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Episode-3- Don’t Be Cheap and Use Word Press

In episode three I discuss a few important things. First the importance of spending a little money on hosting and a domain name. You are trying to build a business and a brand, you don’t do that with yourname.blogspot.com or yourname.wordpress.com you do it with YOURNAME.com and hosting is so cheap that it costs less than a cup of convenient store coffee each week.

Next I discuss some of the reasons I really like wordpress as a site platform, hosted on your own server and under your control of course. I also discuss some of my favorites plugins like

  • Buddy Press
  • TweetMeme
  • SEO Smart Links
  • All In One SEO Pack

Please note that while I provide links to these plugins you can install them with a click or two from the plugin section of the admin area on any WordPress blog.

I also recommended Host Gator, if you that link you will get a discount when you set up an account with them. I currently use three different hosts to create redundancy with my sites, HostGator puts them ALL to shame with their levels of 24/7/365 support.

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    Sorry.. I put my comment on the wrong post– I am a huge fan of WordPress. Thanks for the great plugin recommendations.

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    I have run a couple of websites using other scripting programs, and have known about WordPress, but never really looked hard at it. This weekend I configured one of my computers with the necessary software (Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.) and set up a test WordPress site on my local home network.

    I am impressed.

    It is so much easier to do postings on and it is much more straightforward on routine task. I have a bit more testing to do to see if it meets all of my requirements, but I think I may be making a change in the near future.

    Good information, Jack! Thanks!

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    I am also a huge fan of WordPress. And I’m a designer. 😉

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    I cant believe how easy wordpress is.

  • Nancy

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    Ok, so now I’m confused. Taking Jack’s advice is didn’t want to be cheap and so I got a hostgator account and a domain name. But, how do I use wordpress? It seems that wordpress is software but also a free blog site. How does that work with a hostgator site? I’ve developed some content and taken photos to illustrate and I’m ready to build the site, so what do I do now? Help please!

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    Go to yourdomain.com/cpanel (of course yourdomain is the name of your site), log in with the credentials you were given when you set up hosting.

    Look for a button called fantistico, click it, look for word press under “blogs” and click on that, fill out a few form fields and done, your blog will be installed and ready to go from there.

  • Randy

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    Working my way through this series and really like it so far. I’ve done lots of sites using Joomla. Does anyone know of a plugin like SEO Smart Links for that CMS?

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    I’ve got some things I can recommend for you for Joomla SEO. I’ve been using Joomla for 6+ years and I can point you to several things to help you

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    Hey Eric,

    I’m doing a few sites in WP at the moment to try to figure it out. Surfing around sites like the Warrior Forum, it seems like there are a lot more ‘black hat’ plugins for WP than Joomla, but any suggestions would be helpful.

    I’ve set up a site promoting my “Gen-X” book, rants and reviews in Joomla, but the affiliate ad stuff is VERY ugly… See it here: vanishedmessenger.com



    PS: I haven’t done anything with keywords yet… I bought Marketing Samuri, but can’t find any generational themes that pull any visitors. 🙁

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    I should say “gray hat” in relations to the Warrior Forum. I don’t think most of those guys really cheat the system as much as game it…