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April 13, 2012

Episode-106- How to Make the Time and Get Things Done

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Vision is Key to Activity

Vision is Key to Activity

Special Note –  I did a major mistake doing math in today’s show talking about 50 lb gold bars, saying each was worth, 80,000 dollars, the actual ammount is 480,000 dollars making the grand total in the story I told 14.4 million vs the 2.2 million I used in the story, it doesn’t change the story but I strive for accuracy.  I recorded two FMwJ episodes and two Survival Podcast Episodes and wrote an article yesterday.  Sometimes multi tasking causes mistakes.  But in the spirit of today’s show I would rather have huge productivity with one mistake that doesn’t really matter, rather than have low productivity and be “perfect” and broke.

You might think that the solution is simply to have a good work ethic and schedule your time.  Well that is something I advice quite highly in fact.  Yet it isn’t enough, putting an item on a Google or Outlook calendar will not in any way guarantee that it is going to get done.  The next “productivity tool” is not likely to do much to help either.

Given I know most of the people that listen to FMwJ and Post at TheRoadTo100K are working a j-o-b or killing themselves to keep a business simply in business going to the next level takes something more, it takes something special.

Some things you need to do to get to that next level…

  • Schedule your personal time so those you love don’t get left out
  • Yes schedule your working time
  • Realize what you are working for, what it will mean if you succeed
  • Know where you are going and what the destination is like
  • Understand the money is a means to an end, not the goal
  • Realize the more you create, the more you can create and the more you can help people
  • Have a crystal clear vision of what you are creating, keep making it better as you go
  • Have a goal to impact people in a positive way, not just make money

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    Jack, I could listen to motivational episodes like this for HOURS AND HOURS! Please make more.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the technical stuff too, but every once in awhile I need a nice kick in the ass like this.

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