (and I would love to hear you comment on the interview).  My husband is a long time subscriber to your Survival Podcast.  I catch a few of the episodes, when he mentions that they would be of particular interest to me, but I am mainly familiar with your ideas through conversations with him.  I’ve asked him to suggest to you, that you consider offering a 1 hour weekly synopsis of your 5 hours of the Survival Podcast, and that I would gladly pay for that podcast.  Maybe he hasn’t emailed you, as he’s afraid you’d call him an assclown (and I don’t care if you think me a bimbo for my suggestion either LOL).  As much as I appreciate all you do, I simply don’t have 5 hours for one podcaster … I only have 4-5 hours total per week to listen to a multitude of topics.  Keep up the excellent work Jack, and keep it short and not-so-sweet  !!

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