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July 22, 2010

Episode-16- I Need a Partner for a Project

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Okay so I have a little site I set up to work in conjunction with the forum that is part of The Survival Podcast.  I now realize a few things,

1.  The site should not have ever been limited to my Podcast’s forum, it should only have a strong association with it.

2.  The site has mad potential due to the leverage of my existing brand, it can bring me great talent to interview, I can sell over flow advertising on it (and I have plenty) and it can reach and bring in many people who don’t know about my podcast as well.

3.  The site needs to be on buddy press, build its own community, etc.

4.  I absolutely do not have the time to work on it, I can do some marketing for it but not the day to day grind.

5.  The site will take about 6 months to ramp up to a revenue stream and a year to have a really respectable one so I can’t gamble on paying a person any kind of salary, I will have to offer a partnership arrangement.  Details are in the video.

So with that in mind I am looking for a partner to run, full details in the above video, please follow the instructions to be considered precisely and please do not apply if you don’t have the qualifications I list in the video.  Any incomplete application or clearly under-qualified applicant will be discarded immediately.    I don’t mean to come off like a jerk here but I don’t have time to train a person on this, I need a qualified applicant comfortable with the parameters of the project.  There will be mentoring on this project but not training if that makes sense.

Minimum qualifications

  • Experience using WordPress, including installing plugins, making posts, moderation, etc.  Basically you need to be fully competent in the WordPress platform, not an expert just able to manage and run a WordPress blog.  The best way to prove this will be to send me a link to an existing blog using WP you manage
  • Experience using Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • A passion for primitive and what I call functional skills, everything from making fire to changing oil in a car
  • A minimum commitment to work 10-15 hours a week and ensure content is added every business day M-F I don’t care if you do all the work on a weekend and set up delayed publishing but there must be at least one post a day.
  • The ability to find good content, find bloggers who want to guest post, collect and embed videos from youtube and other sites and publish posts with them.
  • Good proof reading and editing skills, in other words you are the pain in the ass that points out my typos to me and now there is a benefit to your talent for being a nit picky English teacher type
  • If you have basic photo shop skills it is a big plus
  • If you can write php code you really have an edge but this is not required by any means

The Return of Investment

In a nut shell I provide the system, the blog, the hosting, mentorship and a modest marketing budget (100 or so bucks a month), you do all the work and you get 65% of all revenue the site generates and if ever sold of you get 55% of the price we sell the site for. There will be a contract that includes the obligations of both sides once a candidate is chosen but this is the long and short of the agreement.  I maintain ownership and control of the site and get to decide if we sell or not, etc.  Minor details can be worked out and the contract will have a provision allowing for you to renegotiate terms to slightly improve them after 6 months of proving you are going to make it work.

How to Apply

Listen to the video and email exactly the information I request.  Consider getting that right the first part of the screening process.  About Aug 10th I will choose a short list for follow up interviews.  Here is exactly what a successful candidate will be sending me.  You really need to visit first and get an understanding of the purpose of the site.  The smart thing to do is cut and paste the below bullets and answer them in order.  Send this response to jack @ and put in the subject line.

  • One paragraph on exactly why you are the right person for this job, leave the technical aspects out of this one.  Tell me why you are a good fit for, how does the site and its’ niche fit with your belief system and passion.
  • Send me links to any blogs you own or currently contribute to.
  • Tell me your experience and knowledge level of WordPress.
  • Tell me how you plan to allocate the 15 hours a week you are going to need to put into building this site
  • Find 4 pieces of content you would feature on, you can use Youtube, the TSP Forum and other sites like eHow, other blogs, etc.  The smart candidate will use at least four sources for his/her four pieces of content
  • Tell me about your current use of facebook, youtube, twitter and any other social media sites
  • Tell me about any writing or proof reading work you may have done
  • Tell me any additional web or business skills you have including things like programming, graphic design, etc.

Do not hesitate to apply if you are truly passionate about the subject and have proficiency in WordPress in the end those are the two most important factors, by the way I told you the resume was dead!

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    Wow, that’s a truly amazing opportunity. I wish I could, but it’s just not in the cards right now. I was wondering what happened to SOS, I was really digging the stuff, then it just quit.
    I’ll try to come up with a contribution eventually.
    Get that site going again guys!!

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    Very interesting move here. Outsourcing your personal brand to trusted lieutenants, you could call this ghost blogging almost I guess.

    I will have to pass personally though since I lack the true passion for the subject matter (I’m not dispassionate about it, it’s just not in my main passions) and so the task should go to someone who’s going to really get a kick from it. It’s a shame since I do know how to code, have no problem generating ideas, and am a major-league grammar & spelling pain-in-the-ass from years of magazine editing. I look forward to hearing about other similar projects in the future 🙂

    Are you planning to create a line of franchise sites, Jack? 🙂

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    Not really franchising but there are certain things that really should be done and I am at my personal limit. I also don’t consider it to be outsourcing, (someone doing it for me) but partnering (someone doing it for themselves). This person will develop personal brand here, my brand will be leveraged on the new brand, it won’t just be an extension there of though.

    SOS will become its own business unit and while helped by TSP and while it will in return help attract people to the podcast each will be run independently.

    This is honestly no different than how I run my gear shop right now. Tiffany and Rich run the gear shop, they keep a bigger share of the profit than I do, I provide advice, mentorship and input. In that case though since the items do have my logo I approve them before they go in the store. In this effort once we get things running the operator here will run SOS as it it is their own site.

    In a way that is like a franchise but with none of the restrictions that come with one, not to mention no out of pocket investment.

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    This is such an amazing opportunity. I highly recommend this to anybody who has the skills AND THE TIME. Jack, I may have somebody who would be PERFECT for this. I need to run it by them first. If they decide to do it, I’ll have them mention me as a reference.

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  • Norm Hardy

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    Wish I could do this! I am a great candidate, just that I don’t know wordpress, I am starting my own blog TONIGHT, so someday if there is another opening……..

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    And what if you absolutely consumed word press for the next two weeks? Just sayin…….

  • Norm Hardy

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    Ok, I have told my daughter we’ll go canoeing Saturday, but Let’s see what I can do!

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    I’ve downloaded and been playing with buddy press. One thing I’m not digging about it is the lack of facebook integration. I think something like this would be a lot more successful if you could login to it via facebook and also integrate well with facebook in other ways such as liking things and posting to your wall, etc.

    Surveys and focus groups have shown most people think they already spend too much time on Facebook, and they would not consider joining another social network unless it integrated smoothly with Facebook.

    I think if your trying to establish yourself in a niche you would have a HUGE advantage being able to at least offer facebook connect login

    I’m actually considering taking the initiative to integrate facebook with buddypress this weekend, if I do I’ll post back and let you know how it went.

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    For example in my own life… i always looked at posts and sometimes I felt compelled to comment, however I just simply didn’t feel like registering for yet another site.

    As soon as they popped FB connect on there I was all over it. Just saying… they aren’t exactly a niche site.

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    I just discovered a wonderfull little plugin called Simple Facebook Connect:
    Quite a robust thing. Many options and modular. Pick and choose which options to install. I like it

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    yeah and this one… .. your right… no sense reinventing the wheel

  • Radiomacgyver

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    I’d like to offer to help with the videos on teaching some skills.

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    Well Jack I have all the skills you listed and more, but alas I recently took a job in as a web project manager. Half kicking myself because before that I was studying business & web and looking for some type of opportunity like that.

    I even considered opening a site very similar to the one you are working on. My site was going to be all about learning many different things. Basically a site about being a jack of all trades and learning skills. I love learning new things and that’s why I thought it would be a cool site.

    Anyway, if I quite my job I will let you know. 🙂

    Best of Luck,


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