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July 15, 2010

Episode-12- The Importance of Lead Capture and Follow Up

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The number one reason most websites fail today is a failure to capture leads and make frequent content with them via automated processes.   I honesty don’t even think that claim is open to debate, show me a website that is failing and I will show you one that lacks effective lead capture and follow up.

Consider that when it comes to valuing a business it is always about the customer base, on the web your database is your customer base.  Some marketers feel that if they contact their list to often that many of them will opt out, my response good, find  your best audience and do it now.

  • LvsChant

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    How about a link to a the awebber site? on my search, I got a huge warning from my anti-virus software on the site I thought was the correct one…

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    Here you go

    If you get a warning on that link ignore it. Aweber is safe and I have been using them about 8 years.

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    You really got me thinking with providing something of value for free in exchange for a readers contact. I’m still working on getting quality post written and getting some steady traffic, but on the newsletter topic, what do you think of Google Friend Connect and its newsletter feature? I’ve heard having GFC will help your site get a higher ranking in google eyes.

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    1. Don’t wait to put lead capture in do it NOW.

    2. Never used GFC, so I am not familure with it but I can tell you every time that using some google technology was reported to increase rank the seo community has debunked it as a myth, every time. If it is a good tool and you see an application use it, if you are using it only to try to get better seo results don’t bother it won’t have any effect.

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    I’ve always used feedburner’s option to subscribe to posts by email. Would that not be a list? What advantages would there be to using aweber vs feedburner? Not sure you could use a freebie to encourage signup through feedburner. Or a combination of the 2? one for emailed rss and other for specials?

  • Justin

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    Just a thought from a consumer standpoint. If all I got from a site in an email blast was a short list of all of the posts recently made on a blog, I would probably unsubscribe. I have an RSS reader to do that, why clutter my inbox with redundant information?

    Now, add some value to that email by giving me some extra content, or by making me aware of something about your product that I didn’t know about before? Great, I’m in.

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    @Justin, what you would do doesn’t matter one bit, not a damn bit, what matters is for every user today like you comfortable and happy with RSS there are 24 that don’t have a fricken clue about it. So if you unsubscribe, that is no loss to a blogger, you choose RSS others choose email, both are served and the site owner GETS MAXIMUM REACH. I am telling you right now your belief will screw you out of a LOT long term. Anyone who really worries about unsubscribe rates is missing the entire point. This is not even about email marketing either it is the common pitfall of thinking since you don’t want something your audience won’t either.

    You have to understand that your site is not for you it is for your visitors, period. An email list of updates is for the visitor that wants them, not for an RSS user like you. Currently only 4% of users actively use RSS as subscribers, what about the other 96%? The key is creating choices, let the visitor decide.

    My answer to Heidi next though will expand on this.


    Well if all you do is send blog updates it is fine but that is not the only thing you should be doing. With Aweber you can do things like set up a 3 or 10 or 20 or any number follow up system. A user who subscribes gets each follow up at a prescribed interval. This doesn’t have to be and should not be 100% sales. The first one may say hey, did you know we have a forum, here is how to join. The second might be a list of the 5 most popular posts on your blog. The third may ask the user to let you know if they find any really cool articles on subject xyz, etc. The fourth may suggest joining your Facebook page, the Fifth may send a cool video related to your niche even one you didn’t produce, etc, etc, etc, Follow up systems can build relationships on auto pilot Additionally you can send a sales letter or perhaps an unadvertised insider special to a list. The feedburner tool while better than nothing can’t do any of this.

  • Justin

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    @Jack Ok, you make a very good point about offering options. Thanks for pointing that out. I’m a programmer; it’s too easy for me to get into the mindset that just because something is simple for me, it’s simple or makes sense for everybody.

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    Ok, that makes sense Jack. A good friend of mine redid her membership site recently and kept her list, importing to new system. She now has a linkedin page and sent emails out last few weeks, letting us know new site was up and running, one on upcoming events, one inviting to linkedin group etc The transition and new changes would be much more difficult if she hadn’t kept/imported list. .

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    @Heidi, First shame on me for not saying last time, good to hear from you again, I hope all is going well for you. Next that is another great point. The people that get that daily or every other day email and keep getting it and don’t opt out are your “true fans”, something I need to do an episode on. When something goes wrong, and it will those are the ones that you most need to keep informed.

    Another way to look at this is if your site is down, you can still reach them during the outage. Sites always seem to have outages during the worst possible time.

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    @Jack, Thanks, let’s just say it has been an interesting summer and I’ve gained much respect for physical therapists.

    That does give a very good reason for setting up aweber or similar, separate from the website.

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