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August 16, 2010

Episode-25- Defining the Who, What and How

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Today’s episode of Five Minutes with Jack focuses on Defining the Who, What and How of your target market demographic.

The last few episodes were really a series and this one wraps them up before we go on to a new subject.   Up till now we have simplified marketing by stating that the follow is true when it comes to being successful with marketing your business.

  1. There are rules of business, these must be followed
  2. There are only two types of marketable products at the most simplified level (wanted and needed)
  3. Smart small business people sell to the want and focus on a desired product model
  4. All desired products that are highly marketable fit one of three classifications (life changing, profit yielding or entertaining)
  5. The best products are a combination of all three classifications above

Today we focus on the final piece of the puzzle, defining and marketing to your target customer.  To do this we only need to answer three questions.

  1. Who are they (BE SPECIFIC)
  2. What do they want (BE VERY SPECIFIC)
  3. How do they want it delivered (BE LASER PRECISE)

Tune in today to learn how to answer these questions and dominate your market.

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    thx jack

  • DM

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    What’s up with the forced commercial at the beginning of your video? I like it when your video comes up, but not with the commercial. One must sit through products they are not even interested in. I come here and TSP for the fact you are not a sell-out but it makes me wonder with these commercials I feel you are more about the adverts than ever before. Oh, well, I’m probably in the minority.

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    @DM that is the trade off for using for hosting. If you want commerical free podcasts you can.

    1. Subscribe in itunes and download them. When you do that you get the native file with no commercials.

    2. Pay my hosting and bandwidth bills for me. The Survival Podcast runs me about 500 a month now to host and that is audio. This one will cost at minimum a grand a month in a few months as it picks up steam.

    Either one works. :>)

    Seriously iTunes is the way to go. Even if you don’t have a pod you can install it on any computer free of charge from apple.

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    Oh and if you think I am a sellout because of ads, not sayin you do but if you do, don’t bother with this site. I mean it is about making money. That is the PURPOSE of a business. However I assure you I get nothing from the ads run on Mevio’s feeds.

  • DM

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    I appreciate your comments to my comment and was not aware that mevio runs the ads (Sorry for thinking you were putting the ad content on the video feeds). I support your efforts and hope you can accept my apology for being critical of the ads when I did not know the whole story. You offer wonderful advice and I feel you do care about your audience. Keep up the good work.

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    No worries man! All is well!

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    Great episode ! got me juiced up!

    One comment: You mention that you deliver this as a VIDEO blog because that’s what your audience wants. I’m wondering what you based that decision on– ?

    case in point: I subscribe in itunes to both Five Minutes and TSP. I listen on my iphone while during my daily morning walk/run with the wee one.
    Now, since the iphone requires that you keep the Qtime app OPEN to play it back, and shutting off the screen stops playback ( at least at this point there is no way to just listen to the audio on the iphone) when i put it in my pocket it’s controls are prone to getting pushed, and the battery on my phone is getting drained faster since it’s a vid program.
    Nit -picking I know, but I like to listen to these episodes numerous times to get the message to sink in. I’d LOVE it if it was available as an audio stream as well. Not that I don’t like looking at your mug or anything— 🙂
    My work around is simple, since it’s only 5 min of programing, I snag the audio with Wiretap Pro ( mac app) and then put that on my iphone.
    I think you’d increase the distribution if you had an audio only version.

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