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April 6, 2012

Episode-104- Internet Marketing Landmines 8 and 9 and More on Decision Making

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Make a Choice Damn It!

I realized we never completed the Internet Marketing Landmines series today.  I also realized as I went to get things finished despite the fact that the orginal report was written more than six years ago it is still remarkably relevant to the current marketplace, though landmine 8 has largely corrected itself, so we are doing a two fer and actually a three fer today.

1.  Landmine 8 was copying the content of others for SEO purposes, in 2005 this was a rampant problem.  Thanks to the duplicate content penalty becoming well known it is pretty much dead at this point, suffice to say, just don’t do it.

2.  Landmine 9 is sending traffic to the wrong page of your site, such as sending all traffic to your home page.  This problem is still rampant in today’s internet marketing world.  It is being done by large companies, small business and one man shows.

3.  I go into more on decision making and ask a simple question, can you make soup if I just give you the ingredients and basic instructions with no quantity information?  If you can’t, well,  you have work to do on your decision making.

You will also even hear me critique my own marketing mistakes that are currently in place, the lesson no one is perfect and that is good, it means we can always improve our results. Remember you can always get the updated landmines report in full on our resources page.

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    Thank you Jack!  This was exactly what I needed!

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