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August 18, 2010

Episode-26- Promoting and Marketing a Podcast

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Today’s episode of Five Minutes With Jack covers some of the unique attributes of promoting a podcast vs. a typical blog or a website.

I received the following question from a listener

“Hello jack,

I have been listing to the Survival Podcast for about 6 month. First, I just want to thank you. I am now working my way backwards to all your older podcasts.  I have a question concerning the way you set up your pod cast. When you first started how did you get your voice out there once you loaded it up on line. Is there a different way to promote a pod cast oppose to say a blog post?

I have a web site called and right now its primarily a political rant but I don’t just want to be a barer of bad news all the time, as well, I know I need to get a brand out there that people can get real info from outside of just my political opinion.

I started to use the term ”modern American Patriot” , I know, I kinda stole the modern part from you…but it makes sense. I was thinking about using my pod cast to try to capture an email list. Also, I was thinking of adding gardening, getting out of debt, getting armed, importance of the family and parenting and tie them all into whats going on in America today which I believe are aspects of the modern American patriot.

I just wanted to get your opinion.

Thank you jack once again, keep up the good work!”

The reality is promotion of a podcast is like promoting any website or business but there are some unique advantages you will want to leverage and some standard marketing guidelines you will want to follow, tune in for full details.

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    Thank you Jack!

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    Jack. How did you add the SMF to buddy press? I have been looking for a way to do that exact thing! Please share.

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    I didn’t, you have to reg for the forum separately.

    How I got it in the navigation with out modding the theme though.

    1. Install SMF in the directory /forum
    2. Create a page called Forum on the blog

    That’s it, wordpress uses virtual urls so when you go to /forum on the main domain the index.php file in the real directory overrides the wordpress database driven page. Figured that out totally on accident.

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    Something I’ve observed: blogs and podcasts run on different time budgets for me. With written blogs, there is too much supply and often not enough time to read it all. With podcasts, it is the opposite for me. I am always looking for new podcasts to put on my mp3 player. The reason for this is that I go thru them at a very rapid pace as I listen to podcasts or audiobooks pretty much every waking moment that I am not at a computer. Hence my “barrier to entry” for listening to podcasts is MUCH lower than it is for following a new blog.

    I am thinking that others may be in the same boat here. So I am thinking that podcasts could exploit the notion that people put them into different time budgets than they do written blogs.

    Or maybe I am just nuts, LOL.

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    @AHA you are not nuts, I recorded #27 and #28 as well today, wait till you hear episode 28 it will fit nicely with what you just said. It is all about portability of content. Print is not longer the most portable form of content. You can read and drive, you can’t read and garden, you can read and work, you can’t read and jog, etc.

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    thx jack- I would like to learn more about Stumbleupon and how it works.. could you discuss it in more detail either here or in the forum? I plan to do my own research tonight. Thanks in advance,

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