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August 10, 2010

Episode-20 – Internet Marketing Landmine Number Four

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There is nothing and I mean nothing more important then building an “opt in” list of visitors that are willing and want to hear from you. People that give you permission to contact them from time to time, with information they want to receive.

Optimizing Web Sites via SEO (search engine optimization) is extremely effective and brings in visitors on a daily basis when done properly. Yet each time a search engine algorithm happens there are adjustments to be made and any day that huge key word you are number one on Google for could slip down to number
10 or 20 or worse!

Your list is yours; you can keep it, build it and above all maintain full control of it forever. No one can ever take it away from you! It is pure gold and worth more then any Search Engine Rank or Pay Per Click Campaign.

Done properly an opt in list provides you with thousands of people who listen to you, see you as an  authority, personally identify with you and follow your recommendations. To do this you must honestly provide your list with good valuable information and you must honestly care about them. If you do so they will feel it (even in an email) and you will develop their trust.

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    Is there a good plugin that will help me organize and utilize these lists?

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    I’ve been pleasantly surprised in my up-tick in my lists since I started utilizing facebook a little more.. I recently added a way to sign up for email updates using feedburner.. what are your thoughts on tools like these? I haven’t taken time to look very deeply into it, but is there a way that you know of to capture emails of these folks?

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    Facebook is cool and the feedburner tool is okay. Here is the issue, do you own facebook? Do they have an export function for your “database” of fans? The feedburner tool same questions?

    Every Monday first order of business for me is a dowload of all my lists from aweber into CSV files. If they ever fail, I get locked out for spamming (wrongly of course) or what ever this data is still mine.

    Additionally a good email tool lets you reuse material. Say you start a new blog, getting it going with a “10 Steps to Widgeting” series is a great idea. Issue when new how many people are reading your blog, so all this great material goes out and no one reads it. People start to show up and read your new stuff but little of your old.

    Now you create a new list and set it up so new subs get one step a week for ten weeks, you just put those articles into the email system as send them as email vs. blog alerts. So all that early work on the first 10 or 5 or 8 or what ever articles is reused to build affinity with new subscribers.

    See the other thing is you also have people in an “engagement” when they fill out of form and this is the time to ask them to do other things, buy, join a forum, share your site, anything, now is the time to ask. With aweber and other email systems when you create a form you also can specify a “thank you page”. Here are two examples

    You will note I ask a lot of things, most people do the one or two that fits them best. With out a tool like this though no one does it at all.

    It is all about cumulative effects! Problem is very few people see the interactions of multiple components. You start out asking about using facebook as a list (which it is no doubt) and by the end of this you can see that your email list building actually fuels your facebook campaigns.

    On the feedburner tool I have little use for it. You can’t access your subscribers information or export it, etc. I’ll pay for a good email tool any day so that I can actually own my data. Renting space in a data base for data you don’t own or control is like renting gold and keeping it safe deposit box you also rent.

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    @Michael, there is a worppress email members plugin but it doesn’t replace a good email service. This is one of those things like hosting, domains, etc. You don’t cheap out on this, it is your customer data base. Find a system you like, buy it and consider it a business expense. Better that money go to building your long term business than into the hands of the IRS.

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    thanks Jack

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