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August 2016
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Episode-121- Format Changes and Getting Your Business Moving

Today will be the first show with the new roughly one hour format.  I will go over what the changes mean, what they can bring to the table and how they should help everyone including me do a better job with their businesses.

I also want to cover something that I think can help with getting your business moving in the right direction, both mechanically and mindset wise.

Today on that note we will discuss…

  • There is no substitute for action
  • Marketing yourself regardless of your business
  • Facebook promotion for pay, my thoughts on it
  • Is there a gaping hole in today’s social media world
  • Should YouTubers forget about video editing all together
  • The magic wand question and what it can teach you
  • The evolution of language and why resistance is futile
  • If you want it, take it

Here is a link to the Youtuber I mentioned, like I said, great guy, funny, different but should be cutting 3 minute vs 6 minute vids or covering two subjects per video.  If you don’ t like his politics you are missing the point, remember you make content for YOUR audience.

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