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August 27, 2010

Episode-28- Why Audio and Video Should be Part of your Brand

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Today we discuss how audio and video belong on your website and in your social media efforts as part of building your brand.

I think most people by now understand the need for audio and or video in many if not most websites.  Problem is that most people who will say that turn around with the classic “but not me” pile of bullshit.  Of course you!  But beyond that I think most people do not understand the paradigm shift if what I call information portability.

From the advent  of the printing press until the evolution of current video and audio methods on the web the most portable form of information was print.  Even when email and web browsing took over print was still a huge way to make data portable.  The number one selling accessory for computers of course was the printer.  Find an article and want to read it later, what did you do?  Print it of course.  Later on you could read it while having lunch in a restaurant, while kicking back on your deck or even in the john.

The issue with print is and has always been that it requires your full and undivided attention.  You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) read while driving on a highway, jogging, walking in the woods, doing your “day job” and a million other daily tasks that require our primary but not full attention.  During these tasks our vision and our ability to hold something in a way where it can be read are limited, however your ears are quite often open for business.  Think about it how many cars don’t have a stereo?

So today it is audio that is the most portable of all information.  While it requires a “player” of some type such as an ipod, iphone, mp3 player etc. to be fully portable they are very common today, in fact the majority of phones have the ability to act as an mp3 or even video player.  Here is the big thing, all video is also audio, now while some video requires you to watch it most “informational video” does not.  You can pause and tune in to highly visual components but most video information, like my podcast for instance can be listened to only and the litener still gets 90% or more of the information.

In the past entrepreneurs and businesses used tapes, cd’s etc to leverage this concept but the cost of production severely limited their distribution.  Today with electronic distribution a business can put out the most portable data ever produced daily with a very low distribution cost, the beauty being that cost is tied directly to demand with bandwith.  Instead of producing 5,000 tapes you produce the media and only pay to distribute what people actually download and even then the cost is fraction of pennies on the dollar.

The big thing to grasp is unlike a blog, typical website, news paper (on or offline) this audio or audio component of a video is 100% portable not just in the ability to distribute but in the ability of your audience to absorb it.  From driving a car, to listening while you work, to taking a hike your data if it is valued will be listened to by your audience.

There is one more magic element to this, but that will be held for the next episode.

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    You’re absolutely right about not watching. I usually listen to several hours of audio a day while I code — but the majority of that audio is actually videos on YouTube, or stuff like your vodcast here.

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    I like the idea of audio.. If I did video, I’d probably scare small children 😉 — My husband and I listen to podcasts while we are gardening, and I take them along on my walks.. and you are right.. I’m typing this while your video is open in another tab …. just listening…. but you are kinda fun to watch because you are so animated .. LOL

    My voice is not great. It’s not horrible, but not great. I’m all Texan, and I think I’m an Aspie, so I get a bit monotonous.

    I remember in my college speech class that my teacher liked my speeches, but asked that I not turn every one of them into a comedy sketch. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t help myself! Not sure how to use that to my advantage…

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    As I previously confessed on TSP I am an Aspie myself, so glad no one had labeled it when I was a kid and I just had to deal with it.

    I personally think you would blow it up with a good audio cast! When we talk about what we love we are always excited, besides as an Aspie you do better with your ability to imagine an audience when you are in a room alone talking into a headset than a lot of nerotypical folks.

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    Oh and BTW HUMOR ROCKS, this is the real world speech teachers don’t get to say shit about what you do now!

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    I suspected you were an aspie, Jack. I recently figured that I am one, too!

    I started a blog on it… but I don’t know what direction it’ll take…

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    Most mp3 players (I could be wrong here tho) cannot play video files. And even with the ones that can, do you want a huge video file gumming up your limited space or a relatively small mp3?

    Just saying, videos aren’t as portable as audio files and it’s doubtful to me whether they should be in the same category as podcasts for that reason.

    The savvy entrepreneur can of course get around this by offering an mp3 version of each video.

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    Oh ye who must attempt to complicate all things who then sits upon his own mountain of complication and wonders where it all comes from. LOL

    Dude you seriously are thinking too damn much. Video is still more portable than print. How many youtube videos do you listen to while working on another tab/window? Further the point you bring up about MP3 players is like worrying about designing for a 1024 resolution in 2004, sure some people were still looking at icons the size of a playing card but the future fixed it just fine. Last I checked only 1.1% of my viewers on any site were on a resolution of some shit like 800×600 and I sure ain’t building my sites for the minority.

    With in a few years a 100 Gig card or flash drive will be like $6.99! Think for tomorrow, today is already in the past. Phones that pay vid and audio will be coming with 500Gig drives standard in five years or less with TB upgrade options.

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    Hey Jack– i actually posted to you about this earlier, but it may have gotten by you.
    One point I wanna make about your vidcast: (and yes I’m in the minority)
    I’ve got a fancy new iphone. I subscribe to 5 min w jack.
    At this point the iphone will NOT allow me to shut the screen off and just listen to audio. So, while I’m out walking with the baby, or working in the garden, if I’m trying to listen to your 5 min vidcast ( like i do the survival podcast) it’s problematic for two reasons:
    1. the screen has to be on, and that drains battery
    2. The screen has to be on and in my pocket, that leaves the controls open to get paused/stopped etc. VERY annoying. Im lobbying apple to fix that but ya know….

    My work around is to rip the audio with Wiretap Pro ( mac app) into mp3 format. So, my workflow is to line up the 5 min podcasts, and rip them back to back, then I can listen on my iphone.
    I really would prefer not to jump through that hoop to get your freaking GREAT content, but I like to listen to the 5 nin episodes many times to get them to sink in.
    I think if you would rip the audio and make that available as a audio only feed as well, you’ll be translating to more fans.
    My two cents.

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    @craigz we have to blame apple for that not me. With “multi tasking” you would not expect that to be an issue but video is the one place it doesn’t work. Not just be but even like films I bought on iTunes. I don’t get apple sometimes! I guess this is another Steve Jobs I will tell the world how to think move. Honestly to make this happen video must be handled differently than every other function of the device. It had to be intentional. Assclowns probably figure would would want to listen to video?

    I am trying to streamline things and add two features here.

    1. All videos also on Youtube. And doing the embedding here with youtube so now Mevio commercials if you watch on the blog.

    2. A second version of all videos in audio only (at least any that are not screen casts). I can make a separate feed for this and also submit it to itunes as the audio only version.

    Key is time as you guys know I am now a one may show.

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    Thanks Jack– I get it. Perhaps just arm your audio podcast rig at the same time you do the vid podcast, capturing in both places? keep it down and dirty, you don’t need a special intro.

    what podcast software are you recording into btw? audacity?

    btw: my wife is now ADDICTED to both shows as well. I’m so thankful for that!

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    @craigz I do the video edits in vegas which isn’t much but I need to convert the files to mp4, it takes almost no time to do. I can easily render an mp3 as well in less than a minute. The key than is uploading it, setting up its own feed, etc.

    Audacity is what I use to record audio only (TSP) but I still edit that in Vegas. I find using one and only one program to edit is very efficient and you become very skilled with it vs. using one for audio and one for video.

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    I don’t think you need to set up an RSS feed for the audio at all. Just post a link in each post and people can get it manually.

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    @AHA the minute I do that the audio file is in the feed.

    Right now folks I am considering the most likely choice to be

    1. Audio for the podcast on itunes
    2. Youtube for the video versions

    That is the best way I can cover all bases and get maximum exposure. I figure anyone that really wants the videos for download can use one of the many tools that let you strip vids off of youtube.

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    OK. I did it. I made my first video today. The message is good, the content is good, the video SUCKS and I really hate seeing how much weight I’ve gained! UGH!!! How humiliating. I think I’m going to post it anyway and just work on improving the video quality as I go. I was actually inspired to do the video after watching ThePatriotNurse last night on YouTube. Her messages were GREAT and she didn’t try to do anything too fancy..

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