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August 2014
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Episode-102- Thoughts on Things Like Zazzle or Cafe Press

One of you guys asked me about using sites like Zazzle to sell items like T-shirts vs. doing your own fulfillment.  The simple way to look at this is why are you selling something like t-shirts, hats and mugs?  Is it

1.  As adjudicative revenue and mostly because you audience wants them.


2.  A major component of your revenue.

If it is option two all I can say is you better be building a really world class brand and your items better look cool as hell and be something even people who don’t know you would want to wear.  It can be done, Bryan Black at ITS Tactical has proven it, check out some of his branded items here.

My experience with Zazzle is…

1.  They do a good job on fulfillment so customers are happy

2.  They are expensive but customization is unlimited for the customer

3.  Designs are limited to centered on front and back, this DOESN’T lend itself to really cool designs

When you do your own fulfillment you can make on average 7-12 dollars per shirt vs. about 1-2 dollars per shirt on Zazzle and other similar sites.  Personally when I look at these numbers I don’t have the time to do fulfillment on items such as this and don’t want the headaches of managing an employee.  Hence I either use a partnership arrangement for fulfillment or would use a service like Zazzle or Cafe Press just to serve the audience.

In the end you can make your own decisions on this based on your business, but let me say with some rare exceptions T-Shirts and Hats do not make a revenue model in and of themselves.

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