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September 2, 2010

Episode-29- Why Podcasting is the Most Powerful Form of Marketing

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I would say that audio and video podcasting is the most powerful form of marketing known to man today.  Bold statement?  Tune in to hear why.

Yes it is a pretty bold statement to say podcasting is more powerful than television, radio, SEO, social media, etc.  However I believe it to be the case.  Understand that marketing power and reach are two different things.  Power is the effect the message has on those exposed to it and reach is how many people receive it.  So sure if you have a few million collecting dust you can put out a 30 second commercial every day on a major network for a year or for many years.  Your message will reach hundreds of millions of people.

Turn around and do a podcast built to a very moderate success say 1000 listeners.  You would think there is now way that is as “powerful” as the TV advertising and honestly it won’t generate as much money that is for sure but it is more powerful in its effect on those who do receive it.   The TV ad is nothing but an interruption to some mindless zombies viewing of Reality TV or some other pile of nonsense, it pulls little to no endorsement from the show it interrupts and the over all view of commercials on TV is negative other than an opportunity to run to the fridge for a cherry bon bon or something like that.

The podcast is downloaded by choice and often listened to during some other activity.  Over time the podcast itself becomes a part of the life of its listener.  Commercials done correctly on a podcast are brief and do have host endorsement.  The entire experience becomes a positive experience and most importantly it is integrated into the individuals lives, the host becomes a “friend” in fact in some cases this is a family affair and episodes are discussed at the dinner table.

This is just one reason that new media like podcasting is scaring the shit out of every gate keeper out there.

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    You are correct.. our entire family talks about “Jack” and the things you say as if we just talked to you over a friendly lunch or ran into you in town… “Hey, Jack told me today why my tomatoes are turning black….” Even my kids do it.

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    Heh… us too. My wife started listening to TSP a couple months ago, and now during the day I’ll get a text from her ” did you listen to Jack??” I love it.

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    Here is a relevant video that makes the same point:

    Well worth a watch.

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