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April 18, 2012

Episode-107- Broad, Phrase, Exact, CTR – Cracking The AdWords Code

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Crack the AdWords Code

Crack the AdWords Code

So I have often suggested Google AdWords as a source of targeted traffic but I haven’t really gone into the mechanics of AdWords yet, so we are going to do that today.  The truth is AdWords can be the most targeted and high quality traffic that you can get your hands on or it can be a complete money sink with little to no ROI.  Today I am going to cover the basics of understanding and using AdWords.  If you want to become a complete AdWords Yoda I advise you to check out Perry Marshall’s resources for AdWords, it is the best resource I have ever found on the subject.

Today I will cover the following concepts that will help you better utilize AdWords…

1.  Broad phrase match, what it means, how it can hurt you

2.  Phrase match and how it works

3.  Exact match and when it might go to far

4.  Content network, cheap traffic or money sink depending on how you use it

5.  CTR – Click Though Rate and how it effect cost per click

6.  Split testing ads for maximum CTR and lowest cost per click

7.  Negative key works and how they are your best defense against waste

8.  Conversion tracking and why it is a must

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