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April 4, 2012

Episode-103- The Need for Quick and Decisive Action

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Just Pick One Damn It!

Just Pick One Damn It!

I have a question for you, when faced with a need for your business, can you quickly and decisively decide what to do?  Decisive action is absolutely critical to your success in business especially as a small business or as most of my listeners are, a one man show.  The key here is to realize specifically when you are brand new and getting started no one or not many people are paying attention anyway, make mistakes, make the fast and move on.

This ability is actually my personal secret to success.  I am not really that smart, I am not the technical guru many of you seem to think I am, I know just enough to do what needs to be done to communicate with my audience and publish material.  I am not especially good looking, hell there is a reason I use audio more than video.  I am nothing but a guy following his true passion with a good work ethic, but there are many such people that live mundane lives.

What has separated me from the pack is I make choices, I live with and learn from the results and move on.  When I trained sales people in the past the biggest thing I need to do was get them pounding the phone with cold calls but fear of rejection would always make them put off that chore for checking emails, calling existing customers, talking at the water cooler, etc.  One day I called a team into a conference room and asked them all to pair up, each person face another for role play training, despite grunts and groans they did as asked.  I then said all the folks on the right look at your partner and simply say the word “no”, they did, I then had the other side do the same.  When that was done I said, “is anyone bleeding”?  Laughs and sighs blended into smiles.  I then asked, “does anyone need a doctor, need counseling with a psychologist or need to call their mother and have a good cry from this experience”?

That entire meeting took perhaps 45 seconds, I simply said okay, no doesn’t hurt so go pound the phones.  Well internet entrepreneurs need to learn this concept as well.  Picking the wrong color or platform or anything isn’t really going to matter and you certainly won’t be bleeding or need to call your girlfriend and have a cry session, you just pick up, change tactics and move on.  Tune in for a 15 minute charge up today on personal leadership and decision making.

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