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August 13, 2010

Episode-22- Passion, Persistence and the Rules of Business

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Okay you have heard me say it that there is nothing more important in building a business than passion.  You have heard me state that if you have enough passion you can make a successful business in any niche.  Recently during  an interview with Interesting Times Magazine though the editor took exception to that, stating he had friends that have been following  a passion persistently for many years but were not really successful.   The issue with this is persistence and passion are not enough on their own, to win in business you must follow the “rules of business”, today we discuss a few of the most important ones.

Some of the rules of business that must be followed include…

  • You must have an underlying process that “runs” things
  • Customers must be “trained” to buy from you
  • Doing business with you must be “easy”
  • You must deliver a product in the desired “format”

Of course there are more rules of business that we will cover in future episodes but these four are the ones that are most often lacking especially in small online concerns.

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    Thanks Jack

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    Cool episode Jack, I got some good intel from it. “Train your customers to buy from you”, I like that! Am currently listening to a ton of sales audiobooks, the concept of the yes ladder comes to mind. Also Cialdini’s Commitment/Consistency principle of influence. Tim Ferriss says that he is always trying to get his readers to take them to take small actions to accomplish this.

    Btw, am currently proofreading the magazine. 96 frakkin’ pages (3x as big as issue 1), 20 pages of which are your interview, hehe.

    The guys he refers to are RantMedia, a Canadian outfit who are kind of a blend of hacker culture, survivalism, self-help, futurism, etc. The leader of it all, Sean Kennedy, has written 2-3 novels, put out 2 seasons of a TV show, does a weekly “morning zoo” type newscast, etc. Not to mention he has been active for 10+ years and kept quite a few people from suicide. So, these guys are prolific yet I don’t see them making huge waves or earning enough money to make it a lifestyle. I don’t want to come off sounding like I’m hating on them, I am just trying to wake them up a bit.

    I urge all of you to check out Patrolling (the TV show) and Newsreal (the weekly podcast). It may not be for everyone, but if it is you will love it!

    Again, I don’t want to diss them (in fact getting inspired by Patrolling with Sean Kennedy is half the reason why I started my magazine in the first place!). I just think they deserve more success than they currently have.

  • Rob Milton

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    Hey Jack, good episode! I’m also heavily into the Rant Media stuff. There is a little side spin I would like to bring up, having followed these guys since nearly the beginning.

    First, Sean isn’t the head of Rant. He’s the media face, but it’s really produced and ran by James O’Brien (Cimmerian). The site was never intended to be a business by any stretch of the imagination. It’s simply these guys putting out media to inform and entertain. They do ask for donations to help keep the lights in, but it is primarily funded by Cimm himself. Both Sean and Cimm have careers they are heavily involved in, and aren’t trying to go full time.

    Also, for a twist of irony, and a good chuckle, I found TSP through the community at Rant Media.

    Anyhow, keep up the good work. You’re helping me greatly in an endeavor to do something similar for my hobby (although not Survival related). Thank you!

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    Rob, good to see that the WOGs are invading the spirkosphere hehe. Cross-pollination of memepools is always fun to witness.

    On RantMedia:

    First, they do sell some stuff (merch, DVDs, etc) so optimizing this part and potentially getting more money should be a no-brainer. They are already trying to make money, why not make more of it?

    Second, Sean has often talked about wanting to do all kinds of projects to benefit the community. And to do that one needs cash. I can’t recall if he or Cimm have ever expressed any disliking for their dayjobs, but I am GUESSING that if given $100 million each they would quit them and start doing all kinds of projects for the Rant community. So if that is indeed the case, why not stop deferring that plan and start implementing it ASAP a la Tim Ferriss?

    Third, the stuff Jack talks about doesn’t just apply to making money, it also applies to gaining more fans. And that is something Sean always talks about on Newsreal, how we should give away his stuff to new people. Clearly there is an intent to expand and spread the Rant memes far and wide. Why not optimize the strategy for doing so?

    Fourth, even if SKTFM & Cimmerian are perfectly content with the current situation, I think they should at least make a conscious decision to do so. I SUSPECT that they have NOT really explored all options available for better optimized Internet marketing/branding. That’s just my suspicion but it’s a pretty strong one. Sean is already a fan of certain self-help books so reading up on eg Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Kevin Kelly, Jack Spirko, etc, should not really churn his guts, in fact he might enjoy it.

    I sound like a busybody trying to dictate other people’s business. But to be fair, SKTFM does that all the time on “sort yourself out” 🙂

    I just want RantMedia to be a big Internet success, like TSP has become in the last year or so. How can we make this happen?

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    Here it is man. Rubber meets the road on this post.

    That’s the biggest slap upside the head yet for me.

    I get it.

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