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July 14, 2010

Episode-11- Internet Marketing Landmine Number Two

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To Broad of a Focus

In episode eight I stated that not planning fully was the number one reason that new internet marketers and even some semi pros seem to fail or not maximize their earnings. The only problem was I told you the problem but I didn’t give you what was necessary to form an effective plan. In each episode about the landmines from here on out I will tell you exactly the mistakes to avoid and that will form your blue print of what to avoid and what to include in your planning.

So, on to Landmine Number Two! The problem of having to broad of a focus is a multi headed monster but I will touch on the major aspects to help you understand this problem, kill it, and effectively plan around it.

A typical marketer may sign up as an affiliate for a big company like say Amazon or Commission River (Where I personally learned the basics of internet marketing and eventually developed training materials for other affiliates to use.), etc. Then instead of picking one product or product group, they try to copy the huge affiliate and market every single product the affiliate has to offer.  Developing a plan around this is almost impossible!

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    This is really good info. Jack! Thanks!
    Reminds me of mail-order marketing before the internet. Getting that address was the key. Give away something to get it. Make money on subsequent orders.

    Things are so much easier now and no postage!

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    You LITERALLY make me laugh out loud, Jack! Thanks for the great info and insight.

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    Wait till you see the next episode!

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