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April 19, 2012

Episode-108- Internet Marketing Landmine Number 10

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Internet Marketing Landmine #10 is the Failure to Fully Utilize Automation

Now this one is just a killer and really a silent killer because you don’t really know how badly it affects you. It is like a cancer deep in your marketing bones slowly eating away the marrow of your profits.

So what things do people fail to automate?

  • List Building and Follow Up
  • Customer Service
  • Blog Post Notification
  • Order Delivery
  • Turning Promotional Content into SEO Content
  • Relationship Initiation
  • Activity Funnels

In short your website should be a finely tuned machine that provides a variety of functions and allows you as an individual to provide service to your audience as though you were actually a team of 6-12 people.  Automation isn’t something designed to make business cold and statistical it is designed to make caring and giving a shit about every single customer scalable even for the smallest entrepreneur.

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