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September 2, 2010

Episode-30- Dot Net, Dot Com, Dot Org and Negative Greed

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Does the dot extension really have that big of an impact on your websites ranking or performance? The answer is absolutely no! There are some definite advantages for dot com and to a lesser degree dot net if you are going to go into heavy off line band based advertising. From any other stand point though any top level domain extension will do just fine with search engines.

The bigger question I get though is along the lines of I have a new site I want to call abc123 but is taken, I can get but if I build a successful site on that don’t I risk loosing business to the person that owns the .com?

To me this is only a concern if again you are going to do a large amount of offline advertising such as TV, Billboards and Radio.

The problem is often with what I call “negative greed”, fearing loosing something you don’t even have yet. Tune in to learn more and get my thoughts on what it takes to be successful in business today.

  • Jack

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    Jack, this is great. To me, it is about the content. I have used .info domain extensions (and the “experts” tell you never to use them) to build blogs that get #1 position in Google’s organic search. If you have good original content that provides valid information, and you can continue to add new content on a regular basis, you can slowly and consistently grow your business.

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    I have a .cc domain name, which I find is almost unheard of in the mainstream; but the coolest, imo.

    I was at the Apple store the other day and the rep wanted my email address; so they could send my receipt and it puzzled the heck out of them at first.

    I think the most important thing is the name itself and how well it fits with the TLD (top level domain). Often it works really well to have one of the non .com domain TLD’s and gives you quite a few more options.

    I predict that the days of the .com dominance are numbered. There are so many other TLDs out there that tend to work well, if not better, for many sites. I think net users are becoming more educated and able to adapt to a range of TLD’s; whereas, back in the 90’s when the net was first taking off, it was hard enough to get somebody to know what “http” was, much less a different TLD.

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    @Chris I totally agree with that!

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    Is there a hierarchy to it or does it really matter if you have a .me or .info or any of the other lesser known ones. I have been thinking of asking your opinion on this for while. I understand the content that matters most, just which would be the best if .com and .net are taken.

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