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July 16, 2010

Episode-15- Two Minutes to Blogging with WordPress and Fantastico

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So I have claimed it take about two minutes and two clicks to install a WordPress Blog if you use a Cpanel Host like Host Gator.  I say it is easy, fast and simple, further once installed you can add themes in a matter of seconds and be up and blogging on your own branded domain so there is no reason to build Google’s brand with blogger of them or any other free platform.

But if you are not a computer type is it really that easy?  Can anyone really do it?  Well if you can set up a blogger blog and use that I think this just as easy and a hell of a lot more powerful.  This is my first screen capture vid on my now computer so I got the resolution a bit off but it is clear enough and future ones will be better.

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    Love love LOVE WordPress. Question for you.. I needed to make a quick training video for a customer on how to access her Control Panel at her new webhost (what a coincidence, eh?) so last night I did some searching and testing of the free tools available on the internet these days. Which screen capture software are you using? I’m not ready to invest in Camtasia or Captivate, so last night I downloaded a plugin for firefox called “Capture Fox” that is very basic but essentially did the job I needed.



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    @denebrock, I use Camtasia which I love but again most of what I use is overkill. Given my background running a media company I just already have really good software. I am going to have to check out this capture fox thing. Camtasia is really nice though, I think you will be impressed with the next video like this, now that I have the settings for this new big ass monitor skinned.

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    @JackSpirko – yeah, I used Camtasia at my last job and it was great. I sure miss all of those cool tools. 🙂

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    Jack… what about podcast plugins? What do you recommend? I seem to remember you using Podango (or something similar) before and don’t know what you’re using now at TSP.


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    What if you ARE a hardcore computer type? Ie if I know the ins and out of stuff like programming and Unix, what kind of Internet business options do I have?

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    Well what if you backed off the hard core and created a sight designed to take the average user up a notch or two. Keeping it down to the level of things they would actually want to learn or at least believed they could?

    That would be one idea and it would avoid trying to “sell oil to the Arabs” and what I mean is a ton of hacker types are kind of likely to either think they know more than you, expect it all for free or find their own way around a code issue.

    So you could do things like

    1. Develop training that would help a person who is just a bit beyond browsing the net learn some basic hacks and programming so they can take it and build. Like I am doing here with SEO on some of the lessons. The folks at Search Engine Watch would yawn, yet a person will learn more here than there.

    2. Develop scripts and sell them making complex stuff user friendly. Hell that is all wordpress really is. May be even harvest a tool like wordpress, say develop a data mining tool to assist bloggers, format as a premium plugin and sell it. Mike Filsame (who is kind of a con man but a successful one) built a script called “Butterfly Marketing” and bundled it with some old audios of his fellow marketers and an ebook, sold it at 995 a pop and did a million dollar product launch. The reality is the script was so complicated that it made something VERY SIMPLE very hard but since no one knew another way at the time even I bought it. Now imagine if you made something that actually made the complex simple instead.

    3. Build iPhone and or Facebook Applications and screw directly dealing with the public. Both can be like printing money right now, it won’t be that way forever but there is a good 5-10 year run in this.

    4. Screw it and sell oil to the Arabs, build the most hardcore hacker site ever. Harder but follow your DNA and if that is it go for it.

    5. Build a site using advanced technology that you make proprietary to your site networks. Again data mining springs to mind, can you harvest data and create some level of AI that finds links between stories faster than bloggers, reporters, politicians do. User plugs in a story, sets up an account and anything that links back to it is harvested and sent to them. Now blend AI and HI and have the user thumbs up or down the story, program the system to learn from the human interaction (sort of like pandora for everything but far more complex). Now say for 5 dollars a month a blogger in some hick town competes with everyone in his niche breaking stories and linking events using your tool.

    I am not even straining my brain on this dude the key is if you are bad ass with technology you have two choices, build something around/about technology, or build something with it.

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    That is VERY interesting :p

    I am pretty durn good with programming and I’ve had some kind of web/phone/whatever app in my mind for a long time. Should have the time to do some coding very soon in fact.

    I’ll get back to you with some concrete ideas ASAP.


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  • Michael

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    Does the video no longer work? Won’t seem to play on my computer..

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