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April 12, 2012

Episode-105- Thoughts on Finding and Capitalize on Your Passion

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I always say it, “follow your passion”, people like Mark Cuban and MJ Demarco say I am wrong but it doesn’t matter, I just keep on teaching it and demonstrating it works.  The question of “is following your passion a great way to build a business?” isn’t really even worth debating at this point.  There are far to many examples of successful people who did it to render the opposition totally moot on the point.  I think I did a good job or rebutting both MJ Demarco’s and Mark Cuban’s contentions on the subject.

The harder questions are

1.  How do I find my passion or passions?
2.  Once I find my passion how do I capitalize on it and turn it into revenue?

The reality is when you stop seeing things one dimensionally you find dozens of sub niches, macro niches and products and services related to any niche. I go over a few examples in today’s show.

There are also some questions you can ask yourself to find your passions such as…

1.  Over the years at time when you were completely content and not paying attention to a clock or cell phone what were you doing?
2.  When you are in a conversation where you can talk for hours and feel energized at the end, what are you talking about?

Join me today as we take “follow your passion” further by answering the questions, how do you find your passion, how do you define your niche and how do you make it profitable?

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