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April 20, 2012

Episode-109- If Don’t Have Time to Write a Book, Speak a Book

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Okay so I am the “insane internet entrepreneur” but have I now gone over the deep end?  How the hell do you speak a book, not an audio book but an honest to God real book with pages and covers, etc.  It is called transcription, you make a recording and pay someone to transcribe it.  Generally speaking I have noticed the cost to be about 75-125 per hour of audio with sometimes it being more or less based on the quality of the recording and the number of speakers.  So if part of it is an “interview” you can expect to pay a bit more.  Yet this is a great option and had I done this myself I would likely have 20 published books by now, vs. 4 that are all half finished.

Join me today as I discuss…

  • Running some numbers on the cost of production
  • Editing, professional or self editing or a hybrid
  • Producing your book in multiple formats
  • Selling the “down and dirty audio” at a premium
  • You don’t have to be a great speaker, you just have to be easy to understand
  • Writing really great books and letting others do the work
  • Hey it worked for Gary Vaynerchuck
  • Some things you are better off writing anyway, but may be not

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